Aaron Paul 'Did Shots of Tequila' With Michael Jackson

"Breaking Bad" actor tells Jimmy Kimmel about his weekend at the Prince of Brunei's birthday party.
3:00 | 03/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Aaron Paul 'Did Shots of Tequila' With Michael Jackson
Now I read something about UN and I know you and I did not know this you. Got to know Michael Jackson -- how the hell did this happen. It was just. A very long weekend. With Michael -- now waving it was an -- We're -- got invited Al -- my buddy got invited out. Two the prince of Brunei his birthday party. Outside of London at this castle. And I was like his plus one and I went out there and the prison and -- is coming but when I when I -- -- of the castle -- just. -- -- -- -- You played Floyd's. In whatever it takes -- like one of my first movies forever ago -- and area. Anyways he took a liking to me and we -- -- ran around played the sheep and and then he's like. And that the prince and then I was going into the hotel room and has a -- one of the -- -- an aide to prince. Wants to talk to you I'm OK so I go -- this giant library and the prince's inside the library. With Michael Jackson and sellers is Michael to prince and I talking for about an hour it was just it was so weird yeah. It's so weird and then that night. Mom might pull myself and for a -- you know about ten other people. Pretty drunk that night in the library -- It is so bizarre. You know -- what was Michael Jackson drinking -- we did shots of tequila all of us. We're talking about life in drawing up and you know he said you know if you get issues is it's all about forgiveness and go out. Okay that's wasn't planning to do something to you. We'll -- ever ever give me -- it -- And I just -- -- you want to take a shot he said yes. And then -- sort of taking shots and had his own wild. How that's crazy day it was it was put all night long yet eight you -- tell he sure was brand new is that really Chris but yet that little in sticker outlook for -- on is uninsured. It is so I just wanted to take -- off so bad that -- had wanted to bring it up maybe that's for Michael. It wasn't. Not that I have paparazzi it's ever been my -- Graham to maybe it's from Michael but it just wasn't that tell you it's the first time like this is not really normal to be at a party for the prince of Brunei but -- -- say. The -- like normal story I've ever heard about Michael Jackson sitting around with a bunch of guys doing shots of tequila it was fantastic I'll I got but there's a lot more to the story there there actually -- yeah. I have ever seen Michael sands but I I kind of stayed in touch with the prince overnight he did he invited on the out sued. His younger Brothers sweet sixteen birthday won't -- I was like sure all go -- bring some friends easily -- bring order wants a broken bodies and we hang out overnight from a month than. And then actually me he said that you gotta say it that the -- month. I was -- about a month. Today he -- we -- at one night at the palace his palace his his own zoo. Which is crazy it is on bearer -- Alan Paterson monkeys like running all over the place with a one night that we I we stayed a night there he insisted that I slept. In his bed. -- -- -- That we can't let -- this emitted is the giants it's grown like almost as big as the state. And so I I I slipped the net and and the all of his friends slipped a little pads all around the bad and he insisted on watching whatever it takes. This movie that I did that he loved me and it was so weird. Also bizarre -- run -- and we need to -- sure who -- we need to take a moment to take this and because. -- Paul by the way is available for birthday parties.

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{"id":22823546,"title":"Aaron Paul 'Did Shots of Tequila' With Michael Jackson","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Breaking Bad\" actor tells Jimmy Kimmel about his weekend at the Prince of Brunei's birthday party.","url":"/Entertainment/video/aaron-paul-shots-tequila-michael-jackson-22823546","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}