Yahoo's Most Popular Business-Related Searches

Farnoosh Torabi reveals the list for 2012
5:19 | 12/13/12

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Transcript for Yahoo's Most Popular Business-Related Searches
We're about to close the books on 2012. So what were the top search business terms of being here on Yahoo!. Here to reveal man is -- news to -- host of financially fit on. Yahoo! welcome back for news and sunny thanks so much for joining us today. So let's get straight to it what was the most searched the financial term. On Yahoo! for 21. It was FaceBook IPO and this really fun tradition Yahoo! we look at the highest volume searches across the year from January to today. And FaceBook IPO that was may eighteenth 2012 there's a lot of hype going into the IPO it priced at 38 dollars per share and plus helpful -- it would not a good day for face and there are a lot of other glitches there was a technical glitch that caused some faulty trades. And -- -- scrutiny over how the IPO with even handled within three mines it was down half 50% and now it's starting to climb back up -- around 28 trillion dollars per share but fifa does want -- celebrity companies -- IP OY is. If you could argue one of the most popular IPOs it was the biggest IPO in Internet history one of the biggest tax history so. It was a lot of curiosity around -- and still today answer because you really wanted to -- -- and then those that got it and now and then it was like sour grapes and it's a new book about. Before Europe's that you inhabit afterwards you're probably pretty happy that you skipped out and -- -- the other thing is a lot of people want to save money right now and then that sort of a huge concerns -- certainly this year. What other searches. Were very popular we had gas prices were -- surge. Gas prices this year are set to hit a record. Annual average record were about three dollars and 63 cents per gallon -- eight. Com and sell unless gas prices fall back to late two dollars for -- yeah. We're not and is this is going to be a banner year for gas prices so people were looking for low gas prices were trying to find the gas stations that had the best price is. Also remember with Eric and sandy -- what do coupon -- casino that was a big deal I know I'm a huge -- honor. What about that. I was hoping this is going to be a -- here for -- -- but it wasn't people like just like in 2011 -- searching for coupon -- -- 2012 a lot of new website offering -- time and you can get them on your mobile -- you know exactly and now they've gotten more advanced you don't have to clip the coupons from your newspaper you can actually just download the mobile -- and year out the door -- -- getting coupons while your shopping. Carolina TV shows dedicated to coupons and -- we do shows her financially and we do the topic of -- Hines is a huge must watch -- Absolutely I do and I know happen. Now how about we've got a reflection on the job market ranked. Absolutely. You know people looking for jobs and job market where and a pretty okay place right now -- jobs seven point 9% unemployment that's a huge and development is looking back you know -- two or three years ago. So people are looking for Johns are looking for any kind of -- work from home jobs part time jobs retail jobs. Anything they can't -- to piece together their revenue streams and may have been lost. In the recession now what what's rounding announcement of the top five we talked about coupons we've talked about. FaceBook IPO jobs dad's behalf apps so -- is a free at a -- fast free application for federal student needs so this is what you fill out when -- -- applying for college -- you wanna get some federal assistance and student loans as we know student loans is the big debt story at 2000. Twelve pilots and an ongoing -- average college she is graduating with 2526000. Dollars in debt. And so this is really at clips actually credit card debt in this country the amount of student -- that are currently outstanding. More -- credit card debt if you can believe it so you know people. Solana that college is still -- -- get that degree and -- needs some assistance and faxes the first stop. We also had resident -- cover letters again yet -- about the job market. -- pricing is now it's around 17100. Dollars per -- is it just keeps inching higher and higher and I think. Gold is one of those things where if you're even -- -- part -- investor you can yourself less to do -- savvy investor you're always curious simple a lot of people refinancings is to bank on these you know as we always -- You know -- broken record record low interest rates but truly mean. People are getting thirty year fixed rates -- you know below 4% that is I mean it my my -- unprecedented so. This was a very popular year to buy a home refinance your home and get those mortgages. -- -- as we talked -- also very popular and finally oil prices oil prices why oil prices well there's the you know the bodies of the triple down effect from oil and gas and I think you know with a lot -- turbulence in the Middle East people are curious about how that might impact. The supply and demand and so it's it's especially for answered the macro. People who look at some macro picture of the economy oil prices are our big indicator. Wonderful well that was the top ten top ten Yahoo! searches for 2012 -- to -- host up. Financially -- on Yahoo! finance. Thanks so much for watching and thanks for joining us.

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