The World's Most Creative Companies to Valentine's Day Tips

Rebecca Jarvis reveals what you need to know this week.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Transcript for The World's Most Creative Companies to Valentine's Day Tips
Hello and welcome to real -- I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's happening right now innovation nation which companies are the best -- it. A start up aimed -- your hair and the big business. Of Valentine's Day it's just around the corner first we want to get right to wit who the most creative companies changing the way we live. We want to ask no -- -- shot he's executive editor of fast company and fast company. Just came out with its list of its most innovative companies of the world for 2014 so where your picks -- So every year that matters fast company take fifty of the world's most innovative companies we picked them not just for. Financial reasons these are just good businesses but because we think they're changing the way we live. So the top of our list this year number one is Google. I think if you've seen the you know the -- contact lens with a microchip in it that that looks for diabetes that's one example -- -- -- -- -- They're getting into robots and of course they've still got a good search engine and advertising business and this is all happening under -- acts a lot of that the new innovation is -- -- Incubator that right Google Google acts is sort of a specialty lab within Google where things like the contact -- come out of that's one of the reasonably -- -- but not the only one Google's huge company and they're -- all over the place actually it's very interesting how large that companies become when you think about it. You can't -- charitable organization that's right that's actually on the cover is donors choose and -- CEO Charles Best. The reason we pick them I don't know if you're familiar with this company -- -- kick starter for schools right. They've raised 225 million dollars or something like 400000 projects what happens the teacher says we need pencils and notebooks we need a projector. And people from around the world can actually -- Increments of five dollars or hundreds of dollars and fund that classroom. It's really changing the way education works and we think. Also -- on the verge of really treating education reform and and re thinking they know a lot about what schools need a lot more in some cases than even. The Education Department around the country might -- right -- it's it's interesting because on this list you have some very new companies but there's also. I was surprised to see for example night on the list yeah. Well -- -- you know they've been innovating if if anybody who uses the Nike plus you know they -- there working with athletes to really measure and get big data out of every action they take. So it's not just about shoes for -- anymore right they're partnering with people like apple. They're really breakthrough you don't have to be a start up to be innovative -- can be a big company be innovative but it's a lot harder when your big company and so in some ways. We look it's -- -- like Nike and we really appreciate the things they're doing like with a flying shoes and the other electronics products are getting into which are really outside of what their traditional businesses. Air B&B and other company it's relatively young. But they've really made a place for themselves in the market a few years ago no one knew where B&B and now my parents are saying. Hey -- democratic -- -- when we travel that's that's something to me I look -- -- when I travel actually -- have I don't -- hotels as much because -- prefer going -- using air -- they get great locations and they really upped the -- with hospitality of course there -- also a threat -- hotels which is like you're seeing in places like New York City. There are a lot of legal battles over it which is really actually -- sometimes of how innovative they are went. They're pushing the status quo so much. That you're seeing push back from the industries that there that there are up against this notion of the sharing economy you know apple taking something they have renting it out instead of having to own for example people can rent. As far as cars -- -- its happening all over the place hotels cars. You name it. How much do you think the -- wrote there is there and and do you see a super company coming along at just swallowing up all the sharing companies. Interesting idea you know -- that that is possible leads -- super company. But I think more likely you're gonna -- technology continue to get driver letting individuals transact with each other in different ways and whether that's through sharing or something like -- see where I'm actually you know I'm I'm crushing something at home and selling -- target audience -- -- I'm big I'm huge in the Christian world you to know that. I don't know what you. You know that's of that I think you're gonna see a lot more about -- whether big company like Amazon or -- is gonna come in and start on some of that. Entirely possible I think that you already -- part of it. But I think you're still gonna see a lot of innovation on the smaller sector which -- different ways of of you and I being able to trade. -- was number ten on your list. Well Yeltsin at a company with generalist for several years because you know even though there there -- are sort of not as new or they're not as buzz is that used to be. They still are refining the way they do things and they're really having an impact on the businesses that they work with rate you can really feel if -- if -- -- company and the way they're doing reviews and I think especially with. With getting the point now where reviews are going to be verified and you can't make things up on those reviews. Is a huge step for them and you're gonna see a lot of people really returning to -- and and embracing it and a new way. What was the biggest surprise on -- list. So -- -- the presence always was Twitter because Twitter fell off our list last year because we had felt like that it in 2012 actually hadn't done a lot of innovation even though there were a really big company that everyone -- using. This year they introduced a new video short video product called buying. 62 videos and we think because of that -- we really decided to put them back on the -- positions that -- company that aside from focusing on their core business they're actually experimenting and doing new things outside of what you would expect -- which all of these social media companies are gonna have to do as time goes on in order to stay compact that's right because you've got you know you've got people like -- chat coming right up behind it. You know taking on select FaceBook right. And -- feeling the pressure even a company as young as Twitter FaceBook feels the pressure from a new start -- -- can come along and really capture all of the audience that they had for something like photos or cheering because they've got one special secret ingredient that there. -- -- on thank you so much fast company every list really interesting and I I have to say I just love what fast company puts that it's really interesting content thank you so much thanks for having me thank you. Our right from the most innovative companies to a startup that's hoping to take advantage of the big business of hair coloring. Nineteen million women in America at -- their -- at home. And this new company is working to connect these at home at homers. Where the professional -- to teach them the -- and out here to explain via Skype from Silicon Valley in the air founder and CEO of Madison -- Amy so nice to speak with you thanks for getting up early to join us on real -- You're back her patent. So I heard about this idea actually originally from a friend who said we should figure out how to do this it sounds really interesting how did you come up with it. Well I think you touched on something early arm where you're just about Indonesian and I can't -- belief that. Innovation is going to -- everything people's lives including things like your coloring. So really took a look at what was going on in the marquee in realize that there were only two options for women today. One was to go some place to buy fox collar that was not very good quality. In really hard to apply with not great results. And then the other side of the equation what's going to -- on which took a lot of time much more expensive. In really started thinking about ways that both -- actually -- to create unity against that. Instead developed -- product that's better for you suite eight in our. Ammonia -- -- and all putting a lot of nutrients that your your street. And then we stood at age fifty women's bathrooms literally and watched and colored their -- Ian took a look at all the eight points in the application process what went so -- -- -- Amy. There were a number of things one was the instructions were absolutely horrible it was like chemistry experiment and you don't really -- chemistry experiment when it comes to your -- there -- three. Clear. There was -- -- and only entry into what I mean by that is terrible -- that we're currently. We're just hard to what to handle. The application process was really messy and so there were just a lot of things that we looked at so we -- anti. The entire application process and sell -- -- a beautiful black clothes. Cat. -- -- to keep color -- your skin. In any instructions that are built right in the -- more like an apple last -- where -- opening and yearly Turkey. And so we were able to teach Indonesian in terms of product design and turn that into something that we think is the -- winning at. And what's the cost of your product -- -- the competition how much more or less -- -- from what you would get -- a box in the store. So your typical box color is about and dollars are products fully delivered including shipping is 2990 fat. In and we offered that come in two ways one is he can -- single box. A lot of our early customers are actually doing something called -- new. We are in the -- designee to frequency through which they want to box the com. And it's so can be he'll show up for weeks five weeks six weeks breaks your door so we. The company for you have that late night oh my gosh there's great coming out I have a huge meeting tomorrow or whenever -- cases are I wanna take a picture with the family tomorrow. You know it's coming to your door and it's not a last minute thing. -- It's interesting Amy you know a company like the one that -- started. Many people would think well this woman must have been heavily into beauty she maybe she was working -- a -- before -- your background is is a lot different from that. How did you come to this idea of all ideas. Well I really have spent my career trying to sell consumer in points call -- And really this is -- -- -- more that I spoke to women. Who -- were so great that they couldn't -- in between going -- lions. We're just women who were tired of going to the -- because of the cost and how long it took. And then -- -- it is of what was going on around box color. I just started to think about science that -- and a lot of my career has also been around -- technology. T really -- -- so let me give you a couple of examples here so one of the things that we allow you to do is send a picture to last. And we also have a lot of -- -- so we have a group of color it's that are on call. And basically can send a picture today and he can spot them on the phone he -- -- and and so -- using technology to unity. -- -- -- if you go on to our web site. We want -- set an easy questions to help you identify what's watch your color would -- you. And then in addition to that we have this meeting mobile back. That actually teaches you applied color to a video rate your bathroom and it's -- -- control so the you don't need to touch the phone at all so a lot of my career has been speaking. A high -- and high. Around categories that little innovation I was one of the early senior people at each retrain -- -- -- so this is I think an example. A business it's really focused on delighting customers -- you know or early results are -- are showing that. Well Amy we really appreciate you joining us -- one last question do you -- your own hair -- Madison create. You're right after it it. That's good lives I have to say that salon quality -- Amy thank you so -- absolutely -- -- -- Amy area of medicine -- Time is running out to finalize your Valentine's Day plans for Friday -- if you wanna impress your love what we have a few tips to get started -- and art of -- -- the president is here to talk. Tips to win your special someone's heart it's a nice dispute -- good I think you think needs to be here so what's number one -- to winning over your sweetheart on Valentine's Day. Number one can't think not to forget that it's Valentine's Day so that -- lighter to set a reminder Valentine's Day at can -- it is our single busiest day of the year. And so you want to make sure that you get there early because there will be lines although we -- gonna try to get people -- as quickly as possible. But but there's always a long line usually guy is not the -- to the -- -- the one note along lying then went on long lines and they don't dare go home without something mildly from Godiva so. What is the breakdown between men and women buying -- -- for Valentine's Day is it. Definitely in many many more men are buying Godiva -- Whitman by a lot of it is well. Women are buying quite a lot of as well but it is heavily dominated by men so I -- -- probably 6040 split the -- and are using the ones who buy things like -- beautiful. Keepsake heart. Because they're very romantic they tend to be buying for their special someone the women come in. And there also find that special someone but in a lot of cases they're buying for a lot of people said they -- -- 94. You know their sister admit -- everyone at -- -- -- -- -- thinking of every one of their and what is beam those purchased chocolate at -- -- for Valentine's Day. I weld -- the -- that's -- this is it. Because it comes in three different sizes Celek and whatever your price range you can you can find something and yet these three different sizes plot. If you really know exactly what your loved one month. You can go up to the cup chocolate cake and you can personalize it and hit which chocolates you want to go into one of these are highly personalized Linda -- thought okay it's. What is it lunar chocolates. Four is that tell me what those are what -- enemy so that's different that's not about Valentine's Day that's about their new -- and -- new year for the Asian community started in January 30 birds and it goes for about two weeks. And -- we have special chocolates that are kept me up from the new year and a few of them are -- were running -- that a few of them are still in in the story did I read that there is some of them are healthy. That there are healthy chocolates but I believe that topic is practically a great idea I think when you have jerked up and especially practically help it. Our great. So -- people are out shopping right now what is the average amount that people are spending on Valentine's Day items so the average person this year is expected to spend on Valentine's about a 134 dollars which is up slightly from year ago so that's good and up quite a bit from the years of recession of course I think American states something -- people now they want to splurge on. And because you know their things and different price ranges and and -- what -- precinct -- So it's interesting that you said the economy because maybe we were looking at all the wrong indicators when we're trying to figure out where that they turn in the economy was we should have been looking at chocolate as the indicator. I think so I think and I think much about the -- even when you don't have a lot of money this enemy you're not taking that weekend and Caribbean you can always afford to go into the united shop and just by a couple of -- in -- expense. What do you think in terms of the new chocolate trends. Where's the world of chocolate group. But dark chocolate is still a big trend but one -- that we found a lot of our consumers our food and they're very -- in kind of exploring chocolate. So this is our Valentine's Day truffle. And couple flights and our -- actually play he's in order kind of -- -- -- flight. But -- the chocolate -- And they go -- -- progressive tasting journey and we a lot of our new chocolate in this as well and help for -- -- A flight data up to you that is up -- you but there's six in here and then and it's only sixteen dollars and really affordable. And the last one in the flight is the -- text -- which is a little touch of cinnamon. It's really really look like that they so much for joining you Larry thank Godiva chocolates ready for Valentine's Day. If you're one of those men who will be waiting in. You've got some ideas right here we have thank you thank you and aching so much for joining us -- real this until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York.

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