After 33 seasons, 1st African-American 'Bachelorette' announced

The co-hosts talk about the announcement coming from the hit reality show.
2:09 | 02/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for After 33 seasons, 1st African-American 'Bachelorette' announced
You know after 33 seasons there wolf finally be. NASA now take a deep breath ever back. The violent be a black bachelorette. Act now sit on Jimmy Kemp often. She's still on this season of the bachelor but I guess she didn't witness and that's why she's going after it now. You'd think that. Nobody initial I don't know how many suspects 83 seasons I don't know I don't know coming out here and here I going to be interesting I think people will respond to and she's in turn. Deal hello. Apparently this is why does does what it's very important why it. Because his parents still it shall be very discerning shall be cross examining people saw them. Yeah I get into the yeah being watched Michelle no. Kind of great out of some you know said that. It Ed they didn't think people would watch it but in my it to her and I infertile because they weren't trying who. Make it seem like. We would not as interest it. You just quoted one of my favorite movies and it's not him asking and it is there are already banning of Ole. And me not yet in a way how slowly. That's how. I mean this is taking all these years Canada is actually. There was a time when it was this education they called it when Matt a black person married a white person was against the mafia business until they love it yes it is now eleven inches a Supreme Court case and it changed the act. I mean it's not that long about now listen we only got them. Don't full vote in the United States and 68 also out now my parents oh yeah and I'm me that they couldn't have gotten married I was born at eight they could've gotten married Ku Klux Klan behind administration. Well. Walled its heat up hot. I mean these Ed not David duke and Doris said trump when he won and he was inaugurated. Was happy as day and they alive I was happy to meet our additional pump trip Sonnen just about another what did not want not what I say told us what knowledge not.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"The co-hosts talk about the announcement coming from the hit reality show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45487751","title":"After 33 seasons, 1st African-American 'Bachelorette' announced","url":"/Entertainment/video/33-seasons-1st-african-american-bachelorette-announced-45487751"}