Ron Burgundy Mania to Ellsbury's $153M Contract

Darren Rovell's Rovellations on the hottest trends this week
3:00 | 12/04/13

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Transcript for Ron Burgundy Mania to Ellsbury's $153M Contract
And we have some more revelations for you dear -- rural valley is back with us -- we love you so much in week one of real is we brought you back for week -- Take a look at as -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Erin well explain this and I don't get let's bring back. My viral video of the week. -- to tonics. Yes little drummer boy yes and it's gone viral and it's gone viral over nine million hits and what is it about the video well. That the thing is the -- around this time holiday songs go to YouTube. And and there's a key group that. Comes out and it. It op appellant has been a couple of years ago straight no chaser group from Indiana not the pilot groups I want to -- Have you remain in Rockefeller Christmas song Aaron no luckily if you -- who block appellate there -- nothing -- I was shocked when you wanna -- your online presence that you have not yet that would your -- -- -- that is why is not out I think anyway so so so that depicted -- they have their new PTX Christmas album that's coming out. And that's kind of the break out you know -- roll off the -- holiday song. Back to Ron -- yes Ron Burgundy I want people to take a look at yet. It said there -- and right yet there it is the very OK it was kind of a big deal. Right so that's the special -- blended Scotch whiskey from a company called Riviera import speed is real. It's called great blue jeans -- and -- is when it it is now. What if music expression lyrics every time -- percent of -- Harry go. -- by the it's 40%. Alcohol by volume. I just -- should be sixty. But obvious that legal dispute with I don't know ask the guys that what's the four -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dodge Durango are -- I think their sales went up. 35%. After the Ron Burgundy -- yet and there's no auto nation says there's no other. Explanations of it which is incredible it is -- -- off the glove compartment think that they have that. And then he's -- in this unprecedented blitz in terms of actually doing -- newscast right at Dakota. Do which -- thought -- doing curling in Canada and tomorrow 6 PM sports center he's going to be anchoring. He's -- -- sports matters tomorrow night yes. Wow us in the I want. If this new model for how it. Movies work because we see it you know in some of these big franchise films. The Hunger Games the Disney movies and you see that where they roll it out and it is a part of every -- -- licensing. I think is probably more along the lines of something like you know this type of film. This is definitely precedent setting -- you know something totally different to have all this pre licensing that provide real business. That -- provides you know. Because if you look at the ads. It each one says anchorman economy like as part of the deal they have to say and promote the film which is which is interest. But it also sounds like a really Smart move for example for this liquor company. Whose name I just heard of the first time because of this look them up I did not know a single one of their -- So good business for them as well. What is not about the 38 million dollar stadium tell me about film. Rob reports came out with their 21. Gifts. BC's rob reports so yeah it's it's going to be high and it's. And they said that populous. The company that builds real stadiums would still view a stadium you have to provide the land. That happens to be thirty million dollars -- -- your backyard. The -- be about a hundred seats they need about a year to build it. And. You could do you give this to your kid they are guaranteed to just turn out. Horror horror -- it yet not not good bet you don't have zero elder in. I don't know I'm not really sure who was going to end up doing this do you have any sense for who might actually do something like that may -- Richard Branson I don't know -- I don't know -- yes based on that on on Decker island to do that maybe -- down -- trees you that's an Ellsbury news. Yes we have. Jacoby Ellsbury. The right now 153. Million dollars for seven years yet for a guy that. What cookies he's averaged a 114. Games over the past six years with the Red Sox so. You know you need -- -- be healthy that's probably you know you -- they need more like 140 games. Not remedies you can provide power but you know and speed. But here's the interest -- business angle. Robinson could know who the Yankees are presumably going after but what the C based on this but don't want -- pay his price. He was originally represented by Scott -- to separate. Now Jay-Z for his first client or wrong ancient sports stole Robinson Cano and now he's representing him with CAA. Well guess who. These decline in all -- Jacoby Ellsbury. Scott Boras represented to cope Jacoby Ellsbury. And now he might have knocked Robinson -- -- off the Yankees by virtue of those injuries any conflict of interest to me. I want to make sure we get your surprise what is your surprise -- -- so last week I had told you as a sidebar on the way out -- -- -- -- on some coming to America currents wow. And how much did you pay for that -- and it wasn't a lot not well this -- -- this is about forty box. Right here but you can you can see a team through the window so you know it's authentic out and here's as the moon to cooling. Which help -- -- -- when he very barriers and that is what whatever is the official mineral. Or iron the -- -- exactly of the moon to whatever the element is I'm sure that's what this is -- Great conversation if you're ever interested in seeing a basement filled with random things -- -- -- rebels -- order. There are well -- yeah okay appreciate it thanks -- -- stuff.

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