'How to Train Your Dragon' Sequel's Ticket Sales Disappoint

The newest Dream Works animated feature did not meet expectations in the box office.
4:22 | 06/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'How to Train Your Dragon' Sequel's Ticket Sales Disappoint
-- have a new York and as the financial markets -- on Wall Street where this Monday June 16 this story stuck once stock with the story today. DreamWorks Animation. Rio's shares turning into a bit of a nightmare all because some disappointing box office numbers for. How to train your dragon -- -- investors they were expecting a blockbuster weekend but instead. Sales rather mediocre sort -- interpret DreamWorks whatever it might put on finance and might I mean really people other stuff how much. With the company riding on this one. Well there are running quite a bit more -- the point investors were riding heavily on it so. DreamWorks Animation it only does not say three new releases a year and the expectations for this sequel had really build up to be. Pretty having people thought maybe 6065 million dollar opening weekend. Was in the offing it still did well went over fifty million. But -- and significantly above the original which is 43 million. But it just was far enough short of -- expectations which by the way had driven the stock price higher violent say. Eight or 10% the prior month that it investor disappoint and it's not just because its opening weekend -- -- -- a kind of raises the questions. As to the value of this franchise. And of sequels in general -- DreamWorks -- stable is. Always mind blowing is -- not that an entire company production company can -- so closely. And one particular project in fact as you pointed out how the numbers -- out this -- take a look and see exactly where how to train your dragon. Came in with the rest about it lost that the 22 jump street over the weekend. That though that might be either real pain right I mean the fact of the matter is that investors to try to look at that. The two separate Joseph Morris there and you know not that far off but still not be able to claim top -- Yeah I. Honest I don't think it's a horse race with the winner of this weekend that's as important as it is that how to train your dragon to theoretically had. The kid's movie franchise to itself for the weekend there was no competition -- there hasn't been released in the last couple of weeks for another one. And DreamWorks is following up this mr. Peabody -- which didn't do well either to me it's much more about the enduring value. Of what this franchise can -- did -- in terms of consumer products in terms of everything down the road and that is what people are saying hey look this company only has three shots at this. Any -- year to develop one of these franchises and it is what kind of ridiculous that a whole company by the way it's very rare to have a pure film studio. Publicly traded away DreamWorks says. But it's very it's very important for them simply because these -- 160 -- 170 million dollar. Production value that's like a whole business like launching a new business and is -- gonna have value in years to come and Wall Street saying not as much as we thought on Friday. Well -- a look at -- -- chart by exactly just how DreamWorks has been -- You take a look at this drop -- pretty steep precipice -- -- almost -- -- -- year's numbers. On it will what kind of hope then do investors put in that mean that the stock picks itself if they did have a second -- we. Honestly I don't think so -- basically from -- that the mechanics of the way film releases workers such it's very rare that something gathers a ton of momentum. Now this this picture could have a very long life. In theaters relative to the competition it could absolutely make back its production cost. The international rulings can go really well it's not so much determination that this is now Abbas. It's just reducing them forward value of what this thing can can obviously -- I also think there's a secondary thing that investors have to struggle with when it comes to -- -- which is. The -- just been inconsistent in creating. These characters sets that people bond with -- people really are loyal to. Obviously they hate to be compared to Disney -- Disney has managed to do this. Here you're not every single time that they've managed at least once or twice a year to develop a new franchise that really has people kind of craving the next picture. I and we -- obviously with with frozen most recently. Right and of course full disclosure -- just to be the parent company of eight C news and -- of course you know maybe right now DreamWorks will be looking at how to train your shareholders to be more patient had three hits. The -- they might sets -- an auto finance my thanks so much have a good Monday certain of course even watched stores stockings with abcnews.com for latest headlines. Dan -- New York.

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{"id":24164619,"title":"'How to Train Your Dragon' Sequel's Ticket Sales Disappoint","duration":"4:22","description":"The newest Dream Works animated feature did not meet expectations in the box office.","url":"/Business/video/train-dragon-box-office-disappointment-dream-works-animated-24164619","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}