After: The Sundance Film Festival

Peter Travers recounts the best movies featured at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.
12:14 | 01/28/13

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Transcript for After: The Sundance Film Festival
Everyone -- Sundance Film Festival is one of the most talked about film festivals in the business if your film makes it there. He -- going to box office success even reached cult status reservoir dogs usual suspects clerks the Blair witch project all products of the Sundance Film Festival. And for 29 years now Hollywood has. Brought star power to park city Utah and this year no different celeb count. At its highest peak Rolling Stone magazine film critic and host of ABC's popcorn Peter Travers was there -- He saw the films he took in the sights may be -- little skiing little apt phrase he is well he's here to talk about the Sundance. Hollow how was it because -- the rest of us here have to just rely on fake. Fireplaces and bad nordic winter ice that is what you like those that really -- that that would defeat in stilwell and -- -- -- this is getting my ticket to ride it just how -- it was a spectacular Sundance yet here. It was there were more good movies now I have to say to you going into this caveat for credit for cricket like me. Who have to deal with January movies that opened for everybody -- it's like hands on the red color we -- there's -- hope everybody thought about that yet. So when I go to Sundance -- -- new things and they're exciting and. A lot of them are really good and this year. They weren't on the good. That people -- -- I want that I want them when -- just buying everything that enormous threat with checkbooks checkbook you're there it's like a minute maybe you don't notices -- but there's been like the economy is really him out until people were saying I'm not paying any money and yet here movies were gone for ten million dollars. That was the way way back with Steve Carell -- and then you have a movie that Don Johnson -- that was going 44000005. Million upfront and then 25 million parent he'd. For marketing thing. So this is this is amazing bargain basement prices how -- it was what sort of back in 1989 right. It well it didn't start in 1989 was the year that a little movie called sex lies and Beattie writer but he said. -- We don't have to go here with our -- our -- could become a hit -- a year and since 1989. Everybody's been coming and coming Robert Redford who founded this used to be sitting in a bar somewhere having awards ceremony I remember going -- it. We would sit there to be empty tables over here and everybody just chatted and now you can't find space is definitely shoe worn in this this is so it's changed so much so it's not just not just a place to go in ski and see a couple of celebrities and it's really turned into -- Hollywood powerhouse making deals -- it's ideal place but look. People -- -- and more than anything. They go up and down main street -- for parties and what we call sweat ball that being does it matter which you are you could be Justin Timberlake. You're still gonna look for freebies and they're gonna say do you -- snowball that's our top elected us to give me some of the -- -- the freebies and into the lineup at all of these that he flag -- where people stand and if you are celebrity. And you agreed to take a picture with the -- that -- and I think that there. You get it it's yours for free elitist talk about the economy's doing -- right now out of -- evidently. -- can I don't believe -- really had no way to imply that enable and then at night everybody wants to go to the cool party. And then the cool show Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters -- and a movie -- sound city that I -- the documentary about. You know analog music and digital world. But he had eighth concert he had a. I think I puck into the net and he said you know despite the fact of the movie and everything I'm gonna -- on the show was three and half hours on Stevie -- was there. Rick Springfield he was pulling an on and on you have to fight to get him I love. The big winners then this here -- the big movies that -- the stands out. What happens is there's always two prizes -- -- everyone is called the grand jury prize where a lot of will be -- critics. I -- her back and consider remnants say I judged this the best and then the audience who goes and waits on line for two hours. Both the audience award which is the killer -- That's the when you watch because it means when your movie opens real people may actually paid money to see cannot critics like me. And this year very rare thing to happen a movie called fruit fail one ball towards how -- the elitist grand jury. And the audience agree on the same thing. And this is a wonderful movie. True story rest -- a guy named Oscar grant who was pleased to be shot in the Bay Area near -- police station while he was handcuffed by the police. Who said. I don't know what happened I was reaching for -- -- but I got my gun and shot him in the back while handcuffed. An incredible story with a hot new -- called Michael B Jordan right who everybody knows from Friday Night Lights in the wire. At every this was of the movie that I saw this year that got a standing -- things really went ever bought anything actress what like she's Octavia Spencer -- his mother. Tremendous performance she's also one of the producers who helped get it made it would seem like how hard it is to get a movie like this -- it got done and it won prizes. Tackling now also getting -- claim as well rest spectacular now head is I see so many bad teen coming of age movies they all play like American -- -- mind. I was gonna say that. I think it's not a critic -- get a benefit. -- -- You have a movie that's like that where everyone seems real and he's very young actor she leaned Woodley -- George Clooney's daughter in the descendants. And miles teller who was with Nicole Kidman in rabbit -- One acting awards Sundance -- doesn't have to -- acting and they said we like these two kids so much we can. Call them -- give -- shout out. And utterly miraculous that that what I mean that's a huge feather in their cap -- they you know put away the skis and go back to Hollywood and put the sunglasses back. You don't want interviews talked a lot of people out there was the big standout a Dave -- -- said what Dave -- is just wonderful -- out at him before and I think if we play the interview when it finally airs on popcorn. He said yep port so many times that -- I think the interview have to be cut down to four minute if it but it just the way to Italy monologue total -- it isn't just the way top. But I also really enjoyed talking to Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tony Danza who -- father and son in -- -- addiction. Now on -- addiction is one of the few movies that played Sundance -- -- get upset. Certain groups conservative groups in the state of Utah right because it was much -- and. Don Johnson -- is this guy has got Scarlett Johansson in his bed and he still going off to. Go on the Internet and -- point it's like the objective -- people it's. This culture which this -- and. And. They were really good talking about this as was Naomi Watts who also has a movie called two mothers -- where -- and Robin Wright. -- mothers who've been friends and grow but they have teenage sons in the wind up having affairs with each other's. Wow I don't exist until well well I guess is that these are they -- it's not just the fireplace that's getting on well that'll let you obviously we couldn't all hit the slopes. With Anne Hathaway to make it out there for Sundance -- had actually go on line. It's not look to our keyboards -- our hot bodies to find out what everyone's talking about Sunday -- -- bitter I've not. I don't I'm not bitter in my in my Arctic cover the ridiculous that some of the top traders on might be becoming Yahoo! News senior editor VB. -- what was everyone talking about. -- Qwikster is pictured in this there's really a lot of people talking it did it get so Ashton Kutcher plus -- on Twitter. Chaired this photo of himself the composite have committed an actual flood of cheap jobs happened it is corrections -- -- Steve Jobs and -- and he treated out think thank you -- from the -- this film although as I'm sure Peter -- China and the film actually received mixed reaction both on Twitter and from critics at Sundance. Makes his very kind -- didn't. That that's a pretty image -- picture me did you it does take a second actually seen. Who is who -- -- one that's well. I think what that's weighing in on the whole like legitimacy of the back story that's being told -- -- that's gonna happen whenever you have a bio right -- another picture of you know basements -- job that's coming after this one. So we're getting -- controversy controversy -- -- -- must prevail that. Got crazy amount of traffic on Saturday night right. It did there's a great photo that -- -- circulating around that was shared by indie wire which is a film reviewing site. -- the director accepting the award up there for the grand jury prize. And the star of the film Michael B Jordan also is on Twitter actually. Treated out that he was so excited. I love that wow crazy feeling right now classic Internet just. Wow -- well that's that's for having when you can have a 940 characters or less -- he can't make -- out there. Look at this. -- car and exactly -- -- parties the biggest thing that I would've liked it and Peter didn't bring us anything Phoebe how about that I think we had a written in there there -- in their contract I think standards and track. -- and right now. Written by Britain not papers to be extremely Joseph Gordon -- you Levitt he made a pretty than usual sign up with -- the awards Saturday night right back a little attention. It you know he was treating -- he also is wrapping his own project kept record -- was there. And you know he signed off on Twitter thanking everyone for coming to Sundance and you know saying we'll see you next time and -- -- into the heart and what -- -- and -- -- very nice very nice Bibi thank you so much a lot of people talking about what's happening. At Sundance that because we couldn't all be there. But all but we're -- some largest -- -- -- we're is the -- glad that we had a representative and obviously you know one of the ways that you sign off is to have -- celebrities singing in -- and they are you going missing for months not -- -- I'm -- -- but if you would like to -- that we may be well it wouldn't mind because we've yeah we composed a little montage of some of your best. Celebrity singing -- can't wait for this you're ready for this one I'm ready to take it take -- into it if you wouldn't mind well I ask everyone to sing and sometimes they get really angry and they got. If you're at it that way here and ABC -- -- here ago Peter Travers the singing -- -- sign up. This show always and saw. I hasn't been found that was -- that's just like the tiniest little bit of what what intimidating -- in Charlotte sting at my adrenaline just went out. To be honest I'd have. -- is that people have given me to try not to do this but never baby. -- at -- south. -- Comes at south plot. America who would suspend -- a predator -- icing -- I I think a really creepy. Baby song that my mom thing to me babies in the wounded. And names. Well most whole thing along the home for the NASDAQ accident how the -- -- It's they -- down and diet. Peter -- gonna -- the so Fran know. AA team. End -- to crew. Came -- And drag them. Mast she. Then it closed and and then two. Me via had been. So who punitive those -- game -- There you know being an answer -- Be. Be. Be. The B. There -- only in -- concern. Ten.

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