141st Westminster dog show preview

ABC News' Amna Nawaz heads out to the Westminster dog show to take a look at preparations for the furry entries.
13:54 | 02/14/17

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Transcript for 141st Westminster dog show preview
On the divides here live in the New York currently losing my and I because I am surrounded. Some of the most beautiful dogs in America were at a 141. Annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show. 3000 dogs have descended on New York including these two lovely pretty sky. It's just keep and this is go on there the got the roaming all dogs attacked him let go to. Roaming yellow. Snow or in the books you'll find him saying the got deep. This site your name it my name's Andrea Conte seeker. Beast you're my voice. So they came to show today I have another voided got to be showing. At the scene times needs Boris. Not very Italian but it. This is the first time for these. This priest to show your yeah your kids show last year. The heat lineup to select dog last year but. You know shown all over he be shown in Italy last year. And just really nice dogs. Yeah Easter related are they cannot related. Peco is from Italy and originally. And yelled mine is from sweet. It means opinion yelled mine from Sweden sounds a little. A little more fitting today's through his personality to tell me about this weed out people who don't know anything about the stock would it be done. They're actually an old street. They were originally uses water retreat others. And they work let's Albert's readers I saw a lot of have a real retreating instinct in them that they actually some people use it for hunting. In Italy a lot of people that you cents or truffle hunting. They believe they got they very sensitive noses they'll dig up the troubles. And that retreating instincts you know unlike the things that went eat them they will bring back C they'd rather have the treatments in your pocket and the traveling south down. The winner these guys gonna go into could be big going today injuring seven at 130. Yeah. Good luck TO very good let's keep that bank remaining thing. You know. Oh my gosh I'm losing my mind ready to go immediately or other dogs the head over this way we are joined by Norman met. From the Westminster kennel cloudy eighty showing us around a little bit telling the thing about these thanks they're hand salute. Back. So where we headed out. Some mechanical around the corner to the some layups and Sammy is the people call them they're that big white dots in this is a dog that's been. You know showing quite a bit has done some winning in the working group so they're happy to showing two years so often stop. And. You guys can tell this route with its enormous. We are at Chelsea here is. This is specifically pier 94 but there is another building just like that. We've even more dogs. And then of course you probably heard about it back garden that they've also packed and that is where the finals will take place to bother me this way re elected that can't be. To vigorous under the table here. The whole night. Ash. Dot whidbey cuteness hi there Mario head. Tell me your name lane bakery anywhere you front years. And tell me about this gorgeous can come around this way we can CV and better and better aside they we have. Removing corporate Beckett battled with them. Love leave tell me about this. This so that meant that other. And at that he wasn't here last year in his daughters it is here this it's less he retired after today. And in start showing. Old guard bring in the heat generation hear that and tell me amateur level and dogs and some. Others in meet consumer needs. And what do you like about it's free it's. Wonderful family. Harry I ill. Me. GDP. Very happy you. And it. We're seeing that's litigated it moving back here of course because these dogs undergo intense grooming and you'd buying before they go up for competition thing. You're usually it's no telephone baby. Hello again if they're I think. It's silly it's. Hot keys who weren't you think it on. Heidi expect her to do today. Shows. People and I think. Whatever happens happens that the dogs that we can have is. The dog's there happy. Everybody as well. Her for her is one of the softest thing that ever felt in my life hot ET IE take care of them. He we paid weekly and she's special applications. How long does it take to brush his coat because I see you going at it. Pretty intently gun right she's just coming back to note that really it out to him that you he can take up to three hours from beginning to end the three hours. Yeah. When you start with it that's when you've finished. My god hates being dressed like we have to grab him and wrestled to the ground and the rest of it looks like they like it and I like the tension that's. It's time that. And they get to spend with you like your hair being pressed. Very relaxing and the and they. Game they think this evening it had there history. Thank you so much for you have the it aesthetic of similar happens is pleased to hack you're gonna fight it many dog this weekend followed me norm. We don't have this is about Lance interior. And becomes the only. Obstinate. But if we look at the owner to come Americans who want to make sure anything here is of course these are professional dogs. You can't just walk up and pet than even though they are adorable I BD owner. He basically cutesy name flooring and we're glory from. I'm and Pennsylvania Harrisburg area and we assess this year I see it any facility into the deadly inferior. I'm here and EB hi my yet the thing I get it again at Seton. Turning need to tell us that near tells about the streets there are great read it loved children. Game. Art this private very round lake because they've agreed written in that they are experience they were bred to hunt rats environment. And machine. They're very very seat she cut Allison Bennett Ainsley I've seen it. At this fabulously low hot and that's keeping get this that this is she she groom Atlanta's growth that way. Each an all out there it's all hands that there they're. How could soon. I look at that that is beautiful Sydney died that are different holiday the green thinking at all maybe we'll be. You might yeah. And so what time he could be seen station and there. At issue is different time now driving comings and that the nine insulin doesn't yet. I am actually third generation dogs and my grandmother an amendment there and then I picked up down them. With different breeds are always I inherited instantly it's actually in and I got this Barry Diller and Honecker and now live. Kind of fallen in love and it at this green mountain let me do what it going to that's why why do you have a summons. Love my dogs and it's something to do and I really enjoy it's great that people here at the dogs are wonderful it's like another feeling for us this really enjoy coming out in synagogues that's our ability. And bringing it hasn't been this is my first time to you this is it's a little overwhelming their arms and Stonington. Roaming. What do you want people to know about this particular dogs because this sort of the ultimate right it is its opponent in this prestigious everybody works all year to get here and it's very tough competition. And hopefully there is. Many many dogs here from around the world top dogs in the country and everybody competes and hopefully get that that's agreed to meet its that they during the night. Good luck to you you thank you for your time you. Habibie. Think again trying to I thank you so much that he can go meet another popular where we ought to next McCartney announced its lending. And it's kind of unique way concede. The preparation for the ring okay this is is that springer spaniel. Let's just say happy here. Hi there Harry hill that they sorry if it thinks this debris from Lindsay cut from took Oregon Ohio. And released this think. King and Jake it's a springer spaniel right and it Jake. It's a little wet right now at a gala benefit grooming. It is carted as a probably see all these dogs are up on tables they're acting very very well but it's but they goes through some intense intense moving. Before they are competition and show ready. So we're gonna watch cheek. Gave his little things a little sponge bath here what's going on him pretty much there tell me about grooming a springer that he's we're just right but how do you take care. It's a lot of work to get at least one map week. A lot of rushing yes. Yes I'm pressing mostly it's giving me at about sleep the other hand it's completely. What do you never let them go outside Heidi the bulldogs are so beautiful. Outside normal dogs but. There's just after care couldn't. And to take like being groomed his become right now he's at it like it it's it's it's our time together. He is on the human thing. I think that's cool that's looks so if this takes first time here where he was your last year Allison and EB. Cut his three. That is owner showing him in. Pallet that was a big accomplishment I'm just so why it likely that we that they were this year. When he needs them to think about it and John off. Thank you so much for your time I speak. I think as you can hear you I'm. Can't prevent another dog I can't take it like out there but an intern. Very friendly that this guy right here here. Sydney C a new Finland's OK what kind of dog is is that group it's a working working. I I. I'm I'm though it ABC. Xerox comment jacket wary about I'm from Massachusetts that is and there was this I this is jobless. Eighteen Jamie Powell as he's got him I think he's very family that puppy yankees pundits who he is going to be two February 21. It is eating again this problem full grown size but he has clients who probably. Feeling a little bit more. You like to give kids he is lovely lovely pop in my hand is being soaking wet right now I would be. Are you to tell me about Davos but unlike with personality and he's very friendly outgoing. He can see you smiling all the time on he likes to claim of the kids and he loves to swim. And he also loves to carry his man Paris he's the man Paris he hasn't please tell me the man Paris. That dogged them and effort he is it reached thirty there are approved turning rarer. Aren't you at that when it but they're not. Ruling out us storm and I a lot of eleventh were about to be this man Harry and parents. Stop. And that's. With that fast it. Yet but no you holding a busy ending any right now you like spaghetti and he's walking around. And he says puppets you that's hee-seop hot eat an apple name. He carries it on his any carries isn't here yet he's going shopping on his own sense that this is first time there's even ever. This is first time at Westminster Jessie Owens a party operated. We did a very good job showing. Looked fantastic and he's abroad and limit hard to joke about about it. Experts on good morning patty you Hannity show yeah campaign he did good he is dom he turned he became a champion ranked twenty months old. So only four months ago so we kind of still getting. I feel poor showing at the level off Scot finished champion dogs and that means getting a feel for eyewitness and mom. Well you know as a class dog days it's a little bit easy and when you are going. With a champion dogs it's a little bit more competitive so it's. It takes more time preparation everything else I mean he takes a lot of time anyways right on. Just just to compete about love always that want blacks and what time is he could be I hear shall already rented the rain. Analyzing the ring at nine trying to. And we performed really well I didn't government and that's right Donna us maybe next time. Meeting the the best dog going home down that lets you Douglas thank you so much for your time I think you are watching. They Wear that here at ABC news live and don't forget going to be asked later on with a behind the scenes that abcnews.com for more I.

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{"duration":"13:54","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz heads out to the Westminster dog show to take a look at preparations for the furry entries.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45484265","title":"141st Westminster dog show preview","url":"/Entertainment/video/141st-westminster-dog-show-preview-45484265"}