'Super Saturday' Spending Blowout

About $10 billion spent this Saturday; late shoppers to give retailers a boost.
6:36 | 12/22/14

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Transcript for 'Super Saturday' Spending Blowout
Okay. It's Monday December 22 the markets in new Yorker open in our big number this morning ten. Billy that's about holiday shoppers spent this Saturday alone. Topping the infamous black Friday's figure of nine billion in total sales. This according to retail analytics firm shopper track which binds super Saturday will give retailers. Reason for holiday each year. After a sluggish start to the shopping season hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen and New York here with all the details. The man at his finger on the pulse of the retail beat Jeff MacKey from Yahoo! finance there just. Beverage ally in Dillon I'm doing wow Black Friday gets all the press but it looks like super Saturday might be the real looking here. Yeah a Black Friday. It was kind did this made up thing believe it or not human beings are not naturally inclined to stampede one another 4 in the morning the day after Thanksgiving. It was kind of a little bit of a marketing thing so if you look at the long term picture like say the last century of retail and America. The Saturday before Christmas for reasons they should be really really obvious being never Wanda is stop the day off and they got a lot of shopping to do all is the biggest shopping day of the year yet again this year. So finally after a nine year run that Tierney a Black Friday is over hopefully we can put the entire thing behind us forever. I noted retailers want this last Saturday before Christmas to matter and what does it signal for them. What it it's they want the crowds varied and they've done. By and large a little bit better job spreading the bargains over the course of the entire shopping period you don't fool customers only times of these door buster specials before they realize that the aforementioned stamp Eads are leading to about three television sets. 88 there just isn't that much gain to be back out charging and spending an item best buy parking lot of customers are learning that they've got the entire month. Or more in this case persons are starting around doctoral referred. An aide to shop for deals and Antioch that Thanksgiving Day right they've they've got Thanksgiving Day they've got every single day it adds I don't know if that's breaking new was but the Internet actually is pretty good at buying and stuff. You can go ahead and compares and shop and find the best prices and so. From customers not being all that down and realize that they can count a shop as they wish that is ordered stopped in Manhattan in getting Amazon delivery in an hour. It's not a target of the Toys 'R' Us this morning I MB over consumer there's plenty of times ago or shopping you don't need to do when the most people possible are there. All right clear one of those that may have shopped on Saturday but you're still shopping you've got some time last. Let's talk about the yard average on one of their sick guys that goes the mall just for fun I even shop on tired but I didn't go to target justice let's check in Hampshire. Just check out the stores check out the service check in out to see how well they're of their company has been wrong. All right Jeff let's talk about consumer confidence a little bit is some of this do to the cheap gasoline prices and possibly it in better weather. You know better than what I guess we are at a deep freeze all your last year but again we've been socked economic posts. By huge torrential ridiculous rains a nor'easter the weather as it turns out exist I was outside early this morning as match and then there is in fact weather out there. It's I don't think it's so much that I think consumer confidence is helped by the lower gas prices and certainly is like found money but I tell you what. For meat when I went to what I wanna see the effect and gas are companies like McDonald's or Dunkin' Donuts Dunkin' Donuts has. Over a thousand franchises that are actually part of gas stations. And so Americans like three things about the last we like our sugar snaps we like finding money and we like spending that found money on stuff like sugary snacks. So Dunkin' Donuts should have huge numbers and yet they don't so I don't know where the gas money's going but I. I don't think it has much to do with consumer confidence as does wasn't. We've got him unemployment slow moving out jobs are actually kind of play Kapler op pain what they want everyone feels under employed but I don't want eleven a country where everyone doesn't feel under employed were an ambitious nation. Sigh I think it's just a good economy and when things aren't that out. Our writes a let's talk a little bit about the days that remain here for the online last minute sales in the comfort of home shopping. Could that be one that the biggest deals of this shopping decade. Hey kids that are hostile. He's kind of kids that it UPS hired twice as many people there's there after ruining Christmas. As it turns out the folks say yeah I've tried to get UPS packages before Christmas last year got 126 of 47. Than they didn't really think that that was that kind of satisfactory solution. So today's the big shipping day of the year it's getting late to get those last minute deals can. I think it's a gift card Christmas letter from federal express last week their CEO says that there's going to be a lot of gift cards this year they're seeing an uptick in shipping packages that. I think for the most part of folks are just we've got so many different ways to shop that you're seeing gift chargers in coupon certificates. You're C hotline stuff happening it it's a whole different world out there. All right we've talked a little bit about how retailers are happy about the super Saturday shopping. Well what about certain stores who's likely to be the winners and losers this year teen retailers like Abercrombie and French and also see years. Well Sears is dead as a door LA that thing's been moved back in the zombie craze is the only thing keeping us here's a lot known Summers their debt and have been for about 56 years now. But they Abercrombie & Fitch they discovered their CEO I'm kind of reticent to get long companies like that but I tell you what did as a general rule the company's that I like. Our companies like lululemon which I've finally on their stock and I tell you why because they've got mall exposure but they are Smart enough to realize. And that are not a real estate company they're actually a retailer and so they're driving business online the magic number this year's going to be about 20%. I want to own stocks in companies that do more than 20% of their sales on line because that relate. I don't have to worry so much about mall traffic all these retailers. It and use the expression retailers are happy retailers are never ever ever happening never trust a merchant who tells things are great because they should have something to gripe about. But I want to get longer companies in the stocks. Where the retailers are selling more stuff online I think this year was the big tipping point where finally get to about 15 of sales as a holy Grail for a modern retailer. All right whether it's online Herat the stores I hope you get your shopping done Jeff Madden from Yahoo! finance thanks for joining us. And you of course can keep up with the latest headlines right here on abcnews.com. You've been watching the big number I'm Michelle Franzen in the U.

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{"duration":"6:36","description":"About $10 billion spent this Saturday; late shoppers to give retailers a boost. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"27762145","title":"'Super Saturday' Spending Blowout","url":"/Business/video/super-saturday-spending-blowout-27762145"}