Uber's Big Night

Car-booking service Uber could generate $100 million in revenue this New Year's Eve.
4:38 | 12/31/14

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Transcript for Uber's Big Night
Okay. It's Wednesday December 31 the markets in New York are open and our big number this morning is 100 million that is the staggering amount. Car service app Cooper stands to generate in revenue tonight. Potentially the company's biggest New Year's Eve ever this according to numbers projected by business insider. Dubbing it south everyone's private driver over it had its share some athletes smashing success. And rising controversy hello everyone I'm tired Hernandez in New York you're the deet tails is the offer of that piece business insider's. Alison Chinatown Alison let's stay in of these numbers a little bit how could over hit 100 million in one night alone. They're projecting to do their biggest night that they've ever done which is about two million rides and that's up from 200000 rides that they completed last year on New Year's Eve. Which then was their biggest night that they had ever had at that point they had generated ten point seven. Million dollars and a single day since he ten acts but that's about a 107 million dollars that they were could stand to generate tonight. Approximately how many cities will it be operating on. On New Year's Eve and New Year's days it is significant jump from last year it is last year this time they were in sixty markets and right now they're in 251. Actually maybe 250 if you. If you say that Spain is no longer on the table at given recent news so it's about a four X jump in the number of cities there and at significantly more. Yet you talk about Spain and its recent controversy regarding Cooper a lot of places have had issues with Hoover. Lot of people who are gonna choose to taken over cars service. May find. That it's more expensive than make up their surge pricing so let's about some of over his negatives going in and some of the bad publicity they've received. There are a number of car services that are competing with Hoover that are using search phrase. Against it were flywheel as an example where they are promising to not offer any surge press that on rides. I'm even left only caps may cap their prime time which is basically they're surge phrasing act. 200% which is the equivalent to about a three acts are search price on it over. So he deftly want to download a bunch of different options if you're gonna Mobley Ellicott cab tonight and look at. What's kind of the craziest as he go into the evening and be Smart about the timing as well over his command said. Deathly don't try and get arrive between 12:30 AM and 2:30 AM because that's when are search prices. Are typically the highest seat if we wanna get one of Wright has the balls dropping at midnight or just waited out until 3 AM a few can. Is it surprising TU that that Cooper's looking at its best night ever considering. Some of the black marks are on this service in terms of not vetting its drivers properly the different issues that have come up. Wow with individual writers and their drivers. The Burris certainly a controversial company. And you know I think the executives there don't make it any easier to sometimes not rag on it. And paid up we have our share of legal problems wherever they go however users keep voting with their fingers they keep choosing whoever a lot of the markets that Hoover is in. Including New York LA San Francisco. They're these are markets that are generating hundreds of millions of dollars for the company alone and just specific cities so it really is a massive company that. Relieved tons of people seem to just keep loving no matter. How much they step in it. OK so over is violation is pushing toward forty billion is that beyond the leak or just about right given its dominance in the industry. It's certainly high and I I don't even think it where we tell you about it isn't a valuation may need to grow into. And it's very large and I think they're generating the bears are to generate a few billion dollars this year but you know forty X multiple about it is pretty high. So I think it's a great company I don't think they're gonna go anywhere. It'd be hard to see it failing at this point. However I think forty billion is probably higher at and but it is a great company. Steve think overlook grow in terms of locations where it is available this entity everywhere soon. Paid 250. Cities around the world I think it's something like thirty countries. Its authority around the world if you look at their map of where they're hiring to their expansion plans are pretty crazy and are the reason why they raise so much money as they so they really want to go after the Asian market. Ferry that they haven't penetrated that quite as well as they have in Europe and certainly not the United States that the senator has a lot more room for them to grow and I think they're into some of this money that they raised to do just. Alison Chinatown from business incited thank you so much for joining us thank you for having me. You know Christ keep up with the latest headlines right here on abcnews.com. You've been watching the big number I'm tire Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"Car-booking service Uber could generate $100 million in revenue this New Year's Eve.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"27924491","title":"Uber's Big Night","url":"/Business/video/ubers-big-night-27924491"}