Vegan Food That Tastes like Real Beef to Beauty Secrets for Your Skin

Rebecca Jarvis on the hottest topics for your health on Real Biz 2.25.2014.
3:00 | 02/25/14

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Transcript for Vegan Food That Tastes like Real Beef to Beauty Secrets for Your Skin
Welcome to real thing is -- Rebecca Jarvis in New York City here's what's happening right now start up beyond -- is transforming the future of food. And there's big troubles for the digital money bitcoin. The training site IOS has frozen and Oscars is right around the corner we have beauty tips to -- you red carpet ready we want to get right to -- Usually the word begin and -- they're not usually found in the same sentence but in this case start up beyond -- Is taking the word meat to a whole new level -- have been backed by some of the biggest investors in the world Bill Gates. And the founders of Twitter Biz Stone and have Williams the company replicate animal protein from plant products. To create of begin -- meat alternative the sounds very scientific but it tastes good. So we are told we will be taste testing here with -- brown he is founder and CEO beyond me it's so nice to see if you very much. So you're just saying to me off camera this has been -- huge here for you and beyond me. It has -- launching a brand new beef products previously had a chicken product to market and it's a big success what we've focused on more than anything else is recreating the texture and -- structure of animal -- hit it using all plants. Which sounds again very scientific but this is all about -- right to thank you -- the -- -- you have to do is make it -- OK and this is. -- that's the -- this is the -- it's like a chilly it's it's it's what what it is all plan based proteins currently compete Croat. So you have no trans that -- -- separate that. No cholesterol it's extremely help before you pack protein literally no downside and there's no me here that's right but I wouldn't know. Purchasing package through congress earlier really what and the distinction we make is that there's no animal. -- we -- -- this actually as meat when it's meat made from plant. Interest. That only a whole new world -- -- to -- in Brussels sprouts and now it's just meat from were actually not asking people to say to not -- we're saying just don't again to. So starting a business like us right in a world that is highly competitive yet there are certainly costs associated with this. How did you do it. So a method the first. First and -- that is a big markets 177. Billion dollar market in -- market. So we can take a small percentage of that and start converted over to plant based protein. -- a pretty good business and you look at all the social reasons to do this you look at whether it's human health and heart disease diabetes cancer. Look at resources need to -- it's going on California -- -- climate change. There's a little known fact -- it's 51%. Of greenhouse gas emissions -- be -- last estimates more than half the house exactly. Then you look at things like -- welfare so you have all these reasons to move in this direction and of course and a big market. So it's something that a lot of businesses and a lot of investors -- -- them. It certainly aren't as big market it's a growing market you seeing nowadays health food shops -- so many corners of cities. We had be that founder of whole neighborhoods where John MacKey here who had this idea to create whole foods years before that was a trendy thing there. You're now inside apple. -- and a whole foods has a special place in my -- -- been enormously -- velocity you know could have -- -- -- price margin etc. but what they've done is given a helping hand up so -- at every stage of product development on both of these products they gave -- positive feedback work with -- to get into the stores and helpless. Are you saying that they -- Asking you to help that make money that -- actually losing money -- beyond me and I wouldn't have to losing money that's certainly an elevator but they are extremely supportive of getting new proteins in the market and our vision for the future is that you go to the grocery store and you don't -- Meat and meat alternatives but you go to -- protein section. An approaching section has -- -- meat from animals and has made from plants and the consumer gets to it yet your choice. McDonald's -- you ever. Read this see this -- the -- -- someday so as much as I love whole foods we have to be in McDonald's. That's what we wanted to that's -- change happens seventy million people -- those stores of today we need to be there selling products and absolutely we're talking all the major food chains. And expect -- season one of them. You can rent the -- making so much spectrum and I did enjoy it great not Cadillac -- -- -- it's a big trouble for the digital money -- the web site that trades the virtual money. Collapsed trading and has come to a halt and for that I want to bring in Steve Cortez is founder of -- TJ am a research consulting firm. That provides real time market research of the biggest players on Wall Street Steve so nice to see you in Chicago again. Thanks for having her -- so what do you think about this bitcoin news that the major web site where the trading of the currency takes place has come to a halt there were rumors it was bankrupt. You don't Rebecca when I talk to most people Bob decline -- question is what is it fit and I think it up pretty soon the question is gonna become what was it. Because I think bitcoin is frankly going away. The problem with -- -- there are problems with regular Fiat currencies me in the currency of a country but at least a country can only have one currency. By law the problem -- -- is what you talk about alternative currencies. That are extra national that are beyond national laws. There is no lack of alternatives some other words of decline -- to start working which it certainly hasn't so far but if -- were to you have bitcoin 2.0. Three point also I think if you want talk -- and actual alternative currencies you have to talk about commodities things like silver and gold things that can't just be replicated -- aren't virtual but are real -- not a fan of big point I don't think it makes sense long term and I think this is the first of many problems are going to see an -- lot likely. Leading to -- them. -- frankly -- it strikes me that it's probably also the first of many currencies of its kind. Because there is this demand as much as it might be a small level of demand. Relative to other major currencies in this world there certainly was a lot of press around it and a lot of interest around bitcoin so. If bitcoin doesn't work. Are there going to be others to come along and -- and do big point to point out. Yes I think there will be. But that's one reason by the way why don't believe it is it's too easy to come over the alternative that does start to work but I think in terms of as -- said in terms of real alternative currencies. I think you'll be items they can't easily be replicated so commodities. Fine art. Jewelry -- real estate things like that in terms of alternative currencies and to meet those make a lot more sense if you don't believe in the dollar you don't believe me your current you know -- in the yen. Because what central banks are doing around the world and there is a tremendous amount of skepticism out there about currencies because of those those policies of central banks but if you don't believe that. I think the place to put money than is tangible assets. Again they can't be easily replicated. When it comes to how we pay for things most people are still using the dollars -- yen. The sterling. Those price -- are getting a lot more expensive when it comes to your morning copy copy prices up 57%. Yes coffee prices have been soaring in the last month so that is great news for Juan Valdez it's terrible -- -- most people like me who are addicted to coffee wanna get up in the morning and have their -- so other soaring primarily because there's a very -- crop in Brazil Brazil's an opposite seasons as we -- the United States so this is summertime. And growing season for the first time in a long time. Coffee prices are soaring to be going down for years until just a few weeks ago and now they are absolutely catapulting higher. So I think we can unfortunately expect that before very long we're going to see that at the retail level whether it's in the grocery store -- or at the Starbucks your morning Joba is going to get more expensive. Too bad and also gas prices which had been down a lot over the last couple of months are now all of a sudden taking higher. You know one of the big issues in the economy has -- the fact that whether for many has played some role in a lot of businesses and now this. Is that gonna potentially create some sort of stall come spring. You know I think so I think it's it's a bit of a headwind. To the recovery and not to most consumers -- fact we've seen. Wholesale gas prices when you look at gasoline futures they've gone up -- twenty cents over just in just this month in the month of February that's a significant moving ghastly and -- gamble like coffee. We're going to see that and it's starting to seep through to the retail level so. Both your morning coffee and your morning commute might get a lot more expensive and yes I do think that that is certainly a deterrent to the recovery is going to be difficult for. Consumers on the whole particularly those of modest means those who for for whom gas prices represent a far larger percentage -- told expenditures. And I've also been seeing. In the alcohol -- they'd be here now is increasing its proof. In order to get more millennial who are going towards other types of liquor trying to get them to drink more beer by upping the amount of alcohol content. That's right Rebecca MillerCoors is -- and a huge new launch of a product called fortune Miller fortune and they're hoping to make a fortune off -- this. And what it is is it's almost essentially -- hall -- but it's very high. Alcohol contents beer and the reason they're doing is is there by the millennial -- good to be folks in their twenties are not drinking beer -- -- when I was in my twenties particular housing college I thought the -- was air. But apparently that is not the way young people feel now -- of their -- gravitating much more to spirits and to -- and so that worries the beer companies and to try to compete with that. They think that a higher alcohol content beer and perhaps compete with a crowd that -- watched a lot of madman and thinks he should only be drinking cocktails and not be here. Steve Cortez we really appreciate it thanks so much for joining us thank you. Speaking of wine you've heard this saying a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away but did you know that wine grapes could be the next big secret. To -- younger looking skin. But you didn't -- trying Tomas developed a luxury skin care line could delete. Which uses grape -- to give you -- younger look so hello Wellcome. Believe -- bill -- C local how did you come up with the idea -- -- -- it was long time ago. My family has -- vineyard in bulk billing the south of France. And that's always my college boyfriend. And maturing -- -- -- a group of researcher from the university of pharmacy. And -- face that put them and one professor asks stopped in front of the big -- would upgrade scenes. And he told us that we were throwing away treasures he told us that in the -- There -- the most powerful antioxidant produced by nature. He said oh by the way you can make a lot of money with this stuff you're throwing out. -- -- And you said okay tell us house and -- came up. With -- Italy which is the skin Caroline that is based off of these -- -- tell me what is it that they contain that -- special. It's antioxidants so your lifestyle and you know -- -- generates lots of free radicals is called to oxidation process is very popular now everybody's talking about this. And see you -- protect yourself from it is true radicals and -- all products contain. Looks a few anti free radicals and protect your skin from. 80% of the aging process. And what is -- name. What is the name clearly -- Could -- -- an unknown -- term used by professional wine tasters it's the unit of measurement of the men of the wine and mouth. The length of the white and yes you can impress your your friends at the dinner. Can't count physically you know take everything that's in your kitchen cabinet break -- -- -- show that explain what it is getting -- -- a for a huge for any beauty skin care products company. How did you do that because they think there are a lot of skin care companies people are starting up -- saying that's the holy Grail how'd you break it. Yet we stop it will receive bomb in 2000. And that that time and it was not that hard to -- to -- fought in a -- that younger company yes -- competition yeah offensive Foster positioning has always been to. And introduce on the market new products highly innovative products. And so we were coming from friends and we were exactly what's the -- I was looking for so it was a very good stops. I think the biggest challenge is to stay -- fought because they have so many innovation coming in that at -- -- It's everywhere. And one of the ways that people in your market standout is by celebrity spokespeople. In magazines you open up a magazine and there's. XYZ model or -- from Hollywood representing the brand. -- hasn't had that would you ever consider it. It's very organic we have many senate which is coming to our beautiful spot the plaza in Manhattan or in that if friends vineyard. And with -- percent of -- -- and make it -- using out peachy dandy here. So. It happens naturally -- for me even better than we've worked paint it out yet another product offering. I think it's less expensive again and you're definitely the money and the money -- -- -- in this business. The Whitney thing about it that the Oscars are coming up. Next weight and a lot of celebrities around Oscar time get a lot of free goodies. How does -- market to celebrities around Oscar time do you send them free products. Well we're going to do even better we are going to open the boutiques -- in LA right after the Oscar. So they'll be able to come in the rest after the -- -- and that we are going to fight this. -- 12. Facials crabs besides -- -- Very nice -- the paparazzi will be camp that ran outside that. Rather the way -- and how much in terms of -- Italy and the future what do you envision the brand becoming. We need to be innovative we need to be one step ahead of the -- we don't have all the marketing -- they have so it can't it has always been Austrian as a few yen. We've always take more risk than men then and then. And so we're working on -- molecules that allows next here patented money cures and that although it is who always -- -- the aging process of the skin. And I want to hear from both of you and I'll give you a chance to think about this but I want to hear from both of you. Outside of Kotelly what is your number one's skin care secret for anybody who's watching right now what can they -- to look younger today outside of college -- -- -- it's not about it's not about necessarily a product it's about habit or things that people can do it their daily lives. I have a great doing -- yourself mask for the basic fuel to -- for the Oscar for the red carpet. You Meeks some very -- -- honey when we some fresh lemon juice and you put -- on your scheme for ten minutes and -- -- and I promise that's going to be used in the sounds like a great idea -- I will be doing that tonight thank you so much that advocates -- in Leslie thank you. And we're gonna be writing up a recipes to that you can -- with beyond meat products will also put that recipe for the -- face mask up at Also want to hear from you what do you think about beyond me have you tried it tweet us at Friel is with RJ -- -- next time. This is Rebecca Jarvis from New York thanks so much for joining us for real --

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