Top YouTube Star Talks Secret to Viral Videos Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis

Episode 70: Rebecca invites top YouTube star Bethany Mota to her office to talk her path to success and the tricks to creating viral video content.
7:35 | 12/14/15

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Transcript for Top YouTube Star Talks Secret to Viral Videos Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis
Happening on it so great to have you with me. Here in light up the day. You know such an incredible story started all of this when you were thirteen years old. He I just couldn't first thing he I was actually cyber bullied when I was twelve after that experience. I thought to myself I want to create a place online. That is safe and is positive and it allows people to express themselves my main goal is to encourage self confidence and going after that things that you really. And now here you are six years later. Sixty years later yak with almost ten million subscribers on UQ fat is mind blowing him you just think. I kind just stumbled into it and I didn't know that anything could come out of it and I wasn't so focused on how many he's I was getting. Or how many subscribers I had I was just community. In two making idiots. Actually helped my hair. Down to eat it check to put an end to grant for like the thirtieth time. You got started there were a lot of people doing what you do and now there's so many people trying to do it in trying to stand out. I wonder what your advice would be to the people were trying to stand out. In this really. Competitive now CE personalities on YouTube a lot of people ask me. I wanna be it should start wanted to sit just finding tonight that's wrong question and and kids need to ask yourself to I really want to make contact because I genuinely enjoy it. He's being Huber is a lot of work it looks very simple looks very easy but there's a lot of time it isn't written a lot of really applying yourself. And opening up your audience as well as because they want that connection so if you're not willing. She really show. You not to show every bit of your life but really showing who you are in some kind of way is very important I think vulnerability to meet I think when I think of the people where the past like yourself. They're willing to open up not just the perfect things not the things that people see by the way off on television. All right into the act it is. Reid and he did little older I can't help my hands. TV is the it's light show everybody the most perfect saying and that's when it went accustomed Cuba. Here it's like dragging down now being authentic being completely. And most of the things that we can all relate to right. So you know when I think someone embracing their silly side or embarrassing moments and that's something that I can relate to you and that's again when it really comes down to use of not being afraid to show those. Imperfect science of who you are you struck dinner with your contact and it's so interesting that you say here that's a lot from the most successful people. Who are doing new things they're not thinking in the beginning about the followers and growing power base it's about the message and being true to that. How come up with each of your videos what goes into it. If you think anchor really long time especially because as he too creators we do a lot of that ourselves coming up with the idea is filming it admitting it. For me it's ten the balance of what do I want in May keep myself happy and then what is my audience one seat so I'm always asking them. What things you guys want tax and I kind of crave is balance just video ideas I come up with them on my Allen and what they wanna see sometimes I'll go on location. I did a road trip video at something in the desert and I rented old fashioned beautiful cars and I got my friends together and sometimes. Those videos do really well but I've noticed like why Powell a lot more people were interested in this video where I was giving them a tore at my bedroom yeah. I'm series and which costs nothing and nothing can make and to me twenty minutes to film and back out way more interaction in this video that's been nearly so that's also what I like to keep in mind is. I want to create the very pretty movie like that he knows. But then also just get pregnant simple human bones or counselors thinking that's really allowed my audience you can in no way am no more about me. Little things I'm into you know my favorite items in my room and and that's an adult that connection up into this about. You have an incredible action with all of your fans I can imagine that. You're talking to them all the time. I that's a 24/7 job how do you live Bethany Botha's life the life that you want to live. That is off camera. Finding that balance of stepping away from the computer every now and then is very important I've definitely you know on the value in just can't taking time for me and and just doing my regular normal things like going to the movies so. I'm definitely I try to do that at least once a week what we've learned about business. When it comes to YouTube. If you talk about a product that doesn't send troops to what you're putting out there. Our audience is they now and I'll comment and I'll call you out on that can be like. Anthony. It seemed like something that you would talk about you now. So it's all about to staying true to whoever you are and and for me it's what do I use them to not use I don't you something I'm not passionate about it. I'm definitely not going to talk about it and that's such an important lesson for England wherever they aren't their lives whatever they want thinking about the long term that short term gain it can be really attractive and called it accidentally let you give away a lot. Definitely you don't necessarily get a lot of the whenever I find a brand or product. They loved. And and very passionate about and excited to talk about that image that he it just kind of becomes a part of my life and therefore my viewers are excited about it as well lake. For example what I did with air installed. I was able to actually get in there and be hands on and design a clothing line. And I really mean my audience of hard and that by I did like a little mini series of the entire journey developing in the line a matter of light years. You know style is much less some. Favorite suddenly part of it so when he came out we were all excited because it wasn't just. Japanese clothing line it was our clothing line is a community. So for me when it concealing France I'm always thinking happening to something like that. You know brand that will allow me to create something that my entire community to be a part of so I'm really excited to be working with UB time on my winter box because. I don't talk about products my videos and all good things and loving. And you know my viewers we'll try them out and I'll come back to you to try this I love it here and doesn't really fun and sometimes I'll talk about like. A live bomb there really and I'll get like twenty photos thanks to Graham of people saying they tried it so I thought this is a really cool concept that I could put. All of my favorite products in one box as kind of like a little king. That militants part the school's instantly. It's it's it's like very makeshift it has that story behind it does with word on Q1. Yeah and I like how we color coordinate I know is do you see it's like the perfect spot on coloring and I think that's amazing will we did it for you obviously. I don't think. It's. Thicker. You. I used I have a cost. Everybody knows what's at Bethany how a holiday hates. It's.

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{"duration":"7:35","description":"Episode 70: Rebecca invites top YouTube star Bethany Mota to her office to talk her path to success and the tricks to creating viral video content.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"35759538","title":"Top YouTube Star Talks Secret to Viral Videos Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis","url":"/Business/video/top-youtube-star-talks-secret-viral-videos-real-35759538"}