Does the Stock Market Even Care About the Sequester?

Jeff Macke analyzes the morning business headlines.
6:21 | 02/25/13

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Transcript for Does the Stock Market Even Care About the Sequester?
-- I'm Dan -- in New York futures up this morning because some pretty good numbers coming out of Asian markets market there. Moving in a positive direction even a budget cuts here at home they are looming and to explain why that is happening and whether or not they're going to be putting the brakes on any crisis in DC. Jeff MacKey from Yahoo! finance joins us now this Monday morning Jack little -- -- from watching the Oscars last night. And the night is in California Dan -- actually watch the whole show but here discounts fighting men and I'm going to -- for the man with things to do -- very got to get that straight day off it was dark arts like all right to a -- Ford as a way to from a sequester congress finally back in session after having a week off. Is the possibility of having a deal done in the four days even seem remotely doable. No -- couldn't get a laugh out of line out now I mean come on you do -- it seems like you. -- are talking about a fake deadline every couple months and how we got another one and this guy won't fall or remain aloft on Friday. Nothing big happened -- -- I got Republicans planned chickens so as long as that's the posture where the Democrats are gonna -- Republicans don't think it's that big a deal. That's what we're gonna stand I don't think there's a deal and I don't think it matters. OK well and that that was did not follow that as far as whether it matters not mean -- right now the markets are treated at an all time high is it delusional is it apathy what's going on. It's a little -- you know I. Think that the individual investor for the most part is just kind of trepidation is I think I think they're afraid and I think that it's. It's very they've been burned so many times by so many rallies I just don't think sequestration matters all that much. We've been beaten senseless -- this stuff out of DC and starting in 2011 right -- they don't regard that. We first had this debt ceiling debate which led through the super committee and all the way here. We're just burned out and I think the markets there are finally just kind of finding memo Joseph again their earnings OK we got a little bit of an economic recovery going on. But they're not that expensive and it's hard to find another place to put your cash that's bullish for stocks. Andy is here -- the Dow was trading above 141000 up about how he's 64 point -- -- -- -- -- coming out with a new productivity of great. In the Smartphone market galaxy S three the note to -- -- Dallas TX. Asked for. On March 14 is this -- -- -- -- there could look at the lineup for. No I think that isn't lining up recently was that. At -- time it looks silly in retrospect -- seriously sit outside -- a phone what are you kidding me that's just crazy town so you know. -- lines with the product -- continue to do well these guys taking share back from apple and we're kind of reaching a real balance. In the phone market don't really care about their phone before 2007 -- came -- the iPhone. You shouldn't care about your -- you tightly people don't wait in line. But there are some problems are reported -- from this new this new. It's got some heating problems and and some issues with the screen but that's what happens when -- in the bleeding edge of this technology. The consumers have to realize listen these companies are gonna come to you they're gonna bring you products that you want and so when you do that when your -- on your try to be out there. On on the front right and in terms of the technological push and that gives you somebody's -- -- work -- the -- will -- -- these -- -- they're really -- company. And the days of getting that kind of cheap stuff from career long past this will be quality phone once again figured out from -- from technology to the book. Because actual book. I mean yeah how far -- advance right and it is certainly a sign -- that at Barnes & Noble obviously struggling to find an identity for themselves. Their biggest investor Leonard Riggio so that he might wanna buy out the brick and mortar division of Barnes & Noble what the consequences of -- that happens. What you gonna break off from -- the retail division which is what Barnes & Noble sort of in the first place. Understand that the books model where people go to bookstores. It's a little antiquated but you know -- there are no other bookstores so if you're going to be the one -- under -- is a good retailer and I would want a piece of that old traditional retail store concept. As well and get that -- -- and get rid of those notes which no one wants and well. Amazon right I mean still -- that the -- the rebel leader in that market. And it's not a bad idea and didn't my Monday morning quarter because -- Saturday morning quarterback -- -- did Sunday when they're actually play in the -- game. At dornin now at bed time so we have a idea that is to think that you have some sort of synergy. It's got these stores that people -- little -- about you're gonna sell electronic devices when people like the Kindle more anyway. Or the -- on the -- as weird me too product they valued it at something -- -- the heights. 300 million dollars or something like that. The no provisions were zero as far as I'm concerned -- yes. I think mystery just trying to make a good deal for him and that means just take the retailers like that ambling train wreck of a new division too often do whatever it is that things like that -- -- Mellow guy you know train wreck last night for the Oscars arguably the biggest night obviously in Hollywood felt like glamorous dress -- a couple of song and dance number as. I think it's not anything it's not in your opinion. And surely they needed some more credit for -- gold finger out of line of actors -- get her on -- the woman is over them if that was law. Crusted -- that references throughout. She's 600 hit that last note -- you kidding me out as I was placing wagers have ordered -- on that she would. -- heard something about it was a fair Oscars -- -- -- -- -- It was interesting it was finally got the -- -- -- it's what we want from the Oscars which is sort of over the top emotional moments -- average and the use of the movie industry depending like no one. Pays -- attention or -- takes them seriously enough so that's what you want and that's what they deliver -- somebody -- -- economic labor on this one -- winning best picture what is in your thoughts but that's because the academy pick the movie that was a commercial success they don't necessarily have a history of that. Now any kind of an that was implication. You know usually get about fourteen million dollar kicker -- of winning the Oscar that should be even more in this case. Just because that's a relative basis art was already hit but it's also ardea heartening news so -- -- it could. -- look -- ago mr. -- in the Dow is trading up about 48 points at 141000. There it is 141047. The Oscar for best opening bell on a Monday morning Jack MacKey from Yahoo! finance -- have -- really happened fox thank you.

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{"id":18591438,"title":"Does the Stock Market Even Care About the Sequester?","duration":"6:21","description":"Jeff Macke analyzes the morning business headlines.","url":"/Business/video/stock-market-care-sequester-18591438","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}