2017 Nominations for the Oscars Are Announced

ABC News' Amna Nawaz sits down with film critic, Peter Travers, and fivethirtyeight's Walt Hickey to talk surprises, snubs, and predictions.
40:24 | 01/24/17

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Transcript for 2017 Nominations for the Oscars Are Announced
Hey everybody good morning I'm on the news not lie in New York thanks for being with us the 89 annual Academy Awards are upon us this morning. We're gonna bring you all the nominations as we learn them live right here I enjoy it. But to people who know where more about this that I do they pick it up taking I 88 Peter Travers. Thank you so much for being here you will bathroom for a of course because we've been up all night anyway just wait it's a patient and complete that's why didn't do this so early entry air why it elevates him. It's early of these items ELA. 815 here now my life flag. As president trump would say it's the year taking media. Over the basically we basically he didn't immediately get this information out right away right we get way and it's gonna dominate the conversation all say it's used him in do we waiting for this for months at this point. Its eight season a big way. OK so let's take a look at some category and no you that domestic right Peter with the when you had your eye out for nominate. Well I am I have my eye on all of the La La land nomination because I I really like that movie but. He can actually be calm. A movie that gets nominated for fourteen Oscars and if it's done is it will then be tied with Titanic. Wow and all about he the only movies in the history of this 2000 year old captive. I don't know how did but I think they're a hundred anyway. We'll just great records and all that I just love record breaking you love that we're gonna wait to see if that happened but I do you want a look at best actress. Here's this year kind of looked like he was already getting set out to be duel between and a stone Natalie Portman right. But evidence is appellate that comes in at the Golden Globes wins in aids is kind of changes the conversation glad that so. Really interested in this final five is going to be really interest in seeing if our street is getting him to get her twentieth is just aids and very cold category. OK so what else are we keeping and I and I do it wants the look at when talks about the actor Aaron lead actress best picture there any other had to call the airline because what did we can't do it. 22 of the ten candidates last year. Oscars so why let's talk about. We just went through. Everybody thing what's gone on with these people out so they can't do that this time. And they specially can't do it because that they did it. It would be really something to get enraged about how do you think that thinking about that I don't think there are thinking the voters of saying. Which African America. I didn't think combat this now yeah that's in there it's. And so who will that benefit only the big stars like Denzel Washington or Viola Davis so what does it do to the Herschel oddly. Naomi Harris it the route me it's these people really would go. Here's the thing I didn't know about. Sort of the back dealing that goes into nominations want you've done some reporting on this Tommy about the everyone thinks it's a meritocracy yeah no he didn't have the best performance of the best picture what how do you actually get not. It's campaign. In so many ways it's it's the same way that he elected to something it's the same way you have 6000 people in your category you're an actor you have the more than a thousand people that you need to convince. That your performance or your actors were worthy of a nomination. And you can't pay the same with that a real skimpy TU who you can be run Gaza you go meet individual people say I'm right Gaza and the viewer vote. You can find out advertise exhibit Atlanta Italian press that's good. Yeah normal basic it's so. You can buy advertisements in institutional press and so what we did is we looked at variety the Hollywood reporter. We counted up every single instance ad space that films and purchased over the course of the past three months back to mid October. It was a big project in the and we found that men just about a seat. You expect by Amazon studios and and loving have bought a ton of advertisements in pursuit of getting nominations for the directors they're actors for the fills. So beaten Tennessee. We also stuff on the animation category which is a ferry it's very spend heavy generation when speaking. This year you can see a lot of different feels very much targeting that wears you got to what might. Been on the conversation the whole time barely spent time when it kind of came to that print advertising so. Lot of different motivations at play in this lot of folks trying to Kenney to flood the zone get into people's minds it's a it's a really interesting to lift the actual mechanics of this campaign but interest. Well at least they spend so much money out of you for your consideration. That's due so. I think it doesn't have an effect on people I can't really tell there was a skit on Saturday Night Live this week that but he's not sorry per cent weighted. Where he was as if he weren't a law and order show and because he said he didn't really loved while I thought that. And then have to at least at the headlines did. I just didn't think I pledged rag in the middle that it costs are bosh had anticipated but the other. And that was great about it. They sit well what about moonlight and the cops go. All that to. How serious but I didn't see hi Cindy and I wasn't ready for an open democratic and Utley an idiot aimed at that hit I think hit on something that's. Really going on there that a lot of voters think. They're going to vote for spinach you know something that's good that yeah it's gonna say. I'm gonna give this a nomination even if I haven't seen which is crazy time we have to remember that the academy is completely insane. That's the all about it and let it take away America Peter Travers pathology the academy isn't thinking they thought. I had real reason that we founded the golden blows estimate the academy looks at. Bryant. Come off. And that's where everything comes out at the end of the year. Because then they'll forget. It's indicate that comes out earlier than September yes it has no chance we're talking about approximately 6600. Goldfish that the memories of six. Isn't that wonderful economic and credit so much but this this quick and that's just repeat for best picture because the conversation is now something like moonlight or Manchester-By-The-Sea. Or Laila Ali that are practicing ATV your your spinach or your your ice cream or. Whenever Ramallah and won't that tried and that he got to remember that love land is about the industry yet terms of the academy they love. Anything that's about them. Even if they don't like it I thought it drag in the middle leg is yes and I thought he'd steal something that's about them and love it. They were able to give any best picture Oscar to the artist. Even though it had no dialogue at all moving custody and it would have been a French if it was anyway I think and they said it's about us. And they loved to talk about silence yet get a feel like it's it's sort of got lost in the whole conversation. So silence is a fantastic film is. Almost three hours rates would have been an exhibit of a slut but it's got incredible performances race got Lehman incidents at Essex sort of role yet Andrew Garfield totally owns that movie and obviously its markets were so easy so its just automatically in a conversation however. It really got into a tough little it like it would hit theaters last week it was against three of the movies and so it's kind of collided just coming out losses to crowded. Fielded thing I think people didn't want to see a movie talk about spinach yeah it is great as it is I think they wanted to say I don't. I'm going out for a night yeah. Jesuits trying to convert the Japanese. You want me to poke that's how you meet the cult that I do yet. The movie you can stream and it's available at I think that I shouldn't. Because it looks beautiful on the big. But we're gonna see silence may get some not we're gonna take a look and see if Molly can break some records keep iron Merrill street to see if he can make history. As well I think for coming up on the nominations and a second us they put us on the back and we're going to be back here with some analysis on the nomination let's go to them now. A legal high. I guess it just flipped out over it it's kind of like an opinion on embrace open everything comes spilling down yeah like I feel until humble but his moment like no I feel like the. Rate is completely shocking. Really proud you don't get moments like that every day doesn't moment in time facility. The Academy Awards you think you know that's not how it's always been. In 1929. There were no nominations. And winners were announced in advance so today we're gonna change things up again and ran invite past Oscar nominees and winners. Tell welcome this new class. And actually walk them through the next 33 days. For that year I was. Part of that small selected group of the brightest stars and I was able to bring them there. To the Oscars who always wanted to be an actress it. And she had to sit right next to me and be so proud of me walking on this day. The nominees for supporting actor. The Herschel up Ali in moonlight. Jeff Bridges in hell or high water Lucas hedges. In Manchester by the seat and dev Patel in Lyon. And Michael Shannon in nocturnal animals. The nominees for cinema photography. A rival and La La land. Lion. Moonlight and silence. Sun rain. And to my lawyers on the phone. I everything wrong. He says you're nominated for an Oscar but I was by myself this hotel room I didn't have any that he nearly any family and before had a chance to call my mom. Then my door and and a waitress came and and I dispersants chooses to. Constant nominated for most skirt did you but the change and she gives a hug. Documentary feature that fire at C. I am not you're negro. Life animated. OJ made in America. And thirteen. Best documentary short subject extra minutes. Four point one miles. It shows violin. What Tony my homeland. And the white helmets. We are fortunate. And of course you shoot up problems that all of this. They after the very next day hostility also it's doubtful that should be brought to making films. It feels. That on his full hole in language film. Lent of mine from Denmark. A man called move from Sweden. The salesman from Iran and ten from Australia. Attorney Eric loan from Germany. Then or is full lives are some sort. And in means on tele. It up on it and it KJJ. Silent night. Singing. And time code. When I heard my name I think and just about passed out. Them and then when I heard let me Abrahams whose names tractor broom that's when I really lost my mind. There's just does the best moment of my life the nominees for lead actor are. Casey Affleck in Manchester by the CE. Andrew Garfield in hacks ridge. Ryan Gosling in La La land. Vigo Morton sin in captain fantastic. And Denzel Washington in fences. The nominees for sound editing are. A rival. Deep water horizon. Hacksaw ridge. Law along lake and Sally. The nominees for sound mixing our. A rival. Hacksaw ridge. Long long lane and rode one a Star Wars story. And thirteen hours the secret soldiers have been Ghazi. Those very early in the morning and the first thing and that it was only go my wife. I think. He immediately called someone that is gone. Okay give Allen Hunt you're not conscious that Blair won't go of my life. The nominees for production design are. A rival. Fantastic beasts and where to find them hail Caesar and La La lands and passengers. Nominees from room Michelin Frank's aren't. Deep water horizon. Doctor Strange. Through jungle book. If you go in the two strings. And rogue won a Star Wars story. We are making a big chill. And I heard it and I. As it's in England I stopped smacked out of out of the blue I I had no clue I I I had no expectations. Costume design. Allied. Fantastic beasts and where to find. Florence Foster Jenkins. Jackie. And La La land. And it. Makeup and hair styling a man called move. Star Trek beyond and suicide squad. A score of music in a film that is tried to meet the mall's impact full and powerful music. Let's not forget about Zaza did to. Down antenna dented up like that type of power that it leaks also drive gill every emotion through the film and you don't even know this was driving your emotions. That is powerful. The nominees obvious in the school are our. Jackie Nikko levity. La La land just in her wits. Life just you know Halloran and how OSHA. Moonlight Nicholas for tell. And passengers. Thomas Newman. The nominees for original song. Our. Audition the fools who dreamed from La La land. Can't stop the feeling from trolls. The city of stars from La La land. The empty chair from GM and the James Foley story. How far I'll go from alana. Stay tuned for part two of the announcements returning shortly. We're proud to present the world premiere of this year's. Oscars trailer. Actually contained. Free to remember that no prior of that. Let us in ways to protect yourself. It's. IRA there was a lot they're gonna jump right in eyes lead actor in effect there. Yes no time this year note and you know what I have to say that's too bad. Man they suspect has the most under he hasn't been nominated since just the way he's nothing commerce has a billion years ago. And the fact is bet. That kind of performance where he's playing Euro yeah shows the humanity of the year are yet to me is just that kind of thing that we just expect him to be great. But they never nominate him with other instruments and Sully right selling his I think. Was a really underrated movie did well at the box office yeah book kept saying well. Of course he'd be good and yet while not oh he was recently good but it would here's that we know it lead actor Casey Affleck from Manchester by the Shockey got a yeah. That. Back at them at your gar field accelerate stinks I asked him so now they're in OKV the important thing captain fantastic that's this present one yeah why. Again so he according to the odds was kind of below. Tom Hanks who was below Tola Gooden from the film loving so so he was the one who kind of got in there's kind of feel the folks at the chance in and it looks like his efforts paid off. Denzel Washington fences that test you have the best line ever about Denzel Washington the way of his career comparing him to campaign exactly so thanks Tom Hanks takes risks if that. That some flooded Ryan reynolds' name is out of there. Well I think it was unless we would talk. We're talking about Golden Globes where they had a category. Are we getting it at school at all in the Oscars that's going to be very least. He'd missed a lot of the categories that he potentially visual that's its like that so we'll see when it comes of that best actor. What do you make of of the best supporting actor what do you make it a category though Aaron Kelly Johnson's but I never understood why. T hot spots with nominated Michael she went Michael and my husband's in what he would he won a Golden Globe and it just made me up high. To watch Michael Shannon in this magna because. He recently so good and he got nominated I love that that's your reaction is how do you know what hot and what it's Marshall Alley. Yes right yes a lot of people thought he would be favored four for the quotes. They did and then it was Aaron Taylor Johnson in his last sanity has come back and federal. I'm a person Ali's in the editors and you can send home port perfume to 86 members behind breast cancer and to 6000 members of the to Jeff Bridges and Allah I water very good performance I don't think he was the best supporting actor in that film but you know it doesn't talk about for quite lot while the site. Dance that tap a sorry go ahead how he Jeff Bridges. He's just turns doctor. And while it Jeff Bridges yeah. I'm Jeff Bridges doesn't start trouble Walt. Alliant also this that a controversy it is he really supporting. Act when he's not in the movie for a national but he plea is not he is a lot like that kid doesn't get nominated because he's the kid that they found some where setting up powers they missed you couldn't wait to. He was great. And so I think that Patel was saying. Look who I mean this. I don't he came in at the end of the fifth act up. Songs and La La land and best original song that yes there should have been three but there was something called the empty chair that I never heard that it can. And it looked to me like La La land was nominated for everything but best documentary. Okay I'm up I can't. Manual tally. It's we haven't lived by the way for me just ask gray clouds forty Ayman how great with it to hear the word trolls. Hat to the Academy Award nomination did and that is an elegant and hey. They've got a whole another slate nominations coming up stay with us for going to be back here with Peter and won't take let's go now to the rest at the Academy Award. Nomination. My big piece of advice when your nominated is not pop the champagne right away. Because that's gonna continue for a long time. In this case maybe 33 days and you've got a big job I had it. You might have to give a speech in front of millions and millions of people he Oscar. The nominees for original screenplay are. Hell or high water Taylor Sheridan. La La land Damien should sell. The lobster. Yucca salons the most FT must delete both. Manchester by the C ten at the lawn again. And twentieth century Wynn and Mike Mills. The nominees for adapted screenplay are. Arrival Eric Heiser. Fences. August Wilson. Hayden figures. Alice in Schroeder and Theodore and LT. Lion lived Davies. And moon line Barry Jenkins and Terrelle Alvin a grainy. Oh. So the first time that have really truly add the experience the academy in the Oscars was when I was they're. Nominate it. For an Oscar and I have a stop watch and listen the nominees but animated feature. Cobo and the two stirring. More wanna. My whole life is a zucchini. The red turtle. And Z utopia. The nominees animated sellers are blinded by Asia. Borrowed time and pear cider and cigarette. Pearl. And hyper. I got to meet Lee Daniels director. And he just gave me the rule after about thirty to 45 minutes of talking. And so I don't know how other people hit nominated for Oscars but really Kelly easy. Here's some more of this year's nomination. Actress in a supporting role. Viola Davis in fences. Naomi Harris in moonlight. Nicole Kidman in Lyon. Octavia Spencer. In Hayden figures. And Michelle Williams in Manchester by the seat. Film editing a rival. Hacks are ridge. Keller high water from La La land. And moonlight. My phone rang it was my father. And we both just started crying and neither is could finish his sentence as one of the greatest moments of my life and his two years later that we actually got nominated Seattle Frampton hair. And the nominees for lead actress are. Isabel compare in L. Ruth mega in loving. Natalie Portman in Jackie. Emma Stone in La La land. And it Meryl Streep in Florence Foster Jenkins. Directing. A rival. Danny didn't. Packs ridge and Mel Gibson. La La land Damien shares sell. Manchester by the CEO Kenneth alone again. And moonlight Barry Jenkins. To our global community and filmmakers and fans and to everyone who's inspired by movies and loves them as much as we do. Thank you so much for joining us this morning of three of two. It was channeled to welcome the nominees for the 89 economy. And especially honored to help the mountains this year's nominees for best picture. A rival. Fences. Tech song ridge. Hell or high water. Didn't figure as. That let land. Lion. Manchester by the C. Moonlight. Congratulations. To all the extraordinary artists and filmmakers nominated today. It's going to be a great ship. Huge congratulations. Congratulations. Installations. The idea of you being an Oscar nominee is actually now part of your name to the Dade I. Embrace this moment because he's been nominated alone makes you a winner make a speech anyway this is nothing more boring than an I'm prepared actor. I want to congratulate all the nominees tonight advise him to Wear comfortable shoes in the ceremony. Did sleep when you can. Sneak into the Oscars with a glass and half the big time. And there you have it in nominees for the 89 annual Academy Awards let's start with best picture at the when they're all keeping an eye on nine it nominee is nine that's a lot and I didn't have room for dead pool that's. Despite all of us and you know why didn't they stopped them in five and made it more could be ten why it was because they thought at that year that they let that the Dark Knight in it that people had more chance. They were depicted. They don't like these comic book than a 108. Plus I have to say this before I turn it over to you record master yet all time. Mel Gibson has been forgiven yeah. Wow if ever there are some message rape rob why argue that both asked a couple of times and -- average came up. Yeah well I think credible titled don't you don't found. But you're expecting him to be nominating. It was better yet. Hey it's not exactly expected and it's again a long time coming it as far as this kind of journey back into the mainstream goes and is not quite that is somewhat more mainstream than being nominated for best record right. And so yeah no that's a that was bit of a surprise right and again it was a very competitive category and that again Denzel Washington was not nominee for offenses. And Ang Lee was not nominee very believe and have to look at them walk. Arts course he Xena nominee for silence. And all of those had. Better odds of the nomination it and Mel Gibson and in August and prior to this was hundred to one odds of winning best director and now he's in the man. Still look at the folks who are in that category though nuggets and accelerate steamy inches south Somalia and very Jenkins from moonlight Kenneth Lonergan from Manchester by the seat. And did need the illness right for our National Guard. Davis who directed line had been nominated by the directors so people thought that would be what would get in there but. Mel Gibson got yet parents that you know and that is because since they still hated on Nate Parker for doing birth of the nation who at last year's Sundance festival he was the greatest thing on earth who. And then this scandal came up about him in a rape case from. Twenty years ago who and that ended him so he was not forgiven but Mel was and of course I have to bring up Meryl Streep because now this is hurt. 2000 nomination it as an area that rounded up here that's out once they want it. Unions and that well yet. Whenever a body is nominated for everything I can hear it yet but I bottom of the director direct and she's kind of made issues the heart and soul and yeah America's great. Get me wrong but you wouldn't what does that tell you came out saying land a right Amy Adams is very good in zone. And her not getting nominated Mexican nominee again after it took that fifth chair so to speak yet and so that's again that categories extremely interesting here. Based out there who who it seems has quite evident bus now especially at her her Golden Globes she and. Into coming up thing right now yes. Because now that she's bear the academy full membership 6320. I've made that up but it didn't see it that it's pretty quick enough. I'm really honestly I don't like. A it will just vote for is about her because they know everybody thinks he's great they don't need to see. It's a she issued a surprise though early actress. It yes the two months cuts in most definitely that cut as right now they after winning gloat I think that evening that the consensus you got this category she's. Going into today with sport one odds to win it all and I think that number only those. Meryl Streep gets her twenty is not a surprise to me 28% of current Peterson every year I think you're not an its group net after a lot in health department for Jackie Emma Stone a lot and you like he's about there would be like a tablet. As well that's it again a bit of momentum behind her we got to see how the Screen Actors Guild goes but this one that's there was this month. I think Natalie Portman was very central to this conversation few months ago and no longer is this close of the centrist has been that but yeah. Again I think it's an interesting year and I think that we thought it was going to be a duel but I think it's going to be elegantly spoken out running and an advocate. So could third Amy Adams and there they wanted to grant me and they make it look to America that morning. He could have dominated from fox sports Jenkins you grant or Simon Hulbert not. It was all to them was about morale because misty they got. Yes she's nominated she's on the relations us. The son about the rest of the women supporting actress viola Davis and and says Amy Harris for moonlight Octavia Spencer and hidden figures. Michelle Williams Manchester-By-The-Sea and Nicole Kidman in line not one surprise not let you know battle and everybody ten down who what you gonna put it there who you gonna do you know that you like. All. I think basically Michelle Williams gave a genuine supporting perform it's that. And that Viola Davis in fences is giving the lead performance at she's nominated in support so she'll win that. Happens quite often and Iowa that that's the perfect read on the situation LA yet. That's what got me as saying it's are saying they debt that's what's going to yes. The terms of our Oscar so why. Story before I think you have rehearsal ennui and Viola Davis going in as the favorite absolute in their categories yesterday that. So they can rest a little easy they also nominated August Wilson for his screenplay offenses and that's great for guys have been dead for ten years I think it's. A show of respect. Which they didn't show Denzel Washington for directing it. As a tribute to August Wilson in other words he made the movie look at the play good news and they didn't want. Animated feature column. Twice. Swimmers don't worry. The homeless finding Delorean she's gone is proof that doesn't matter right at the box office right Kyle so be it takes about my. Let's accept up like this year. It did not get a film and then that with as utopia. In its history of don't ask about combat theater really really yes. It really is it really is I have not known that you have a favorite in this category the other two in the katic I had read hurdle because pilot as he Toby had to me is. Should be in nominated as best picture I thought it was that good yen and yet now that they have that category they don't let it. Get added to get out of enemy they don't leaded Toy Story 3 was the last you know great those rooms are. So what they thought they were great. What did you make me laugh on the documentary feature. Yes this is well yeah. It made in America made that RE SP and colleagues are what does the company that is in the next thirteen from David Saturday. Fire at seat which what what have you heard enough artsy and no I think it's between thirteen. And the OJ yet maybe I think. The OJ movie is a course to that's an hours long distance as many as Merrill street has five it's actually enemies here is. But it shouldn't be there. It's great for what it is I would give it to that. The thirteen there wasn't about water potentially making the category think that this number now I think that our long national conversation has moved up from Anthony Weiner in the past few times. And I'm just what you think you've moved on now I'm ago I am here. Through sources that have. Through my brain age son's very and it's there that love and was nominated for fourteen Oscars which means it's whiff. Only two other movies Titanic and All About Eve in 1950. That have that many nominations for a little movie that came and no. Yet and that's pretty amazing that if I think you know they'd love love and debut in left center field can say that when she. They said and you could say yeah you really left. Visit along you think deep into it that we say that to me I didn't know what I want and onerous Beulah nicely in my neighborhood vicious crime ideal identity with moderates. You have major snubbed out there when you feel angry. On their behalf because Tom Hanks had they had about yeah I'm angry about market's course as silent Scotland's yet I just think. What what is that I think it got us in photography. Nomination islands yet I think that was pretty much it. Yes but TT she. Clint Eastwood who also directed Sally. In that kind of professional way that they used to like I think that but the good thing is they're trying to show support. Four new names they have new members in each of the guild's yeah and they're coming in and they'll nominate didn't engine of war arrived. They'll say. Something's going on with a guy like Damien Giselle whose 32 dude well I think they're they're showing something. I'm and of course is the white this committee of the entire actions. And that would win. We were we're watching and he's come in let's about best adapted screenplay. Not one of those films it is about a white man all of them are baggage either anomaly. Male performer or beginning. Rattle its name yet so so. We're kind of seeing this the triple and in some ways when it comes to what's getting produced. What's getting adapted what's getting picked out that. The trip but there are more actors and actress were divert actors and actresses nominated at least and I was very pleased to see part of not -- that are not being paid for all the bar was left the apartment Wasilla. But still I could have been forgotten it wasn't successful at the box office. Yet that performance was just glowing everything she did and it was great that they that that Amy Adams. And Annette Bening. I think that's a little shocked. Especially since been nominated twenty century woman who manipulates film for screenplay thing again heart soul of the movie season not like I was. You know I did a few scenes and they were great apple. Twentieth century winds up back out and had been scare and we think this could startle adjutant was snapped right to totally enter and think what I mean again you can't have everybody in there in those categories and you can understand maybe why that is. But the fact that they paid some attention to route they got there is a good sign that they're paying attention to them minorities. In this Oscar. War and likely like we were saying earlier click if you look at who was advertise you look at who is pushing that they of their film and for your consideration advertisements in the its oppressed. Loving was really going out there and I don't I think this is the kind of film that that understands it's probably not in the lead for a going to win. When things that they really wanted to get nominations and whether that root Nagin and nominated. Is a pretty big win for for that countless hearts. In the end though he comes down to three movies through its La La land. It's moonlight that's Manchester but it says GAAP and that those will be the dominant element in this moonlight we could go back to the Saturday I've skit. Quit date they all know it's a good movie yet but they're probably not watching. Okay how many did you bet on the record right now for best picture habits you can make your predictions sure yeah. Of that category against loudly and Manchester by the C moonlight arrival fences lion hell or high water. Hacksaw a ridge and hidden figured just kept listing every movie that was out there. We thank Peter Travis. Judy just the now it's going to win the Huntley and it's going to win a lot of its categories I think except for the actors. I don't think Emma Stone or Ryan. Gosling are going to win in their categories which is odd because usually that habit it's very possible for one of them. And I think it would be Emma Stone to roll Ian with a sweet. Yet. Of the same thinking I think that it's going to be a film that doesn't win any acting categories. I think that again teenage Zell is at this point for him to shoo in for best director it appears they someone comes insofar. And I think that it's kind of film that that. When you look at. Who's who's resonating with who votes on this kind of material. What the odds are looking like so far and just how we just ran the table the Golden Globes I think that at this point in. Anything calling anything attacks at the favorite it's just inaccurate. The not that. All right Dan Lungren for life and I'll just it's something out yesterday to 300 teller I wanna perfect person Frederick. Any big surprises you guys expecting in the in the ceremony. What do you think who've. Annually the come out of. What that something that's just what that could also estimates that the president added that peace prizes and that Matt Damon will be stark instate at calling that right. Protection act that's always a good thing. But I don't see. I think things went pretty much according to now. People thought they would go again I don't think that it's that big a shock so there are always those few snobs and I think the one that got most snubbed was Denzel Washington as a director. What he did was labor of love to bring August Wilson to that movie and it wasn't as much love for it as a film as a. I think Vigo mortenson getting in the next her best actor that's that's good for him again he he was in the field for a bit he wasn't by any means a lead for her for that yet so. Yeah I think it's been interesting here it'll be fun to watch. Looking forward to the race getting shaken up a little bit maybe. As far as goes along. That's right that she got like what could happen that would just stunned everybody they usually do it in the supporting category right they come up and you think who. Who what happened like we had he Aaron Taylor Johnson reaction at the golden go right to you know your cell hollow and. And now but I have no idea what that would be I think noticed a big PM I think the stagger back to is going some peculiar. Although again wickedly hard habit is appellate they're being in the mix and you say going to win it all back with your mom moment yet that's what I am. I think it's a halt when all are now. June when the Ascap. I sit here they know kind of rapid at this Clinton really. Has I think that's that yeah. Okay I'll take it you average the recently thank you don't hear it guys thanks for joining us bright and early this morning to forget the 89 annual Academy Awards. Air on Sunday February 26. Live from Hollywood right here on EB he could join us then thanks so much for being with us stay here for all of your award season is recovering at as the weeks go on. Have a great day thanks for joining us.

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