Ebola Drug Maker Tekmira Stocks Soar

The FDA has moved the pharmaceutical company's Ebola drug's phase-I trials from full hold to partial hold.
4:05 | 08/11/14

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Transcript for Ebola Drug Maker Tekmira Stocks Soar
I'm -- -- New York has the financial markets are -- on Wall Street this Monday August 11 this historic stock. Today a look at tech Amir you made out of the -- -- company. But a lot of investors have tech -- Has any bullet treatment drug being fast -- by the FDA and that obviously is causing a lot of stir on the street. So here at the details -- bring an errant pass from Yahoo! finance -- thanks for being with us tech -- in the right place -- -- at a terrible time. But -- a little bit about this drug that they are now fast tracking. -- you -- and I mean this is -- humanitarian crisis. It is a terrible tragedy what's going on Ebola. But. -- -- Wall Street they're pretty heartless bunch their look at for an opportunity to profit off somebody else's misery and -- Mira. Has an experimental -- for -- that the FDA on Friday gave them the green light to continue to test. On patients and so that has gotten -- stock. Yes and on a wild ride with has gone on for really over a week now we have huge -- huge down days that's kind of the deal with a lot about tax. Especially when you have these. One drug companies and right now it's it's all upside protect Mir but that could change very quickly. They'll let me ask you this city at a time issue would you go back on Thursday -- -- -- -- stock based on this. Oh absolutely and if at a time machine would have gone back ten years gone by apple you know frustrating -- ten dollars share so. Hindsight is always. The human when your best investments get -- -- that's my experience. The -- in the stock has more than doubled. In 48 hours of trading that and that's I treated -- with you you can't ever say no to walk me through this today chart that we have to take a look at how does this companies actually performed. -- to get out on Friday was when the FDA first announced that they -- you know allowed that -- to continue to test its experimental treatment. On eagle patients or people believed to be exposed to Ebola. Had to dig up there on Friday and the moment is continuing today. And and I should -- in the WHIO World Health Organization there having panel discussions today about the ethical. Uses of some of these experimental drugs -- deciding who should they be given to you should they be given to. You know -- patients in Africa the doctors and Africa were treating them some of these missionaries in the volunteers from the United States in the west were then coming back home having been exposed. So there's an ethical discussion going on because the the unfortunate realities are just not enough between these drugs to go around to treat all the people who have been exposed. What about as far as the FDA approvals going where is that -- -- that in the process. Well it's it's extremely early stages and in -- there's not even -- a for a formal trial going on right now again it in the FDA's. Is giving. -- -- the opportunity to basically tests these drugs in the field but you know it's it's a long way from a real approval which again. That's not unusual for about tech and that that's why -- these stocks tend to be like lottery tickets because you get -- first trial phase one trials -- call it. They get through phase two trial on the stocks doing really well then you have a problem and you go back the drawing board both with the drug and with the stock itself talk -- them briefly about the competitive landscape as far as developing any kind of treatment for Ebola. Very well there are a number of big and small drug companies Glaxo Smith Smith. GlaxoSmithKline. Being among them small can be called -- with -- About pharmaceuticals that are you know developing. Experimental treatments for Ebola and and they are all experimental at this point I'm in question is. It's kind of a catch twenty nobody wants to see this disease get so widespread that we. Need to put the money and resources behind developing a -- but no one's gonna do that kind of development until there's a real need for -- and that's why. You have the situation where there's there's no real treatment out there from when these. These crises pop up and we -- tech where we'll go perform on that Aaron task from Yahoo! finance on this Monday Aaron thank you so much appreciate any sense. You watching stores -- it with abcnews.com for latest headlines I'm Dan -- New York.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"The FDA has moved the pharmaceutical company's Ebola drug's phase-I trials from full hold to partial hold.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"24936493","title":"Ebola Drug Maker Tekmira Stocks Soar","url":"/Business/video/tekmira-stock-ebola-drug-maker-stocks-soar-fda-24936493"}