In Orbit: Constellation Brands

High Times for Beer, Wine and Spirits distributor.
3:20 | 07/02/14

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Transcript for In Orbit: Constellation Brands
I'm Michelle Franzen -- New York it's Wednesday July 2 with the story stock. As Americans get ready to sips of beer wine -- celebrate Independence Day we are looking at. Constellation brand and not know that name but chances are. You know -- huge empire alcoholic beverages and constellations. Orbit. And here to tell us what else is in the stars for constellation. Jack MacKey of Yahoo! finance -- Thursday yet. Now what I love the star thing I was very nice nicely done there are that I. -- record straight back Constellation Brands US -- they quashed earnings came in some fourteen cents I had expectations. And here's the satisfying -- summer that World Cup and -- soccer now yesterday when. That is this thing US used to compete in the cost of Belgium probably gave the sport up an entirely or Constellation Brands a striking back outpacing. Rival Belgian Budweiser as the -- of -- Chanting somewhere. Exactly and even man named bones are getting her slice anyway -- bad did hear -- they sold the corona distribution rights the Constellation Brands last year. So all a sudden now we've got constellation which while based in America's kind of based all over the world. But they're selling a ton of Corona beer. And they're doing so they kind of got the better this deal with that we have to be Belgians the Budweiser folks and so what you're seeing -- -- Constellation Brands stock up over 30% year to date. Huge performance 80% last twelve months this thing has been an absolute monster America's love affair with -- didn't spread throughout the world. Well you know it is summertime in what is it about corona -- the other Constellation Brands that's making it so successful. Well I think it's the -- in particular you know there and that wine and spirits actually did not grow at all. The single digits up and down depending on how you -- slice that data 14% -- year growth though. That Goddard on a you can make economic arguments for you can do marketing conversations you can talk about the big events. Whatever the case that people are just simply out -- drinking beer and buying it by the caseload -- 2% growth is huge in this type of industry which is obviously pretty mature being for your 400 years. You know there does seem to be sort of Renaissance with beer the craft and making it we've -- a lot of companies sort of gobble up these craft beer companies. Well how does it stack up constellation to some of the other companies out there. All of a monster what you -- think it first via its it's fairly complicated -- parts -- there's the craft beer. Which is at particular definition depending on who's doing the adding -- Now if you're you're one of these MC Sierra -- some the other smaller brands which are all getting swallowed up as you say. You know it it's at this point there's not really any -- but there's a lot of also lands that are getting kind of -- close the deal cords used to be announced independent now -- Molson -- all these companies are rolling -- but Anheuser-Busch king of Beers Constellation Brands nipping at their tail and it all is about market share in just scraping on the margins. Market by market bar -- bar. Well you know what they're going to have a good weekend the tested out a little bit further. Jeff yeah they well they well -- they can't go wrong it's beer friendly hair cells and it's hot enough let's go -- at once Jeff -- -- finance thanks for joining us. Even watching story stocks they would for your latest headlines I'm Michelle Franzen -- New York.

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{"id":24399896,"title":"In Orbit: Constellation Brands ","duration":"3:20","description":"High Times for Beer, Wine and Spirits distributor.","url":"/Business/video/story-stock-orbit-constellation-brands-24399896","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}