Toy Fair 2013: The Top Offerings

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht tours the event.
4:47 | 02/11/13

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Transcript for Toy Fair 2013: The Top Offerings
I am sorry -- toy insider mom and I want to welcome you to -- hundred intense American international toy can't. We're in the Javits Center in New York City and art rock and deep in -- India to planet and I can't wait to share some might they respect you. So -- to be ready let them. So this is the ultimate Disney to mean -- for all of our favorite princesses. And I understand there's also -- half. That brings a lot of things in this castle to life we have a magic -- it works on IOS device since. So it -- nice visit various accused of and the powerful and -- -- black aren't damp. We're going get -- on -- clock -- now registers the capital and you can create our. They're -- to spend a lot of them further bringing them not to tell. And then -- letter by. And I ally -- Just with a time of my hand. That we have found fairy. Magic. -- -- -- I'm not exactly sure about the science. It's all pretty cool. But the cool part about this is it's filled with snow. Good and evil that you can see if I can make is where. I'm no -- Yeah yeah. -- -- That's the moon. But that's up. I can't wait to play this game it's -- new game called boom boom balloon. We are at this thing mr. good basically just wouldn't give us a quick rundown of the inspection and then you and I didn't like. All you have -- but he rolled the die and letting them 12 -- -- decide how many clicks of the if you look at the blue. They hope to god that you did not -- the -- and that -- you. -- -- I'm ready to play. This is -- in long -- I loved -- -- still behind becoming an expert archer I'm gonna show walked right now. I have not expect it anything that's wonderful line. You know real friendly it on the house -- -- And a check out. -- like there. Is he had until -- -- they can't believe I'm inside that is about four feet -- Like an. It -- help -- to help of course for the moment I'm actually. Got. And -- in -- -- than a year and a half about and it isn't without taking a visit to -- What it on paper portal of power and letting -- -- to light in the game like this here it's all about this plot -- Yes indeed we have a new feature that were calling dynamic swap ability and what that means is she can take the toys now. And split them in the two parts. He basically mix and match entertains the different tops and bottoms to create your own customs. So I've been waiting to play this. Now the ball really like this this is the -- its spread the backyard are everywhere anyway when I play. Actually never did not go -- like this -- They're made from tubular steel they have inflatable tires the adjustable seats -- -- -- -- anything I don't reverse you know what I. I think it gave. Yes I think that they're cool yes I think and I can go that I'd just wondering how many people we're gonna run out what and I am bill let -- crashed and they I think they'll hopefully get out -- way. And let that I am ready I'm ready -- and I. I hope you -- -- in the meantime it's like there any restaurant. We -- can I don't know on a dim lighting and I had the best time now. Mom was wrong might really is all about fun and games. We'll have a lot more toys to see -- I hope I see you again next year at this point there.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht tours the event.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"18468513","title":"Toy Fair 2013: The Top Offerings","url":"/Business/video/toy-fair-2013-top-offerings-18468513"}