Secrets to small business success for a California-based butcher

Anya Fernald focused on the well-being of the people, planet and animals.
2:38 | 07/06/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Secrets to small business success for a California-based butcher
We're back now with the secrets to small business success for a california-based butcher determined to make it through this pandemic focused on the well-being of people, the planet and its animals. So I'm Anya Fernald the co-founder of belcampo in the bay area. We produced with regenerative practices. Which means our agriculture, how we ranch animals contributes to the health of the Earth. We're really proud to be carbon positive, so we actually take carbon out of the environment and our goal is to create meat that you can just feel amazing about in terms of the planet, your own health and how the animals are treated. I got started at belcampo in 2012. I co-founded the company and my co-founder and I were interested in creating just a better type of meat. So prior to covid, I had over 500 employees. Currently I have under 200 and of course with the pandemic we had to lay off the majority of our staff. We have our own slaughterhouse where the animals are processed, they're shipped to our own restaurants. The pandemic hit every aspect of my business. Our business shifted to really a lot of people buying the meats to take home. We already on the doordashes and grubhubs of the world. That really skyrocketing for us. One hard thing was keeping in stock, you know making sure we had enough of everything. Yeah, we're in a privileged position where our restaurant sales increased during covid. I think it's because our meats are considered very healthy. People wanted a meat supply that they could trust during the pandemic as the grocery stores became harder and harder to engage in. You couldn't get food delivered, our store came a great place where you could get enough to make dinner. I have been concerned about the human element. The team that I care for and the structures that we built, like those are going to be roaded because people were under so much stress. I've been concerned about the economic turmoil, people are concerned about spending for a premium product in this time. I think it's a legitimate concern. The biggest challenge for me personally has been being kind of okay with things being so uncertain. In this pandemic, we have to trust and let things play out and we've been dealt some really big surprises and things have really been different than I thought. It's really exciting to have made through this and feel stronger as a team and company.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Anya Fernald focused on the well-being of the people, planet and animals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"71632685","title":"Secrets to small business success for a California-based butcher","url":"/Business/video/secrets-small-business-success-california-based-butcher-71632685"}