Twitter's IPO to Get Final Price

Investors' eyes are on where the technology company will price its shares.
1:49 | 11/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Twitter's IPO to Get Final Price
Welcome -- Matt messed up from Yahoo! finance. A magistrate is optimistic on Twitter currently pricing -- -- -- 23 to 25 dollars a share this implies a seventeen billion dollar valuation. What do you make of this. A -- of I had to -- than a 140 characters or less I would say no surprise or hash tag no surprise to use the parlance of Twitter type. You know we knew this was going to be a hot IPO as much as the company tried to differentiate itself from FaceBook. And we will see just how hot the aftermarket demand is. Clearly the offering was going to be sold out from the -- so it's really going to be how that. First trade goes how that first hour goes how the first week -- month goes because these things tend to get a little bit ahead of themselves. We'll see a lot of volume a lot of people just look -- out of stock. Pocketing some easy money really quickly in them we'll just see where the price. If it can normalize this. Are you bullish on Twitter I can imagine a lot of investors after seeing what happened with FaceBook might be little bit more cautious this time around. At Banesto that says it all right time because you know the fact of the matter is. That. You know it is a unique company there's really nobody out there that's doing what Twitter does to any size anything that's even close to -- so. In this business -- call that a -- with a -- to competition. Is nice in -- and Twitter seems to be protected so the whole question really is how can they monetize the business they do have several companies that are in. That's same industry -- them albeit different like FaceBook for example. That are finding ways to monetize advertisers seem to love new avenues to try to. -- their goods and so Twitter will be charged with doing that now and reporting how -- do and every ninety days that's the hard part of being in public what you make -- your money.

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{"id":20804527,"title":"Twitter's IPO to Get Final Price","duration":"1:49","description":"Investors' eyes are on where the technology company will price its shares.","url":"/Business/video/twitters-ipo-final-price-20804527","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}