Say "I do" to White After Labor Day

Stars wear wedding gown inspired fashion on the red carpet. Find out how you can get the look from Kleinfeld's Fashion Director Terry Hall
3:41 | 09/02/14

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Transcript for Say "I do" to White After Labor Day
Fashion Week is kicking off right here in New York City. And thanks to all the latest award shows we've seen stars on parade for what feels like weeks wearing the hottest new looks of the season. And something that keeps popping up on red carpet it's bridal inspired fashions lot of stars saying I due to white -- -- all over the place. At the Emmys last Sunday will -- battered -- to. And have a break it all down and Terry hall he -- the fashion director for client felt the largest luxury bridal retailer. In the world it is so nice to have you with us Terry figure -- excited to be here and it's after Labor Day but. Are people still allowed to Wear white at this point you know -- -- -- -- -- they just to break the rules -- got to prove a point -- -- anything you want anytime you want as long as you review the right attitude. Talking speaking of the right attitude a lot of these stars they're not -- -- They're not about to get married but they are wearing what -- on -- -- They certainly are and it's exciting to see and refreshing you know we've seen Hollywood the red carpet kind of influence -- over the last several years and now in this past -- ceremony we kind of saw where the bridal industry was kind of influencing -- but it was really refreshing to see. I think it all -- started when Jennifer Lawrence of that infamous trip at the Oscars -- -- beautiful -- down. And we've -- -- kind of increase more and more we're seeing a lot of wired or looks that are very specifically to -- I think we're continue to see more. Funny that her -- saying -- addressed may actually be -- reason that people are looking into -- well whether it was planned or not I mean that really get her great favorite in that interest rate of probably ten times or that it would have been otherwise that's not true what happening styles -- bridal fashions. We you know I think we're looking at things that are very glamorous but I think the most important emperor and sexy solar right now as the -- of the -- players have been with a drop ways. But it's really all about glamour it's about a sexy back it's about -- it's worth having it's unique it's really kind of -- that expresses your personality. We see a lot of -- embellishment it's really glamorous. Having gone through this myself. Is it is one of the more stressful decisions -- -- bridal gown and what will you wearing who would you be on your wedding day I think that's a big question for a lot of brides. What is your best advice. -- the thing is you have to show up for who you are you have to Wear something that reflects your personality if there's ever -- -- -- where you have to show up and where Sunday through your fashion. That says who you -- at your wedding day. I think oftentimes we see brides feeling -- they have to Wear -- look that's really not them. Maybe it's because they think they have to -- the venue or maybe -- think it's because their mother wants in the -- something this is your days where you. Be yourself -- and be happy -- what you're wearing I would also say be comfortable in what you're wearing absolutely matters for the -- as well you may be standing -- dancing all night to you want a comfortable on the -- your -- happy comfortable here. You have a first look at some sketches for the October looks for bridal fashion. We certainly do so we know that bridal fashion experts just after regular Fashion Week which is in September -- and October. We had a chance to be with parks -- you know just last week in California to see what we're going to be expecting. They're absolutely fantastic. You know I think mark always brings a specific aesthetic that no one else can really duplicate but his particular let's -- either. Even a bit more youthful this particular collection a little bit softer. Modern still bit at the same time have an element of tradition which I think is really kind of hard to encapsulate both traditional and modern the same time. He has done it beautifully. We really see -- This is another beautiful. I -- -- Blair -- There's so glamorous or beautiful I mean mark really -- -- -- unlike anyone else it's really about how the -- -- And went -- right puts on her his -- she takes the -- she says yes. Say yes to -- stress -- you think they address. Jerry Hall applying help thank you so much for joining us great stuff and you're back and we will look for you -- wedding runways everywhere pleased we think -- them.

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{"id":25216690,"title":"Say \"I do\" to White After Labor Day ","duration":"3:41","description":"Stars wear wedding gown inspired fashion on the red carpet. Find out how you can get the look from Kleinfeld's Fashion Director Terry Hall ","url":"/Business/video/white-labor-day-25216690","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}