'Super Saturday' May Be Biggest Shopping Day of the Year

Retailers offer big discounts for those looking to score last-minute gifts.
4:12 | 12/20/14

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Transcript for 'Super Saturday' May Be Biggest Shopping Day of the Year
Good morning I'm Ron Claiborne and ABC news world headquarters in New York this is an ABC news digital report. Developing now the countdown to Christmas is on and travelers are already hitting the roads and airports to get a head start to travel rush. When an average Saturday. One point four million American spy and an average Saturday but today the Saturday before Christmas two million people are expected to crowd airports over the next week. Triple A estimates that almost a hundred million Americans will travel for the holidays luckily. For those who. Choose to drive gas prices now average 243 a gallon for regular nationwide that is down from three dollars and 21 cents that was a year ago. Aunt from holiday travelers to holiday shoppers the clock is ticking louder every hour procrastinators everywhere myself include it'll be jamming vault today. It's called super Saturday. There is expected take the top spot is the busiest shopping day of the entire year ABC's Gloria Riviera is out with a bargain hunters and silver spring Maryland. Gloria they are brave woman good morning to you. Good morning Ron well there is some good news and there is some not so good news OK first the good news if your infant John is having your cup of coffee watching this. And you still have gifts to buy the good news is. You can still find some really great deals the bad news is I have been in this Coles since 6 AM. And there are already shoppers in the store so you better get moving. Big inning last night it. Stronger have been cited Monday. Biggest shopping day of the he sold super Saturday and expect anticipate Americans will shelled out roughly ten million dollars. Shopping for those last minute holiday deals today that's a billion more then black church lady's hall we're getting. Being a super Saturday and it's even bigger than Cyber Monday or Black Friday and that's because these discounts are gonna be so big. That a lot of people are gonna come out. Five days before Christmas and right in the middle of Chanukah. Super Saturday is the perfect storm for procrastinators. I thought the deafening for my mom and my brother to I have shopped as late as 10 o'clock on Christmas Eve so I'm doing well this year. Is laughed and shot them the last minute corny he found a lot of great deals at that time is closely for us and when it comes to. Discounts. Super Saturday is the new Black Friday were retailers can't let. All the merchandise that they have and they're saying I need this help us to dash speed billions and we DTV is 200 dollars off at best buy. Old navy is offering up to 75%. Off there in tire store. And Barbie dolls are violent death and one half off the Toys 'R' Us. All lose put it on to the last minute shoppers who might just went first place when it comes to saving tax. This cold behind me Oben since 6 AM. Will stay open until 6 PM on Christmas in that's a 100. Hours Sprint's. It's not the only department store doing that kind of marathon sprint to the finish so that's good news for those last minute shoppers you can get in here get some good deals. In fact retail analysts tell us. Then some of the best deals can really be found inside the stores. There's some competition between online sales and old traditional brick and mortar and get yourself into the stores see what's on the shelves that kind of shopping. But there's a lot of merchandise out there and a lot of retailers are certainly looking Anna and they're saying we need to move this off the shelves the best way to do that. Is to get customers inside put it in a shopping bag taken wrap it up put it under the tree. That's what they're trying to make happen Ron. OK Gloria Riviera reporting from silver spring Mara thank you for that Gloria. And be sure to stay tuned to abcnews.com. Throughout the day of the latest on this and other top stories thank you for watching this ABC news did you report I'm Ron Claiborn. Enjoy your day.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"Retailers offer big discounts for those looking to score last-minute gifts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"27735718","title":"'Super Saturday' May Be Biggest Shopping Day of the Year","url":"/Business/video/super-saturday-biggest-shopping-day-year-27735718"}