A Startup Changing How You Listen to Music to the Kings of Culinary

Rebecca Jarvis reveals what you need to know on Real Biz 3.18.2014.
3:00 | 03/18/14

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Transcript for A Startup Changing How You Listen to Music to the Kings of Culinary
Hello and welcome to real this I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's happening. -- -- -- you'll never believe the new ways you can profit from your kids and talking about baby teeth. And -- -- -- towns breast milk plus a company trying to transport the way you listen to music and it's award season for shots. Who is a chance to be one of the culinary case. First -- to get right to -- this story of mom's finding ways to cash in on your kids. I was not kidding when I said that breast milk is one of the ways that moms are making money Genevieve -- brown ABC news travel and lifestyle editor. Is here with us and Genevieve you emailed this story to me a couple days ago the second I thought I think we have to have -- unreal is because sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. It's -- idea let there is not paying a momma won't do it for their kids including coming up with a crazy way to make money. And in fact at one point -- over seventy people making breast milk jewelry and selling it. On -- CE. Breast -- -- breast milk how to do that case so -- -- mom. The one with the breast milk -- I now have these supplies she supplies it chi Chi's and about two tablespoons -- her breast milk double bags. Overnight now added -- creator and then it pours into a beater -- an. And then sent it back -- you know moms have told me that it's. You can't really missed -- Jack when their baby is of meaning and -- is -- -- to hang -- -- -- to cost about -- dollars for -- Eighty dollars to hang on to those moments you could just -- -- in the freezer for for -- take a picture. I do wonder though that's -- they like this if if this is a vendor who's creating these things. What happens how to -- -- -- -- straight I -- if they're getting spent a lot of jars each of our. You're the you're wearing -- injured at your kid's -- not bigger costs also baby -- beating Giuliani in jewelry cell. I -- moms looking for ways to really hang onto those passions -- moments but. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's a little so this -- -- this out there aren't that great and exactly. Added to rock my world she got hot at. For use other adults their animals of the TT -- and then we'll send -- -- in the now. Get the -- back -- and you couldn't get me. Pending for about eighty dollars or ring handled more expensive the little -- -- little tooth pulled out of that sent it its Q you know not for everyone -- -- -- I am of -- have you average I had an average ending like best -- my kids haven't lost -- -- yet. That out I don't think this is bright for me you're just doing your health DIY yeah I certainly -- -- together put a little -- -- That -- -- take care okay that's here that. A lot of mom bloggers out there that they see it seems like as somebody who looks at the mom blogs and on and on yet but when you look at these blogs there's a lot of work it goes into that -- kind of working out mom blogging is not as simple as to cramming a bunch of pictures on your kids and -- -- -- because. -- no one -- your children are as interesting as you think are -- I don't think. Sell what you have to do is come up with -- angling got a fine. Your needs and it's there's a ton of money -- out there. And what's interesting is that mom bloggers seem to work even more than moms who go to work and work a regular 95 job because he -- their -- -- that. And their -- their plots are now working night and even the most successful mom blockers meek a round sixty acres -- You know you not -- facsimile email us that your body is extremely difficult to -- com. That success seems like though they do get a lot of priests. Ditch right Annie Duke -- out to try it out again a lot of -- stuff that's Sheryl and I guess that would be considered a park you know they. Beyond mind -- this you know people are. Cut no shortage of creativity here at this I -- as a mom looking up but it's being called the beat the -- -- and it's essentially a way. -- taking your kid to a public bathroom when that actually happened that the -- -- you won't hear child. On -- -- our friends on the wall hanging them on the -- -- you know happy and that was kind of -- every kid would be that happy. But it was pretty bad mama who you know how to -- a six month old to a public restroom. Can she had to use the bathroom and had nowhere to put the baby -- you know why you -- the -- inside the stop in not I'm random spot inside the and out -- it's eight treatment they got concrete and apparently to make money for decades and -- -- carries me by. Non -- -- cost about forty dollars I personally would want to carry around. Yet another -- but you know if you if you really need it carried out what is the average blogger making. There -- you know the ones I have spoken to they're they're -- kind of secretive because it's a very competitive world. But the one -- making 67. Hours. A very competitive world I married I can see that the drop ensure their mommy bloggers who hate each other out there like a -- 100% and it was -- of a job -- this month it's like baseball but Indian army and many sense of how many of those baby. Carrying while carrying things how many those of you missile. You know I can't say how many exactly and company do you now after you wrote an article on ABC news. Dot com -- payments without it he did it -- -- quite an -- and what people say where they into. -- -- -- -- -- That's the beauty that because they actually know ideally they need to -- just everything acts of breast milk jewelry for a lot of -- that Eric Anderson by. All right -- -- if they keystone -- you know. Forget about the outdated speakers an ugly wires hanging on your walls to give your -- surround sound startup sound wall is tapping tech and traditional art canvases. To change the way we listen to music David -- -- co-founder of sound wall and he joins us now from San Francisco on Skype. David nice chatting with you. He did talk to you sell -- this art work that has a speaker and -- -- it yes. It -- more magical than that. It's -- where where this speaker is the art so the whole front of the speaker is is what makes the sound. But in effect for people it is beautiful artwork that makes -- And just like artwork tends to be relatively expensive these speakers are. Not cheap speakers they're like 950 dollars to star. Yet that's what that's we have started -- -- being speaker adult court costs in the Moorestown. And of course if you have bury -- -- And just like any art the -- go from there. Your biggest clients that. It's anybody that wants to make their place a little more beautiful have a unique. And unique sound -- And play music from their phone so it's been people with offices are people that -- -- make their their bedrooms look nicer. It's a broad set of places we're starting to do some things in the hotel market. The hope I can see the hotel market being a good place for -- I can also see law firms hanging artwork in their front hall with that. But I can also imagine probably there are some. Artists that they're musicians for example who would be into this idea just to show their friends hey look at you might think this is a piece of art it's actually mice. Absolutely there is this wow factor -- -- -- just like -- Well a bit like the nest as an example another brilliant analytical and it's great when you went no people would buy these nests including me. And when people came to your house zippers on the show but it was also very it was stability -- that much better. And you think sound while it's that perfectly. Kenyon -- it to a Monet or Picasso like take that million dollar Vincent van Gogh painting and turn it into -- speaker. -- -- want to tell you. I suppose that anything is possible I personally would recommend that the event you can you can get a printed a Monet and we would custom printed where you. You can. Of course like from anything -- -- to our own gallery we have artists that are contributing new kind of work and and wanted to be part of salvo which is fantastic. And and we just launched a version where units blank where we should he laid blame campus. And you heard the artist in your life can picture -- how many of these and -- -- We just launched the product and so we're supposed to. That was -- -- over fifty. The constant. -- zero right. They're all custom built in Boulder, Colorado. I mean -- we -- assemble and test them out you know and says you mentioned it's not a cheap products we do very high quality job. And deliver -- -- custom products but the reason we just in our hearts at south by south last is that. -- acceptance of greatest standard two bit of a lot more of these at the -- over. Did you get any sign ups at SXSW that he would sign up for one. I asked -- yes and we -- went back to one thing we did was and art battle where we had two different artists -- on the -- -- each had their ensemble. They were listening to their music from the sound all to go back and forth between their play lists on any line in at the end of that night we weasel. BC's. David of Sam -- thank you so much for joining us best wishes. -- accurate record. So anyone who knows me knows I love food -- -- -- and at less than an hour the James Beard Foundation will announce which one. Of your favorite restaurants and -- will be nominated for the 2014 James Beard Foundation awards. It is the culinary Oscars and Mitchell Davis is the executive vice president of the James Beard Foundation -- joins us now. Firm's Chicago. Where action is taken place hi there now aria. I'm doing great and I loved to hear all about -- -- I'm a big fan of food myself. But I wonder in a world with so much good food how do you narrow it down. It's an interesting process here right there are so many U. Viable. Candidates for James Beard awards and and so we actually start in October where we have an open call for entry. And people can write in and nominate anybody any -- for infrastructure -- wine and spirits professional who they think is worthy of the war. And -- a series of balloting. We announced semifinalists which are long lists of chefs in February and then in. Today -- -- that Chicago will be narrowing that down to five nominees in each category and then. In May on May fifth in New York City at Lincoln Center we will be announcing the winners of the James Beard awards for 24 team. So is your job essentially than to try to taste test all of -- -- -- Amazing foods. It might look like that no not really -- you know we have a team of judges over 400 of them around the country who specialize in different regions and then we have it's it's a really involved process takes takes -- full year really define these worthy candidates and then eventually pick the winners. If you need any help with the judging in the future I'm just saying I know everybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that raiding restaurants is one of those things I have done it professionally and it's one of the things that sounds like a dream job until the 37 and fortieth and fiftieth. Experience and none of your friends will go out with you anymore hearty is it does get to be worked pretty fast. Because you're a harsh critic and you have to eat everything it's okay. And the -- that I know what you get no sympathy I believe me I know but it is work. Who are some of the semifinalist this year. Well it depends on the categories that we're in that. We actually we and there are thirty in each category of awards and so so I would recommend people go to James -- dot org to see the full list today we'll narrow them down to five -- we have already announced some. Winners of special awards though in. And things like lifetime achievement which is going to Syria much the only from the circuit New York who's one of the great -- structures of New York City -- of America. And there are a few other unique awards and have already been announced but. But I wouldn't really want to highlight one of the other because there are so -- where the folks and right here in Chicago which is a wonderful food town that just like new York and some of the great cities around the country. I'm we have so many semifinalists. -- over I think 250. You -- checked them out -- can find some real surprises. I will say this -- I spent a lot of time in Chicago I went to college there I worked there. Lots of great food in the city of Chicago I would say it can rival New -- -- even may be separate this out. It really is one of the great food cities and and one of the things as we traveler on the country for the organization and and and talking to different chefs and restaurant -- that the explosion of great restaurants in cities all over this country it's it's unbelievable I've been with the beard foundation twenty years and in that time. That the way the food scene in the -- -- in the restaurant and cocktails and -- -- have changed. In an unexpected places it's just amazing I think James -- be very very excited. For what what's happened in his legacy. What happens to. A restaurant a shaft if you name them how big of a deal is that for their business. It's obviously a huge DO you know in some ways the lesser known -- Obviously it's it's a bigger deal but we have regional awards the country's divided for the awards into ten different regions and then we have national awards. And it really can change. A career -- are rising star award for chefs under thirty. Really catapulted onto the world stage some of our previous winners have been Todd English Bobby Flay -- I mean people who are household names today. And -- and it's it's it's it's it's one of the highest honor if you can get as a -- in your career. Not long ago we actually had taught English right here on real because I love featuring chefs because there really at the end of the day being a chef is a business -- restaurant tour. You make food and you have to sell that food in order to make money and continue with that. Contact you about one last thing and that is the top three food trends of this year what would you say because I mean you look at -- these days hail. Is not every menu highlight that we -- used to be on every menu -- so if you like to name three what would you say the Big Three. Well I think everyone's trying to find the next scale let's -- and it's -- -- cut cauliflower broccoli seem to be big contenders we we -- stuck in the Christopher Christopher has the category of vegetables. I think another trend -- these matchups that the -- -- -- Dominick on cell made so famous that if it. Traveled around the world and and -- got Robin -- and I don't really know what the next hybrid is there's -- -- talk -- but but someone's gonna put something unexpected together and that's going to be a big hit. And then I also think there's a huge -- -- -- becoming more and more politically active week we think a farm to table as a sort of statement about sustainability and local. And local. The support of the local economy but they're actually -- there are getting into all sorts of different programs different political movements and what we're we're encouraging. Then buy out program we have published just boot camp for policy and change to really become the advocates that we know they are and that they now have a national and international stage to. To fight for things that they believe strongly in and I think -- in politics as is and it's a burgeoning trend that's gonna really change the world. Fight for the -- man they get into it it Mitchell Davis thanks so much for joining us we really appreciate it thank you. And thank you for joining us for real -- as we hear from you what's your favorite restaurant in your hometown. And who do you think should win a James Beard award also I'd be curious to know what you think the top of the trends in the year are to -- -- at real -- with RJ until next time. This is Rebecca Jarvis from New York have a great one.

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