How to Bootstrap Your Biz

Chubbies reveals how to launch your company with little money.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for How to Bootstrap Your Biz
A look at these shorts do they look. That was -- is known as the most radical shorts on the planet just last year than it grew over 230%. And now major retailers. Like Abercrombie & Fitch they say are trying to steal their style. How did they do it. And they did it with just know dimes from investors well let's ask that pilot and C and reader is still -- co founders of chevys are here you're shaking your heads in agreement. And I was doing the intro which -- -- like anybody who agrees with me get my book. Yeah we brought you -- you brought. -- -- -- -- Absolutely you know we we don't leave home without them obviously think thanks for having us should days are being here you know I think as is -- we spent the last couple years going. We spent a lot painstaking hours. Raiders team developing all these awesome products. How did you come up with a name. Why -- many and -- Israel. I mean we we would be lying if if we said we were looking for something that was -- and chief that was easy to spread. And just generally pretty funny and in we wee -- -- ultimately. Share it with our friends and they couldn't stop talking about it -- -- a great sign for us that that we should be sure I would. I think it speaks to me it speaks to this whole trend of going online and having to be viral and if you want to make a splash as a young new company you do it. By getting you know creating an -- and an environment where people are gonna talk about -- online. Absolutely in the worldly you're just discuss this and obvious store closings I think for us like being online being in the Internet such -- Easy access point for people to its own people you know are -- is -- -- store and you and it -- how you do it right so there's so much of opportunities social development. -- to reach a lot of people how many of these are you selling. -- -- we've -- we've sold over 200000 pairs of these sorts. And and it's then it's been an awesome awesome journey and -- I think as we think about our brand. The really interesting thing is that we built on the back of this massive community so we look at her community. Across all of our social networks it's over 800000 people had a thousand people and so and so that's that's fascinating obviously that useful to expel him. I'm but you can't but there are engaged to overdo it. What if this -- been this unseasonably cold winter. You're selling a product that most people are gonna think -- in the summer although you did coming and it both of you wearing shorts are even though it is. From ridiculously -- out the night single digit -- outside. Equipment that is a typical business I I would assume to be and at a time especially when it's cold in particular when it's cold after -- after school for -- in Geary of time. Absolutely I think for us you know we looked at a lot of major retailers to become focused on Schwartz enough space station -- -- -- -- -- -- in the winter is yours shorts were obsessed. I think any thruster problem that we can we can Wear these because you can reach him -- thing we can get away from sort of a 95 and have -- Have a great. You know have fun wearing shorts with -- for. There is that element. If you had a pair of shorts you have the -- or whenever it is. In the closet -- in the -- you look at it reminds you that there is something warmer to I write your biggest customers -- -- -- in LA are they in Miami or they spread out of the country. Our guys are guys are all over the country. There there you or your influencers fifteen to thirty really active. -- super excited to end the work week -- school and get into the weekend. And so the mentality that I our guys take 5 o'clock on Friday -- -- slacks or whatever else -- wearing and -- in our shorts in June. The growth -- excited we should a lot of short -- views. Army post offices around the world so no we got a lot of excitement around these Americans -- really -- and we have a ton of soldiers in and this is the reprieve is there -- -- shorts from their dome today. They're excited to view the bodies and there haven't agreed time shorts -- thanks to them exactly it also we mentioned this of the introduction Abercrombie and you say is stealing your style how does that work. And they think we think you know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Where we're -- small start up were really scrappy you know I think as we think about it. We're gonna continue to do our thing. -- will always design really neat awesome products. At at the end of the day we're gonna compete and compete in our own way we have an -- community that supports us and that's how we'll be successful. You did all of this. With zero investment no investors you bootstrap it what's your advice to people court trying to start companies I think particularly we've talked about constructing something in his duties -- -- that we don't -- -- first -- Make sure you're -- you know for us. And starting this company was something we -- on the side turn and fire at cars from companies so we nation we are ready to do it mentioned financially replace older people start something. In the second case for us -- -- is once you do it you really means. And so you know that was for us is being scrappy actually look like yes exam so perfect example you know we didn't have any money -- spend -- marketing budget. So I went online and answer to all of these different I have seen so -- fraternity council web sites online for colleges -- -- -- presidents of attorney Melvin. I'd say hey you know industries company we want to introduce a junior college. Can you help us. And these guys were incredibly responsive you know we were funny we had a good time with them it will probably -- about eight free stuff exactly allegedly gunning for us it's it's it's it's a mentality is -- -- sanity part and and and that was that was -- -- us I think I think it's also trusted community you know. Once you start having people who were really behind you reach your customers like friends music and that is something that is so important for companies our size getting started particularly -- it. You're you're dependent on on those customers and those of the people we're going to be on supporting human and we had the opportunity to it -- to help them and accused. What about competition like Amazon or Abercrombie and that they're the big players in the space people know that -- name recognition how do you deal with that how do you get around it. Yeah I mean differentiation in this world. Is is your community is your brand there was a world ten years ago when when people were competing online by. -- using Google arbitrage you know that -- is over now you need to build the real brand. To be able to to how a loud voice on line. And and fundamentally in short three years for us that's what we've been able to -- that's the secret magic for hostages business community -- this awesome -- and it's great voice. As we think about the retailers and be really successful online it's going to be those types of brands -- successful. Legacy -- for women. -- just in question. It I -- it's always one of our most requested items I think for us you know so far we've global little boys club we've had a really good time with that and I think you know. We would not release -- an insurance as perfect and so there's more to do before it's easier perfecting the -- -- went somewhere and some play on someone's mind when thinking about what it looked like not yet. I have another piece of appear once you build that brand recognition -- -- it to other things. I think for us -- -- -- the law went lot of ways to go in shorts and a lot accomplished there are certain things you know. I think anything is possible future we get a lot of requests from customers I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think really to think about what the weekend represented I imagine for all of that was yours you sat at desks -- -- -- -- -- -- imagining this day and all of this coming together and seeing your Abbas. -- -- absolutely. Our thanks so much guys company is -- these -- their shorts and.

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{"id":22897465,"title":"How to Bootstrap Your Biz","duration":"3:00","description":"Chubbies reveals how to launch your company with little money.","url":"/Business/video/small-business-advice-bootstrap-biz-22897465","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}