Thrive Causemetics Makes Giving Back Their Business

A special edition of Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis at New York Fashion Week with Karissa Bodnar founder of Thrive Causemetics. Thrive's mission is beauty with a purpose; for every product purchased, one is donated to a woman going through cancer treatment.
5:16 | 09/16/15

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Transcript for Thrive Causemetics Makes Giving Back Their Business
I'm back in there and in his real lives and we are behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week. One found her one woman behind all the makeup you see going on right here. We'll listen Wagner she is the founder and creator of riot cosmetic and we feature her in this week. We'll miss spotlight. This is truly beauty with a purpose is one of your items sent someone with cancer every time when I've yet. That's incredible how can come up with his. Yeah after losing my friend Kristi hedges on war I was inspired to do something to get back to for the cancer community and my background is actually in the media started as an apartment and then when the the product development working for companies like Laurie out. And after losing Christine I before we have to do something to be able. For a lot of people giving back and is danceable but building a business around it how can you do that especially was something like me. I've been able to. Establish my Y. From the very beginning of our business day whenever I talk to other on Taylor's other people are interested in entrepreneurship as they have to establish or why. And because we truly. What prevents. Any time something is challenging I feel like calling after this think possible what's important and it just makes. Hurdle. What's been the biggest challenge and how did you overcome. For me personally has just go and learning ability the financial side of the business and that. What they are what your background I don't know I would say isn't just to be completely honest and candid when you're starting a business or doing anything it's really important. Understand what your strengths and your opportunities are. And then you surround yourself with people who helped build love and supplement the areas where you have to my. Which is I think that's the. Really great and important advice to people because. People don't necessarily comes that he would vote skills that. Some people have the mind for the numbers and the business side and and other people have the creativity. And the spark any ideas and you found people that you couldn't work with. To help supplement. Yeah absolutely when he wasn't in the Angel yes vote to help with that process of a building a financial site in the business. But as far as product development goes. General brand building that that is something that that I started. And I love the name Bryant you came out the name drive because of ABC yeah yeah yeah yes. Robin was a huge inspiration for that it was actually during. October women can you guys we're doing the G and they both pain and Robin said she stops somebody and said these women are not just survivors kept right. And from that moment I just knew that that would be our brand name and I know we Rabat has been a supporter of all of and while our battle to incredible examples of women weren't I think to use the quote from Robin to make your master message thanking all of them have really. Use that as a vehicle to help other people and they're huge inspiration to every. And now you're here first Fashion Week possibly create the look in collaboration with the designer in facts have black teen is going to be her makeup team Helena and into the left are going to be working with us. Cosmetics frequently come with ingredients that they really are scary anybody who is going through chemotherapy radiation. How did you come up with your formulations I actually started aboriginal population. In my kitchen and that's where a lot of them start and and I collaborate with a chemist and we work with. Dermatologist on college as an ophthalmologist. To certify their product to ensure that their state but our products are Karen please call 83 petrochemical recently tax free which is really important things aren't going. What is something like. He now patently not. That's truly needed. Fans big part. He aesthetics I'd need that cosmetic side cancer you lose your hearing including your last yak and our lashes are the first solution for women whether they have options are not. And really what we're doing with riot is creating this union with a purpose really for all put an end because. It's amazing that people can see us in. The hospital but they can also BS on me or Fashion Week or on their favorite TV show or in the pages of their favorite magazine and it's very important because. When women aren't going through that they feel like they're not included in that beauty conversation. We're very intentional to truly represent all women whether they have hair or not you'll see that on our website we're very intentional about the nominal current thank you so much for joining us think you really. In your honor to be here. Don't forget something like best we can't back it happened polluting continue the conversations Friday night YouTube channel report. Comment below book the NX pat.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"A special edition of Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis at New York Fashion Week with Karissa Bodnar founder of Thrive Causemetics. Thrive's mission is beauty with a purpose; for every product purchased, one is donated to a woman going through cancer treatment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"33803935","title":"Thrive Causemetics Makes Giving Back Their Business","url":"/Business/video/thrive-causemetics-makes-giving-back-business-real-biz-33803935"}