Start-up Buys Your Trash for Cash to Waterford's New Year's Eve Ball Design

Rebecca Jarvis reveals what's buzzing this week on Real Biz 12.30.2013
3:00 | 12/30/13

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Transcript for Start-up Buys Your Trash for Cash to Waterford's New Year's Eve Ball Design
Hello and welcome to real -- I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what we're looking at today I BM. Has five tech trends that are gonna change the way that we live in the next five years we're also taking a look at a startup whose buying your trash for cash stashed. And Waterford crystal is here to ring in the new year with the Times Square ball a tradition that's more than a hundred years old -- want to get right to -- And I want to welcome Bernie Meyerson vice president of innovation that IBM's he has spent a lifetime -- IBM. And he's here to discuss the five predictions that are going to change everyone's lives in that the next five years Bernie nice to see you don't want them. So what's the number one. Saying that's gonna change people's lives in the next five years Smart classrooms. Basically at this point you go to classroom to learn the match in the classroom -- learns you. You show up in the morning and the first day of school teacher normally would know nothing about -- what do from day one the classroom kept track of you and created a persona. So that you didn't lose half year study discovering that some -- at at the back of the room had a mild form of dyslexia. Having that persona basically having materials delivered electronically to you. And then having a system actually study how you interact and say this kid needs help in this issue. Teacher with thirty seconds in the classroom -- -- the year learn. What a system can learn literally overnight -- so this is a system how are they acquiring all of this they basically if you work from electronic media. Where you actually haven't delivered to you and then you do you work on that tablet. What it does is -- to work and actually sees an advance we are struggling. So the teacher comes you prepared to answer the question without having to dig through everything you've done a few of the problem is what's your next big trend for the next five years. Well if you think about for instance the convergence of what we call on line retail -- actual physical retail that's another one. If you actually today think about bricks and mortar stores -- necessarily going away imagine your buying a camera that's a thousand dollars you'd like to have some idea would you like this thing. But the same time you love the convenience of an online system because it knows about -- -- knows what to present. Right now we have technology where if you opt -- you could literally go to -- store with say a hop. I'm really looking for a camera not only is -- three area B but they'll be somebody there who's an expert. To explain it or you're allergic to gluten by the way don't buy that thing -- -- you're -- to be released it. Now what's interesting about -- just said if you locked in and right now all of this data is being collected from all of us. We haven't necessarily -- today it. That's correct in fact when many times when you work on line basically it tracks what you're doing everybody knows this this is no secret. One of the other things we're talking about as big thing for the future is having a digital guardian we recognize that all of these issues. Questions of privacy -- And what you need alternately as you need somebody who's basically on your side but something that's -- -- RS I doubt. That's the point you actually will over the next five years -- the emergence of literally digital guardians the equivalent of somebody who's the electronic. Bouncer that basically watches your assets all of them. -- -- is that is that the government. Because it is matter retail -- is that. Who is that because they think that's going to be an issue for a lot of people when they think. You know this sounds very orwellian very 1984 that somebody is our guardian that person holds the key to your entire life. Which is why you need to have that guardian on your own in other words this is a software agent that you run this isn't run by a third party -- is yours. This is literally the equivalent of -- cricket -- attitude building a fence around your life exactly and it's that. Basically administered by -- what is literally a software agent that watches out for you. Run by you. Not by a third party. Another thing you say doctors are gonna routinely use your own DNA to keep you well this is another one where there watching you and they have an entire platform to go up. Exactly but the key is this the more data you have in the era of big -- in a more accurate you can predict the future when it comes to health. Imagine for instance your physician you have leukemia. And no -- to working well if you do -- DNA analysis what you discover is the problem in the DNA of your cancer cells actually more resembles what you see in kidney cancer. If you actually know that then you can go in and use the drugs for kidney cancer and you actually go into remission which is a true story there is -- position that that. The point is without knowledgeable through DNA where the defects exist and what you can treat that specific -- with. You might side and so it's a trade -- between your privacy and your survival and that sometimes that's an easy decision. Some ways yes now there's two last that you have here in the city will help you -- -- and many also say buying local will be on it. Well if you think about buying local go to a food store. Would you rather have somebody go out there and pick your tomatoes for you would you rather have food store -- know about -- and be able to essentially grabbed the exact thing that you want. And again you have to agree to share that desire with them so that's one again is building a persona they work life. In the city it's the same sort of thing in the city imagine a city that it was itself to you vs the other way around imagine the city where. Basically you have some of -- let out and it automatically knows that many people are descending on a train station. And at times the departure and arrival of the trains -- don't get the typical effect. With a first trains packed like sarbanes Wright -- is empty. Annan's -- and you are exactly that if Taylor is basically the city to your needs. Which again if you shared data enables the trick is that's why you need to digital guardian and what's the new technology that's -- -- buying in store we'll get. -- basically if you have again the ability to gather all the data about your own behavior your purposes and such. What it does is it enables it to -- that just like online where presents you with things that are already knows from history. That you want and that's something we're simply having a Smart device that identifies you. Basically helps even if -- identifies you essentially anonymously. You're just the number doesn't know exactly who you are but who knows that number 1036 is allergic to gluten they do not privacy gonna spend the rest of the day of misery. Bernie Meyerson. -- misery -- you here thank you so much happy new -- -- had a narrative. From life changing innovations to a startup that wants to pay cash for your trash -- -- co-founder Steven Schneider joins us on -- hi Stephen how Ariel. I'm Rebecca I've got a great New Year's resolution for you okay Kelly what does that. You should take all this cell clones. I act as if sitting at your desk drug problem and sentiment it is -- common recycle -- you assume that I have authority doesn't esteem and well let me check the database here its name must use our competitor. -- -- OK so you have a similar name actually tier competitor when you're Disney mobile -- choose such a similar name I'm curious about that. Well. You know. I don't know if you ever tried to buy a domain name nowadays. But. You take any random key string of letters ABC -- Dot com it started taking so we went through bunch of different. Options and we came up with this great idea of being the leader. The you know cell phone smarts on recycling is industry. And another ward former. Cell phone as it is not alert up -- so we took that certainly together its total coincidence that it's a similar actually read. I'm very very different from our competitors. So tell me what is it that you're doing how much money I get for example. I'm not ready to trade in my Blackberry but if I works traded in what kind of money would you pay me for it. -- What we do it on a daily basis as we search the web through were the current prices that people are hurrying and we try to. Hey at least five to ten dollars per Smartphone more in the leading our leading competitor. For example if you -- to sell an iPhone. 5 yes. You know you mentioned gazelle -- suffering 375. -- iphones I've asked we would pay 410 dollars should and the reason -- at -- pace -- -- more than. -- is because gazelle has like a forty million dollar. You know DC funding so they -- that they have to account for a lot of that marketing budget when Nate. -- -- consumers for their devices. We're -- small family run an organization I started the business with my two Brothers. We don't have a ton of overhead in terms of marketing so most of most of our business comes organically through word of -- So you're not gonna -- we don't have to cover the costs of those were you know outrageous marketing fees so. So you when your two Brothers if I -- to send something -- are the ones are gonna take a look at it determine how much money it's worth. And then tell me what it is and then send me that Shaq. Well. We won't be the ones actually. Analyzing your phone that's what my mother does. -- and -- analyze. It to Al-Maliki. We have a full staff. Employees we have about 25 people that -- -- And we have an entire team that deals just with. Looking at the phone in wiping it in analyzing the total value that -- on the spot. And then we have another team if that phone is. As water damage or the reports of damages street is -- it's still has value and yet we pass up that team that human services that -- And reintroduces into the secondary market. In that secondary market that's where you have to be making your money where do you think. The secondary market from a consumer's standpoint is the best place to buy. I think places. Light. Amazon. Or eBay you're looking to buy a secondary phone that's used. You know you want to make sure that you have a reputable seller. Because so many people are. You know does not know is speaking -- your last segment there's nobody really policing. Or guarding. That industry online so you never know when you're dealing with who won't we're we're in the process right now actually. Building and online and marketplace to sell some of these secondary -- results and I think a lot of companies like -- -- during something similar to so. -- -- the entire process. Jack in terms of that security now. How much of that should be a concern to somebody -- sending new devices but also the person on the opposite and buying the device -- It's it's you do it should be a concern for people. You gotta be careful. In this -- in -- where you're sending your devices and even though you may wipe tears. -- clean of the data you know through. Just a basic data wiped that you couldn't figure -- -- -- line. Sometimes that data still remains on the boards and a company like -- is really taking great lengths to. In -- sure our customers that when they -- a device and everything is completely why do what we do is we send. We send all our customers a certificate of data destruction. With the -- -- number which the serial -- through that device to assure them that their specific device. Has been totally wiped out before it's either broken down through arts and refined. -- are reintroduced in the secondary market. Steam and thanks so much for joining us don't forget the company is he is mobile and it's Stephen Schneider and his Brothers run and thanks thanks so it is now it's gizmo. You've got it makes -- happy new year. -- -- Speaking of New Year's it's the last day of 2013 tomorrow and -- -- -- Waterford vice president of global marketing is here with crystals from Times Square is historic. New Year's Eve ball also Jeffrey Straus is the president of countdown entertainment. He's been the executive producer of the Times Square meant for nineteen years welcome guys. This is game time -- Absolutely think this is -- the thing that a whole year leads up to in terms of its importance. And I was reading something like a billion people are watching -- some banks. Well we're on the world you know. It is nearly a million people in Times Square over a 150 million Americans watched the event -- -- crystal ball coming down. And over a billion people around the world live run news coverage -- -- is truly the world. Coming together -- -- global celebration. And you have a new way it's different for them to come together this year would be -- -- -- countdown asked which of course there's an app for everything now so why wouldn't there be one for the. Well we have the official times Karbala which you can download anywhere in the world you don't have to be watching the television you can download on the app Google. And apple and watch the Waterford crystal ball come down. And actually see all the entertainment. People don't realize the show starts at 6 PM with a Chinese cultural performance in the country store -- -- it's going to be performing. We have on Al -- John Carlos can now. We have Melissa Etheridge sings imagine and I generally and I do some of -- -- there's a whole celebration that you can see online at the people in Times Square -- -- that you wouldn't see if you what you one of those network you'll only see their portion of it. And what's great about it is -- -- here for that big moment at midnight -- no countdown together with the Waterford crystal ball. And there's so much history here since 1907. This has been going on. -- about what goes into this Waterford crystal ball first of all sites you need -- stat. So what's will -- foot diameter. -- -- 2680. Panels all made -- of handcrafted Waterford crystal. It's a real exciting moment for us because were part of some of the world's celebrations and this is the -- -- crime for us and a capsule -- the year. And there's a lot of production that goes into months and advanced -- crystal panels and this year -- actually unveiling a new collection. Com it's a ten -- series. So it's called the greatest hits collection is not meant to be in a materialistic yes but it's gifts that that we can share -- the world that are -- emotional that are hopeful. And it it's a time where everyone thinks about how to make the world a better place. So it's a great celebration person this year we're gonna unveil a new design. Business and yes this is one of the -- wanted to 2688. -- -- ask -- their 480 how does it take out -- way to put all that together. But it's it's it's months and production birdie start in the next are already you are absolutely and it's been redesigned and -- is it seven times since 1907. The -- -- Sell itself -- a redesigned seven times and as technology changes so does the ball. But what's great about it is 1999 we partner for the millennium of Waterford crystal we created the largest crystal ball in the world and -- -- -- away. -- -- and here the look into the future with a Waterford crystal ball. And now the ball actually has its own personality -- -- To read this week we're -- sweep by the way can't you download times horrible -- you can. The conversation and it's with the entire world and I really curious to know it the ball -- has only gotten something on that pulls you along the wheels up. But he's got a whole -- you've got to keep that audience really on its tasks. Well and what's great as you get the ball perspective of -- whole celebration in the whole year. And and and it's great -- -- have a lot of fun with it because he's got a sense of humor but it's also a moment in time where we all sort of looked back and reflect on the year -- good and bad. We look forward with hopes and dreams of resolutions for the future and we celebrate today and that Waterford crystal ball is really that simple that we overlook what and it's just a great partnership because of that tradition. How heavy -- -- one of my -- holding it. So it's actually this has to mean that it's a pretty heavy -- I mean for just being one -- You know the whole ball itself -- almost 121000 pounds twelve -- you have to -- and how does it transport and -- it that we ticket at the very top of the pole yes and then electronically its program to come down at the stroke of midnight crowd are you going to be there to you absolutely were there every minute -- little break -- I don't. I'm actually bet in Times Square for -- -- -- tell me what is the feeling I mean other than being really bolt and excite. It you feel I mean it's so you have a whole global community there's over 20% -- international audience over 70% of -- -- the tristate area. But you have Ryan Seacrest that would Jenny McCarthy celebrity DC but you also have Anderson Cooper on CNN and you've got Univision -- You know everybody's there the entire world is celebrating -- us and we know that over 150 million Americans are watching. It is New York's biggest annual promotion. Everybody's in a great move in by the end of the night. You meet people from all over the world because NYPD -- amazing job. Make it safe fun and friendly in the buildings and the sort of 43 thing go all way up almost -- you know -- -- to Central Park. And we'll meet people from Berlin and Moscow and Nairobi and in Detroit and Tampa and LA it is incredible. So well thanks so much about you for joining us looking forward to seeing so so that this specific name -- -- Waterford. Ball drop. Is that what it tell me what actually miss the Waterford crystal times good news that ball Waterford crystal Times Square New Year's Eve ball got the biggest personable in the world who like it. Happy new year to both of you do you enjoy the ball dropped thanks so much for stopping -- real as we appreciate it have been taken -- -- And take you for joining us for real this until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York happy new year.

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