Social Media Star on the Art of Making Viral Videos

Jerome Jarre Reveals How He’s Become an Internet Sensation on Vine and Snapchat.
6:22 | 07/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Social Media Star on the Art of Making Viral Videos
We all -- the benefits of building your brand through social media sites like Twitter and FaceBook. But -- -- social media stars making names for themselves through -- that disappear and turning their viral videos into cats who better to ask than funny Frenchman Jerome jar he has over six point seven million followers on by. And the most popular -- -- star with over a million followers it's so nice to have you with us around. Thank you -- -- -- so he -- -- inviting initially because your air -- have blown up. People love what you do but how did you come up with this in the first place. So I AM I was an -- you know before line -- -- it is of gentle -- -- went over the line I. To us have our southern combining around by. And so I had to stop making -- just let me understand the out. And it isn't the best thing that -- come up with was just shooting myself trying to change. My fears and trying to. Like playing with a banana as we're watching you in squirrels the banana is the -- -- -- two run -- things that people are afraid of being voted. And addicts and -- Making the -- in front of and have a handful of other people took a tenant to be afraid of the book being let's we. -- fixing to gain something close and mind you we're expecting I was expecting Dallas how quickly did they cup in the beginning. And then that's hesitate to six months to move from zero to 20000 but now I'm gaining 3000 days 28 Allen is once just. -- so it's that is a five once -- how to step it. -- -- -- -- -- Right what do you think you did I mean you mentioned being silly and doing things that other people wouldn't do but just double active finding somebody on a lot of these apps from Twitter to divide to -- chat. It's not that easy because they're so many different people and they're putting funny interest its -- and. That's what nine is amazing it's well that is the discovery aspect of -- -- there -- electrical production and there is is different China and the -- to figure is. And it's it's very not to disclose -- patterns and that was that it had and that conceive because. I disclose I've met so many amazing -- -- off on buying that. Nobody knew before and -- -- -- -- And story to tell it discovery -- -- how are you making money with snapped chat. So four book -- -- -- the same thing basically. We did brands we know this has been and you because yet thinking of the -- all day every day -- obsessed with it. And so does this -- go to -- opens things -- And they asked for that and so so you have to have in Devens site. And so my eyes and see if your present between five people can -- snapshot that don't have -- on the side and it can leaving out of the patient. They make a living by doing back -- -- us and talking to brands that want to be associated with. With those individuals and that's how much money do you make comments. It's violence can be so that between 5000 line. When he 5000 dollars for one Columbine that. It's -- and wanted to have -- -- that we started at 3005. And it's growing at night on YouTube that this is live in royal need to play and maybe what -- he has no by the end zone for a hundred. You know it dependent on -- eyes on it. That went to him that people that five Meehan -- Opinion. Hoops on on -- of the it is it's it's actually. Doesn't just much -- grand whom -- -- blessing than I was having. How much money aren't you individually -- as a result of all of us. Wolf I don't know -- -- and keeping track now what I know is. I think we expect yes it's when it environment we -- it buys from -- every day you know we we. Most of -- and it's making mindful -- once a month when hit and so that mimic the wickedness and leaving out of line Tim Jones. We and it went a change cashing -- to we. We -- -- having these isn't. A -- with a likeness from its ups and and friends or they every day. Sherry you have it playing with the sport and not getting paid rhetoric there is fixing the out and so that's why we would Kendall. Promise branding and can do. So let's say I'm somebody who's new -- -- -- cap for that matter and what I really -- is to become the next to your help them. What is your advice to me where -- -- even begin. So don't let communities in the Internet community itself and and that's -- nice. I would say it is different things but consistency that was every day. To get started hot with every day the book so you and have people in -- in -- The vote to stuck to mean good -- and they remember they wait forget it they're looking for -- -- who have anything anything and we David you. I would say they think they do something -- -- is doing because. You have to be different -- analysts there's no point for me. I'm -- and speaking to screw council lions hit. And. That's still and then what you really need to do if you -- -- be. Not an action around but you want to be as big as your own changes -- to find and other animals -- -- -- that animal this. You're gonna show me after real -- you're gonna show me how to do about it because I'm on boxer. But I'm not doing that -- with that I've been on for a couple of months but haven't really figured it out. You're gonna show me all afterwards so real his viewers you watch. On buying. -- your cat name on -- it's your own job. And that's JA RE. Do -- oh and indeed yes exactly so. You watch in real -- viewers you look out on -- because he Jerome jar and Rebecca Jarvis on vine are going to be creating a brand new buying. Coming up after realism so nice chatting with leisure room saying you. I'm sure after this -- you can go talk to this -- attacks on Monday it. -- --

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{"id":24790081,"title":"Social Media Star on the Art of Making Viral Videos ","duration":"6:22","description":"Jerome Jarre Reveals How He’s Become an Internet Sensation on Vine and Snapchat. ","url":"/Business/video/social-media-star-art-making-viral-videos-24790081","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}