Where does your tax money go?

ABC News' Chief Business & Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis breaks down the Federal budget.
1:45 | 04/15/16

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Transcript for Where does your tax money go?
Americans paid 8000000000249. Billion dollars in taxes last year. The federal government art an additional 438. Billion dollars to cover the federal budget. All of that money gap I've enlisted the help of my favorite childhood port de. After that questions to the most expensive item in our budget is health care I like the back. As the boardwalk. Next up is Social Security I like to think of that. At partly. Last year when he or percent of our budget. Social security. And defense and international spending or as I like to call it Pacific avenue. Last year's 16% of our budget went toward defense and international spending about 10% of the budget last year when its safety net program. I like to think that as Atlantic avenue. About 8% of our budget last year with the federal retirees and battery and benefit. And that as Illinois avenue. Then there's the interest on our debt and government paid about 6% of last year's budget for that. New York avenue. From trot out the numbers get a lot smaller and very happy. 3% go to education. Ichiro play his idealistic. Another 2% to science and research and look how that Vermont. And point. And finally 1% goes on security international. Baltic after. 3% left over work up there. College program. And their you have pegged you think your tax dollars at work monopoly.

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{"id":38406151,"title":"Where does your tax money go?","duration":"1:45","description":"ABC News' Chief Business & Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis breaks down the Federal budget.","url":"/Business/video/tax-money-38406151","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}