Try This Tasty Turducken Twist to a Bitcoin Black Friday

Rebecca Jarvis reveals what you need to know this Thanksgiving on Real Biz 11.25.2014
19:57 | 11/25/14

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Transcript for Try This Tasty Turducken Twist to a Bitcoin Black Friday
Hello and welcome to real this I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and your thoughts on our radar today is Thanksgiving week. Mind Turkey travel and shopping. And a case you couldn't tell from every. Add story circular an app that is out there there is no war going on and it is for your money retailers are getting very creative and could more stores now be turning to bit calling. On Black Friday. Then in the spirit of giving back we're going to bring you a story about to launch for Norris. Who teamed up to create a travel experience of a lifetime so that they can donate the profits to building schools for children in Zambia and anti poaching efforts. But first celebrity chef and cotton is here with the mouth watering twist on the typical Thanksgiving feast. This Thursday we're going to eat yep wait for a 46 million turkeys for Thanksgiving so naturally we wondered. How many of those are turn pockets. Well that's like chicken inside a duck inside of a whole. Turkey we brought in chef Ed cotton he's the executive chef of the west village social Italian restaurant side of thirteen. And it's great to have you with. Us here good to be here thank you I also brought it turned up at a certainly did and be completed without bringing Internet and why why don't care why do you turn I can't. Why not it's a good conversation he has seen in his taxi and opinions and studies showing up somebody's house with a Turkey one upbringing introduction. Because it takes a lot more effort and you get to show you get to show off Clinton what you skills. How much more effort does it take it's hard enough to get the Turkey right I can only imagine you've got three different meats and there are no. That that's gonna make it even more difficult. It sounds very. Difficulty. Well you're chef here's celebrity chefs and when you say it sounds very difficult for the average person it is very damp out how do you do it. Well. They went the easiest thing to do when preparing this is that have people do all the work for you have you put your. Bone it out boy have in the you don't need to sit there and slave via cutting board and phoning it out not having a butcher bone at the Turkey deduct the chicken. And what's very. Mean happier butcher and it out well. This remove all the bones is absolutely zero iPhone there's no classes now it's a 100% slash small ready to go. No bones and I going to be chewing on anything. So I go to my butcher and I say I want a Turkey duck and chicken up without any balance yeah. And that I take these three separate bird's home and I wrapped them all around each other. Pretty much it's a little a bird party. So. Death so it just tell your budget that it would by now they should understand what should happen is that butchers and get her eyes weren't before they should have. Yeah that's a mainstream type of place bomb but. You know I say I'm making introduction I would like you to blown out all these birds Kwame keep the bird the bones forming. And I. I wanna keep the bones has yet have a great you that he committed to adopting gravy. Salina I Philly they might either think you're making turned up in or you're like serial killer on the side with some weird fantasies about different birds and probably okay. So you take all of these birds you wrapped around each other how do you know how long to cook it is it longer does it take a longer cook time minute Turkey. No you know you may surprise that it's probably around the same. This is a twelve to fifteen pound. Turkey. And chicken is but two and a half pounds in the duck. Is almost around Sam's. Just to touch smaller probably about equal size is what you wanna go for yeah. Blog for the duck and chicken in the Turkey is that the stock so that's the biggest 112 to fifteen pounds so it it's roasted you know it's it's all stuffed with three different stop things or you can use one you unit Ross. Universal stuffing throughout but I like to mix it up and I do three different stuff things in each bird. Do dirty guys that do Fayette cornbread and helping you know and you know reject. Stuffing and then idea traditional. This you know very either. It's good ol' fashioned Turkey stuffing sounds delicious sound and the L rolled at all up tie it and roasted up and clock. And you said for the twelve to fifteen pound Turkey. That that it encompasses the turned back at how long you cooking this for an at what temperature. So I usually what what I'll do is I'll roast this whole thing. As far as it takes you know good probably 22 and a half hours. Three hours totaled like to let it rest and all that stuff. So and it should come out nice and juicy. The duck meat should be nice and medium rare in the center. Did that dotted the biggest part is that Turkey and now we fully. So I'd like to eat it are you eating each of these meet separately or is hard to all the flavors come together all the players come together what is it that taste like. Again it's eight each with each bite that you have it's. A new experience because you have the traditional is Thanksgiving Day stumping you have the dirty rice stuffing of the cornbread stuffing. So each bite. News like oh wow I just got some kind of Wright's soul for a new thing again. Thank you so much up and cotton it's great to have you with us you're a real bad it's good to be here. And from Turandot came to shopping the national federation of retailers predicts sales to grow eight to 11% compared to last year but. Getting consumers to spend their bucks in your story it's not so easy so this holiday season retailers are getting creative in going be on the job dropping deals. My next guest says they are accepting bitcoin. To win your business. Jeremy LA areas founder and CEO of circled the digital cash wallets start up for bitcoin it's so nice to have you with us Jeremy. Thank you are back at my pleasure sell this work what which retailers are doing this first off. Well really in the last year we've seen a lot of businesses ranging from small mom and pop shops to major online. Online retailers start to accept bitcoin has a payment type. It's grown about 600% from about 101000 businesses to approaching 80000 businesses this year. And some of the names that you'd be the mayor or it could be you know your booking travel you can go to Expedia. And book online if you want to buy general consumer products you can go to you major online marketplaces like overstock. More and more PayPal merchants are accepting it quite as a payment method. You know what you're buying crafts from Celeron C you might find them accepting bitcoin as a payment methods that it's really broad a lot of online commerce folks are experimenting with it but it's important in net it's really the early days this is like early wet. 80000 might sound like a lot there's millions and millions of businesses around the world in the retail sector and so this is the start of I think a new trend in digital payments. Rick and a lot of these companies I mean these are well known reputable companies Expedia over stock these are places a lot of people shopped. But just because they offer bitcoin doesn't mean people are using it are you tracking. And I'm curious to know what percent for example over stocks business is done using that quite. Yeah some of those companies are reporting some statistics over stock talked about. The amount of revenue that they saw in the first months how much revenue to expect to see this year from bitcoin users. They also shared that on average users and it actually bigger shopping cart they bought war. Expedia said once they launched a exceeded their expectations but again it's it's early days this is probably in the single digits low single digits. In terms of actual contribution but some of these folks are actually. That the merchants it really benefits that because it's free transaction processing vs paying fees to card companies. And they don't have the same charge back risks that credit part present as well it's really attracted to the giving discounts singer minding more and more merchants who are saying. It'll give you 1% 2% 5% even 10% discount if UK with it because it's better for their bottom. And and when they actually make the tradition it hurt when they may make the transition I should say. To businesses that are entirely dealing in bitcoin then we'll really know. I think that that there has been a shift if that shift ultimately cotton's. How difficult is it going to be given bit points history first of all it spent a currency that has been. Incredibly volatile second of all. Not long ago there was the this scandal essentially involving that point where all the the big points had been completely hacked and and it leaves entirely online so that makes it. In this day in age of hacking. For a lot of consumers they hear currency that lives online they think Home Depot they think target they think data breaches and they know what's happened to their credit card companies. Where they have an interface someone that they can talk she would hold accountable but when it comes to bit point it's kind of this baseless saying. I write that's going to be a big hurdle to get help are. Yeah there are a lot of different pieces of that I think the first is that people should really think about it and sort of like they think about the web or email. It's just a technology it's a set of protocol that allows people exchange value and secure way over the Internet just like. The web allows people to exchange information. You know lets you exchange communications and it's early days of that technology's development an enormous amount of capital is going into that more capital adventure capitals being invested. In technology companies and businesses around equipment was in the initial minimum of investments in Internet 1995. Sick there's a lot of investment happening there I agree with you that that. You know respect perception need to change it back in nineteen Andy or. The web was really scary is insecure people thought I'm never gonna consume media that where I'm never gonna put my credit card information into a computer. I don't trust that. Obviously you get the products and services are built around it really improved and that's obviously what a company like circle. It's trying to help with to build up really trustworthy got friendly consumer based on this for users. People aren't really convenient needs it is just like Netscape did for web browsers and Gmail for email and so on and so forth. So as that guy. And one of many whose business is entirely tied to this being a success. How long a wait do you think we are really from bitcoin being mainstream. Companies shifting entirely for example to bit point or having at least a huge portion of their business coming out of that point. Yeah I think it's really important to put it in perspective I think these kinds of changes were we're talking about yet fundamental changes in how money moves around. They take a lot. Longer than people always expect and what I say is in this is gonna take ten or twenty years T mainstream but again to put into perspective. Here we are today we're twenty years after the commercial Webb's introduction and and when Amazon is first setting up you know shock. And you know retail sales through e-commerce and Internet based retail sales are e-commerce is still just like 6%. A retail sales in several. That concert. Is this is making this exclusively what they're gearing or a 100% of what they're doing. Decades away but even twenty years later it you know you know Google represents ex. Percentage of advertising in and is represents ex percentage of retail sales. There's some very significant companies that are built and really changes in consumer expectations and sit back east. I think it happened more quickly I think that. Were years away. From it being really something that's truly mainstream over the next two to three years I think. But in terms of the percentage of business and and when it really really gets you bury my heart that takes a lot longer than people expect. Jeremy a lair thank you so much for joining us. Well more than 46 million Americans are leaving home for Thanksgiving and that is the highest number of travelers since 2000 sap at. But don't Africa as one of the vacation destinations travel to Africa was supposed to hit an all time high this year. Increasing from 6% from last year but the Ebola Virus has scared tours away and now safari operators. Are seeing twenty to 70%. Declines. But to want to open doors are looking to turn that around Andy Hoggan Avant or instant. Teamed up to find a way to bring traveled back to African safaris there incentive. Profits will go toward building schools and Zambia and anti poaching efforts some staggering poaching numbers caught RI we want to call your attention to them. In Central Africa the F elephant population has declined by 64%. In a decade. And in just three years ivory seeking poachers have killed. 100000. African elephants. I want to welcome any hot co-founder and owner of bush camp company and before we lodge. And Evan or instant co-founder and executive editor of cool hunting it's and I have both of you with us and turn it. Thank you these owners staggering statistics and of course is so many Americans have been following people around the world have been following. The Ebola epidemic has really put a dent in thing. It's mastered. They have it's enormous that the impacts. And that's obviously an impact in Africa. That it's also an impact in the states we've tour operators. Not confirm cools and not getting emails so they've businesses. And trouble. That that the impact in Africa is enormous. It's it's not and the people. People's businesses minutes projects community and conservation projects than those are going to be in jeopardy if we can't get this mistrust. Because those private dollars vis the create incentives they treatment higher. Businesses and a lot that private money is what's going towards rebuilding communities in many parts. Africa shall and that's one of the things that we love about an Indian was kept company does is that he's a real pioneer and taking. You bring a small fee and everyone's reservation every day and saying we're gonna use that money. Towards conservation efforts locally and so explain how all of this works. We we add into race. A certain amount of news venues for up projects. And we do best concert community projects and conservation projects. And we device you guys about 400000 dollars a year. That goes back into two. Finding about 400 children to go to school and he had 400000 dollars yes that the total number is about 400000 dollars. And we use that for various different projects. One of them is is spending about 400 kids in the school media. The others feeding 18100 kids a day one million a day. And in this conservation projects who helped find. And the the anti poaching units with with an aircraft to to get into parts and anti poaching surveillance. But it's it's its sole title comes from the business of raising many who comes from tourists coming. Coming to Zambia and to any of their countries since the advent issues is is affecting. Businesses bid by affecting businesses affecting people. And it and initially threw four weeks ago an episode. In in the past so much and send it. Ten EC a lot of cancellations. We have seen that a concessions we have what he does is the forward bookings that I'm coming in which is which is huge. Symbolism and obviously really serious issue and you should investigate where we are going for travel or other reasons if there's. Health concerns. But some yet is about the seven hour plane ride away. From where there's an info to nothing in the region in southeastern part of Africa. Has any Apolo whatsoever to actually getting on a plane in New York going to LA and backtracking back almost a Colorado it's that far away. So it's not really an immediate danger in at least the part of Africa that Andy is it. Which really puts. All opposite perspective for a people who think of booking Africa is what one big. Place that it is in many many different countries many many different. People at experiences. And nationalities there's there's a lot going on there it's not just one day. I'm anti poaching side this story that's been going on much longer than people has been in the news. One of the reason that it goes on is because of the economic benefits to the poachers what on the black market right now what are tossed spelling for. I'm not sure the value but it used to be valued at more than gold. Morning able to more than those and anyone expense and the price of gold that's it that's really valuable. That's not to receive the people that you're doing two on the ground in and that's the end use is oversee giving them the big money. That the guy on the ground is is is getting a job he's getting employment and and until that until this political world. An African countries. Predominantly east to sort of problem out we we and have a problem that. It's it's it's as it goes back to the community in the consolation. If if we can link community and conservation together without businesses we will have a chance of making an impact if we cartooning. The community. To death would not and that not gonna have won't be able to make an impact attendance back. This kind of simple if you have a successful local business in your employing a lot of people within the community and they're not looking for outside shops like coach. It's one way of thinking about it. They have an economic opportunity that makes sense it's right there it's for the taking they're not going to be implored into. You know and a ferry S. Right and it's something they're proud of any and he's probably the biggest employer in the region where he's based. And people take a real source of pride in working for him. We're seeing. The screen right here elephants walking through what appears to be the lobby is that we see it on this safari. At this at this time of the unity is this Sunday I'll come right into the lobby. That's correct redneck come through Colombia is to go to wild mango tree which is right at this time of the in the field to drive but this time via. And it can't. At this Friday it signs might sound ridiculous but at the zoo. Or or even aided mostly pictures of safaris that you see it they're somewhere farther away but those people we're standing rent on the other side you know what looks like checking. You know it's it's kind of amazing I have been there couple time I have not seen that I'm yet we tend to go in this summer which is the dry season. That you are very close to the wildlife just feet away from just about every and we commend. That's I think what part of what makes going on safari so exhilarating and in particular doing it in the south for the national park where then we launched next. It's amazing that the trust of that the animals have in people to them to do that. And L 100% wild it's not. These are wild elephants that we're seeing locking people up it completely. When what they did it must somebody on the other side of that counter must have a pack of combos or something. You have cheeses I don't know I don't know what they likely but that's anyway. He really unique experience that an amazing things to see Andy and I thank you so much for joining us for having me appreciate it and thank you. Thank you and thank you for joining us for real this you hear from you. Where are you heading for the holidays. Maybe not Africa but we'd still like teacher about it you can like test between us at Rebecca Jarvis and hot it below and from the studios in New York City am Rebecca Jarvis have a great.

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