Sprint Gets Boost With Strong iPhone Sales

The wireless carrier sees positive growth partially due to Apple's popular smartphone.
3:17 | 09/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sprint Gets Boost With Strong iPhone Sales
I'm -- only in Washington as the financial markets close on Wall Street for Friday September 12 this is story stock. Today we're looking at sprint and how the wireless communications company is enjoying some growth. Thanks to a new pricing plan and the coming availability of the new iphones. Joining me now with more details Aaron task of Yahoo! finance. Aaron explain Sprint's new pricing strategy and how it's geared up for the iPhone six and six plus. Right well right now looks like the iPhone six sprint is the biggest beneficiary. They've launched a new plan for as -- -- forty dollars a month. You know the can get the iPhone for life essentially and there's tremendous demand for the phone itself spring is -- a price -- with T-Mobile. And it's great for consumers if it's great for that for us because we get these phones and these plans that much cheaper -- we -- just a couple of weeks ago. I'm and it and it looks like investors are really warming up to spring here. Yes investors like the founder of all that talk us through the two -- sprint stock chart. Well look you've been seen -- stock has rallied into. The iPhone launch and and and thereafter in today got an upgrade from counting company that gave it another boost again as some of the the word came out that that apple was selling out the iPhone six -- its website was crashing from demand people looked around and said -- who's going to be the biggest beneficiary is who has the most. Opportunity here and you know for -- investors -- spring I also know this is a you know relatively cheap stock and you know -- -- seven dollar stock so. It's a speculative play for a lot of people's well we have to bet on the iPhone without spending a ton of money to get some exposure. -- after the failed merger with T-Mobile this is exactly the kind of buzz -- sprint needed isn't it. Yeah absolutely and they avenue CEO as well and he's very aggressive and come in saying. You know that the landscaping and it states is is is primed for shake up. He -- this she's -- ransom phone businesses in South America. And was notorious for slashing prices to the bone it looks like that's -- give you. At sprint as a matter of can they get enough people to come onto their network to make it up on volume. But make no -- -- is still a little fish in the wireless pond when compared to Verizon and AT&T. How does -- street look at sprint long term. Well looks sprint and T-Mobile where we're looking to join forces just last month and then. T-Mobile walked away because they didn't think they get regulatory approval so now you have these. Q number three number four competitors going at it -- and now I think longer term. The the thought is that one of them we'll get scooped up by their competitor whether it's AT&T or Verizon or some outside company like Google perhaps or. Amazon that is there their phone -- -- about -- they might see you know we went on a carrier. I'm not the -- respect -- but I think that's part of why you're seeing any interest in the stock because the business overall -- not -- great for the last couple years. Aaron task of Yahoo! finance. Thanks so much. You're watching story stocks stay with abcnews.com. For all the latest headlines I'm Susan -- in Washington.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"The wireless carrier sees positive growth partially due to Apple's popular smartphone.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"25468995","title":"Sprint Gets Boost With Strong iPhone Sales","url":"/Business/video/sprint-boost-strong-iphone-sales-25468995"}