Toy Company Hasbro Takes a Hit

Although boys' toy sales are up 32%, Hasbro failed to meet revenue expectations.
3:52 | 07/21/14

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Transcript for Toy Company Hasbro Takes a Hit
I'm Michelle Franzen -- New York as Wall Street closes on this Monday July 21 -- the story stock today a look at big business of making toys in the down at Hasbro one of the largest toy makers in the world. I'm its blockbuster an iconic -- in my little pony played OGI Joseph transformers. And last but not least back classic monopoly to explain what's happening at Hasbro -- and -- -- Yahoo! finance. Good afternoon -- Congressman a classic good news bad news situation for Hasbro's and sale areas -- skyrocketing. Oil sales are actually up 32%. Thanks to those transformers series marvel products that the company failed to meet revenue expectations and that looks. Like -- spooked investors how far or that. Yeah out on the revenue side you know just those the few tens of millions of dollars but it was definitely light and I think the lumpiness. Followed Mattel's shortfall last week so I do think it's kind of created this anxiety isn't traditional toy business. Is out on a kind of a -- path and we thought before. With -- with regard to Hasbro one of the elements of weakness was in preschool oriented toys and that was also. One of the areas that Mattel had trouble with last week -- -- raising you know one of these spektr's of kind of a long term shift in buying patterns among very young children and their parents obviously. As opposed for toward electronic toys vs. Traditional -- -- those really good areas for Hasbro as you mentioned the transformer. Related goods and also the the marble related figures. Those tend to track along with big movie releases in that area that obviously was the case here. Well let's take a look at Hasbro's today's stock performance and walk us through it. Yeah obviously the report from -- was before the market opened this morning. And you -- -- sort of drop right initially and then even deepen its losses a little bit to about three and a half percent loss at its worst. It does seem -- if you know it's not too far below its its highs in the mid fifties from a few months ago but I do you think right now people are kind of wanting to hear from Hasbro back kind of what's next and candidate for a long time they kind of -- -- becoming kind of a contents. Company intellectual property play. Basically selling things like the transformers line. To Hollywood for for moviemaking and that's been a decent boon but they obviously are still exposed to a lot of the traditional game -- -- areas. There aren't doing all that -- They still have a few -- -- their sleeve the New York Times is reporting today about a new collaboration between Hasbro all of collection of artist. And a 3-D printing company and that certain to bring some joy to the millions of my little pony fans. What is -- all about. It's an interesting experiment that Hasbro is going out -- a -- with here. Essentially what they're going to allow is certain these people to pray through 3-D printers some kind of fan art related to its my little pony line so essentially that we -- approved. Kind of customizations. You can do to Villa to the pony characters and print them at home and essentially I think it's it's the Hasbro -- way of kind of you know kind of dipping a toe into this area kind of self manufacturing obviously don't want things to -- his direction. It's a threatened a big way of people pirate their intellectual properties are printing this toys at home instead of obviously buying -- manufactured ones but I do you think this is -- it's it's basically going after. You're very most -- you know fan base and saying you can do a little bit more obviously a little bit more than just playing on the screen as kids might do right now. With some of their favorite characters. -- and toll of Yahoo! finance thanks for joining us all right thank you. And even watching stories stocks stay with For your latest headlines I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"Although boys' toy sales are up 32%, Hasbro failed to meet revenue expectations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"24653486","title":"Toy Company Hasbro Takes a Hit","url":"/Business/video/toy-company-hasbro-takes-hit-24653486"}