Is A Sony Shake-up Likely?

Lauren Lyster analyzes the morning business headlines.
7:13 | 05/14/13

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Transcript for Is A Sony Shake-up Likely?
Market futures up this morning but just barely. The -- is due to some new data and some bullish investors this after the Dow slumped yesterday. Taking a break from its rally are now I want to bring in -- Muster from Yahoo! finance to break down those numbers on the top business headlines of the day good morning Lauren. Good morning and -- absolutely love having you -- with some new numbers that came out today US import and export prices what did they shout out. Lately so prices helped point 7% last month which is the largest decline since June. But the real story here is quite prices -- import prices rather. They -- point 5% it was driven by a drop in oil costs so a couple things going on here with lower import prices that means that inflation is under wraps. This -- -- that more leeway to continue with its policy the bond buying it it. It's using to try to fuel the economy get escape velocity for the US economy still has more leeway from an inflation perspectives that once he -- is a drop in the cost which is good because -- there's -- -- -- drop well hopefully at some point. That trickles down to us in the form of lower gas prices which according analysts -- spoke to. They do expect lower prices this summer out by about twenty cents. Prices are lower than a year ago at 359 verses 373 last year but they caution that oil is a global commodities so -- may be. There's -- the plant supply from the U blast and there is the supply and demand dynamics that are working in -- our favorite the pond. It's not that big impact because you have global demand you have -- A growing economy in China for example where demand continues to grow so there's the global dynamic that -- that are. Absolutely and -- asking about billionaire investor -- hedge fund manager Daniel load it seems he's. Trying to shake up things at the electronics giant Sony what's going on here. So what's not is he wants a -- that's so at 6%. In Sony with his state he's one of the largest -- -- and he reportedly according to the New York Times. Saluted Tokyo with that letter delivered it -- -- asking for some changes the firm now. There -- reason that perhaps the assembly way to do this as I said he's a huge shareholder in addition -- share price is down 85%. Over the last thirteen years so -- Clearly it is to rumbled. Whether or not this get any traction we don't know however one thing this points to end -- and the broader context I think it's pretty interesting. Is the interest in Japan from an investor's standpoint in the -- west -- -- -- stock market which is rallied on the bank of Japan's. Easy money policies -- the weakening yen which a lot of investors I've spoken to it made money shorting. Board that changes to the landscape that are allowing -- creating a dynamic where activist investors in the U whack they're trying to create change is that. If that their positions in these Japanese firms so there are big changes in in the way the economy is being run Rick -- in Japan and appetite when I go to these conferences in these big had spent managers speak. And all these institutional investors -- an audience. There's so much interest in Japan and what the opportunities are there so that's a larger trend this points so you think he could actually have some kind of -- on Sony even sent me a large. Shareholder about 6% doesn't -- to be in any -- controlling stake. No absolutely not and terms that this garbage shareholders he's he's one of the largest in terms of -- -- and no we don't know at this will go anywhere and remember -- that he could benefit. Potentially Jasper and getting interest in this company and opportunities that are there they they could benefit his position -- how. That -- is taking place also you have to remember there are such differences in corporate culture among countries and Japan is one where this kind of activist. Investor action and it is. Potentially not as well received it may -- other place I -- an and he was behind the shake up at your parent company op cracked. Well that is one that he is that reported to have had sound. That an impact and I'm Ali Ata pleaded spent on Iraq -- how he didn't know that are free on Iraq but I -- -- that -- So what those -- that you need be part of the business making money now to balance the loss of the leaders. I'm sure there is some merit to that I mean you -- -- a huge conglomerate that has all these different aspects of the business. Entertainment electronics also weird. Areas like insurance so you know there's all sorts of different things going on there when you have these conglomerates you have you know -- -- the business -- -- are not benefiting from. The fact -- That they are doing well while others are not doing as well so I mean I think that it's a case by case basis analysts have said this -- All right so what would not from -- tech story of another you -- that FaceBook phone that was all the rage what happened there are now my god what Clinton went from being sold. At 989 dollars 109. -- -- I think saying -- now why of -- long way to fall. So AT&T it now speaking about dropping the device from its offering altogether that is the report. None of this bonus for HTC it's not -- FaceBook made phone but FaceBook -- -- -- on homes green -- and according to that price the market is not favoring as people don't want it. This was not quite the wonderful phone that may -- and now ten cents. I'm more hoping it -- be you know it's been a year since FaceBook launched its IPO on the stock exchange but the stock hasn't -- so well not right. It has and I am sure you remember at the -- but IPO it was horribly botched I mean there were problems with the exchange there -- Problems with high frequency traders and electronic trading and and and all of this excitement anticipation. And it was a total flop when -- IPO. Compared to a year ago it still eleven dollars for its offering price it's at 27 dollars over the last six months -- and that are just looking at six months ago was at 221 at that 32 now it. Just shy of 27 dollars so it's it's been a positive trajectory somewhat -- yes down significantly from year ago apps and and -- -- eloquently to that issue maker Skechers settling a class action lawsuit. And we'll pay out forty million dollars why -- they have to do this. Because you know you just can't lose weight from a scary she can't. And -- anything you can't look like Brooke Burke. And -- the you weren't in ads for the issues that. I guess promised to tone being zapped a little bit -- by way of wearing them. Recently judges -- -- settlement to class a class action settlement pretty sizable one. For people to -- -- the cost could be she's not entirely but -- but most of the cost of these ten issues. Same day. The air on the side of the people that on issues that that you jets couldn't lose the weight the weight it was promised. Tonight allegations but said hey you know what we do not want to see it in litigation and -- draw this out. For a we're just gonna pay and it's not about those consumers are apparently getting eighty dollars back for each pair of shoes purchased that's not -- -- not that I think a 100000 that I had a -- here right. It forever a couple of weeks of wearing them all -- -- And Hitler and thank you so much magic one more look at the Dow right now for -- -- got up about 8:18 points this morning Lauren Lester thank you so much. Thank you.

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