Yoga Hot For Business

Pure Yoga instructor Kay Kay Clivio on why this 5000 year old spiritual Practice is becoming a 30-Billion dollar business
4:13 | 06/03/14

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Think the latest American obsession -- Right now more than twenty million of us are getting ready for a little downward facing -- This year the 5000 year old practice will become a thirty. Billion that is billion with a B. Dollar business here to explain why the world is its -- with yoga is Kate when you know she is the lead trainer at here you -- it is so nice to have you thank you so much to be. I love you have yourself wastes her -- -- Is that part of the whole thing it is and it's also a little bit of allergies from the beautiful. Central Park that's coming alive right now. Well I have to admit I -- -- -- studio actually oldest remember that's why we had -- here but I -- -- member in case was doing research on that. And one of the reasons I joined it was the dead of winter at -- -- -- -- before. It was the dead of winter I was so cold I joined because of the hot yoga classes I just like the one way to get bored and at that richter was to do -- And did you love it I think it took -- time this is the thing about -- for people who -- -- you do it and it takes some time because it's a totally different -- and high intensity work -- at least in the began. For shore and just even is starting today to get comfortable on the hot room it's. It to destroy yourself right into the fire -- they're going to the hot classes. It's quite bold if you've never done yoga before. Well I decided to people that I can -- it -- you -- what you think is driving this new obsession. With you I don't think it's a new obsession I mean it's it's ancient practice and it -- I think simply it's because it works and more and more people. Are seeing the lives of their friends who have been doing over three years then -- and try it and and make it -- part of their lives we are saying they'll let me it's definitely of course people -- acts in for awhile. But how -- this studios in cities like new York and I'm from Minneapolis it's even happening in Minneapolis has seen it in Chicago. Play on the coast. They're popping up like Starbucks now. It's funny I just came from Honolulu -- -- my first yoga class in Honolulu thirteen years -- I lived there for ten years. And there was only really one yoga studio is just to -- in the studio and going there over the years as I go back to -- three times a year. The amount of studios that. Is on the island of a -- now is amazing. -- there's probably forty. -- you know thirteen years there was only two so I choose the right -- for -- the -- one. You have to think about what your goals are. For what you really want to achieve from the practice. And if you're more athletic in if you wanna in the -- -- you want it to be a really great work out. Then hot. -- -- CEO then will be right up your Alley. Hot and I hope for -- your -- out. For -- and what about more athletic during focusing getting out of social media for thirty -- -- -- where he could do meditation class you know puree although we. Our philosophy -- many practices -- intention. To we have a whole. Beautiful. Array of yoga that that we offer but often times there. For the general public if there in Minneapolis -- -- they're in. Honolulu the there'll only be one type of -- at the studios here to look at what type of -- do you wanna do if you want -- centering. Then maybe -- meditation class or a restorative class -- union class. And if you're a little bit older or if you just want to learn more about the alignment. I -- yoga is wonderful we have a -- -- the studio. He can -- chairs and props in. Really get yourself. Into the pose with refinement. Of the postures Vegas Smith a value that is. Biggest myth about yoga is -- yet to be flexible to -- yoga. Well that works for because I'm not flexible. Iowa resident -- I take it thanks so much for joining us yeah -- and very much Rebecca imperial that. -- -- -- Romeo that -- twists and turns of your money.

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{"id":23974850,"title":"Yoga Hot For Business","duration":"4:13","description":"Pure Yoga instructor Kay Kay Clivio on why this 5000 year old spiritual Practice is becoming a 30-Billion dollar business","url":"/Business/video/yoga-hot-business-23974850","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}