ABC News Staffers Preview New Star Wars Ice Cream

Ample Hills Creamery stops by the newsroom to see if staffers choose the dark side or the light side.
25:32 | 12/11/15

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Transcript for ABC News Staffers Preview New Star Wars Ice Cream
We knew Doug Powell. Docks. It will be warming nuclear whom do you. We told you. People need. And we'll talk. To our war is the mania is heating up as we at least it of the newest movie the force awakens. As you saw that clip rate that the force was strong in episode five empire strikes back to Vator tried to persuade them to join that dark side. And we are going to put our own ABC staffers to the test today and see which side they're on. Joining me live from our newsroom is ABC's owner Michael Brockman Michael what's going on in the newsroom what's the tests. So. And you're correct we are a week out Star Wars the force awakens and everyone's very excited and with that in mind. We have the ice cream inspired by the franchise. And there's she flavors the light side and the dark side. And we're gonna put our staffers the test and CAF. We are all jet or if the dark side is gonna take over our newsroom. We had a special guest with us. Ryan Smith who is the founder and owner of ample hills Cleary. And that tells more about the flavors which we have here. The light side. Much of an entire news written it and the dark side. And so tell us about these look delicious tell us. I guess the let's let's go to the good side first elect that so when we set up to makes oversized but really we really wanted to to to something that told the story that told a narrative so there's that of one flavor we decided it down the idea of two flavors the light side in the dark side with the light side. We wanted them brightest most purist. The aerial flavor we come up with which was marshmallows. And so it's a marshmallow ice cream and then we make a homemade crispy ago rice crispy treat. In there and then we throw in just a little bit of a home made chocolate Christie to represent the dark side that still lurks within. Thank internal conflict and so then over on the dark side and we do the mr. reverse of that with the dark side which as we look for the deepest darkest chocolate ice and we've never made. And we made that as the base and then we put an espresso fudge brownies and again a homemade Coco Crisp being and then. These white chocolate curls that represent the light that still is trying to get out of the dark side so the films have always been about that eternal conflict between light and dark with them Darth Vader with them Luke and so. We really wanted to tell that story with ice can. It's in my mouth slaughtering ruled that you got noticeable cute special Q the air with one sided that dark. And besides Luke we'll see which one wins out. To you guys first and and you guys come from galaxy far far away called Brooklyn nets or ample hills Kremer is located. You guys just opened a visa for a half years ago this is very exciting how did added you to. And Jackie get in tune that's that your your partner and wife. Get into this and what with the stories of their instincts were behind it we -- Then four and a half years ago I was relieved my midlife crisis. Our kids were four and one at the time and my background had not been. Culinary or in ice cream and all it was. Screenwriting writing bad side I'm movies monster that we denying killer birds do not look him up on line please. And so I did that and it was just reaching state where I wanted to do something that was more community oriented we. Almost more than the ice cream we were looking to sort of build the sense of community around tonight's show a place that you go to pass the top and we also made all of our rights came from scratch and at the beginning it was me making every scoop of ice cream from scratch. All of them Mexicans the brownies the peppermint patties the cookie do all that stuff we may as well. And so you know we open up or for shopping prospect heights in Brooklyn. Four and a half years ago and then this last summer we opened the larger. Shop in go on its name. And now we're building out of factory and red actually via the supplied more rights payment deal says. Take points out more grocery stores and Stamford there. Now and then this happened yes and star loses. Is his extreme. I might let us and it's a Bryan tan being a former site greater threats to get the view of the place some small group aren't in the Star Wars story. It's just awesome. Nikki has a question. I I. Favorite flavor is and also just generally what the team members spent before we dive then an in total honesty. So we have a very tough questioning prime been asked a million times we have to ask before the staffers jumpin. Do you have a favorite notes like picking your favorite kids' day but in general and then also with. In of this new creation and is there's one neck current squeeze. World I don't know I hate to have it sounds so politically correct but honestly they go great together with its. You know views the marshmallow is super super sweet over the top like seven year old seven year old inside the 45 year old kind of sweet. In the dark chocolate is super intense super rich super dark. So they actually make a perfect pairing prime minister but then again aren't aren't a pit in my hand to fit into it thinking towards the light side 'cause I'm ultimately it kindergarten and all of our flavors and ample pills. Team and that kind of wasteful kind of ice cream we don't make. Serious ice cream we don't makes frontlines. Our goat cheese ice cream we are making flavors that are placed on Simon's. That's ultimately because my taste you know stop growing and expanding at the age of seven and so. I lean towards delights. What you really saying injured jet not exist lord. That's my ISI can't call you chancellor Kremer Aaron like battle college at a so I think we should start the taste test and I think our own joy Murray is really the first to step on. Come I don't think that the vessel. Spooner that. Now we're gonna keep a running tally through out so join raise the first. You pick whichever one. And lettuce no way year. In your emotions are due. Crunchy. It went in and it's speaks. Out rates be. The urban new spoon and go with. The dark that we we here at ABC news do not double debt. Sourcing cold and flu season. Michael our newsroom is never never never been this quiet. It didn't have a palate cleanser but. It's it's really rich I do love it. Moose OK all right so we got one for the light side and who is our next victim I think annaly Shapiro wants to step on out. It's it's it's surprisingly quiet in here at owning mislead people these is that people running around with memos and breaking news and stuff like that. Actually not really but it'll acquire than usual I think people are kind of focused on us. Item linked which would you like to go for yeah. They we should pick the palate cleanser. Michael while emily's tasting I just unimaginative nearly. It's really cities. I usually like chocolate where rich ice games I think the second one me more my style. Lindley H hello. Doesn't that's really crunchy blend that what the crunchy things. They. Mark. Marsha OK does. That. Make up for the sake I'm absolutely. Were all were all waiting with bated breath. So we have one to one this is that a nail biter Nikki and it's deep in the competition. Astrid. Your next. That bastard are you a Star Wars fan. I am Star Wars phantom right at us. The and he's really good and if at some excuse lake. Marshmallows and rice crispy is like crunchy and sweet. I'm a fan of it. The Kyra Phillips. Darth. It. This is really IG. If he's like a brownie. It's really. I think this one is my junk you. I think this one off in achievement from the big and it some time ago it but. -- strikes again now we have. A lot of times flowers then will it. You're a big fan when was the human bursting that the original trilogy for the first time and we dampers word and I straight strikes back. Blew my mind you my hands in my mind. I'm gonna follow the story. Lieutenant agenda going from Dallack tonight look at the deathly. Story a. Michael he's trying to cinemas in the star ours is produced by Disney the parent company of ABC news. And I'm wondering what are you try it could have. It's smoky. In a double that hope I'll albeit generally compulsions done and then I'll I'll go ahead and track its creamy. I. I'm. It's fluffy. It's fluffy like. Like Luke Skywalker it's a little bit fluffy. Not as intense. And whatever color blue sky locker fluffy but the first it has fluffy yet. I have to give it to the dockside. And the ducks let's pull an oil that I'm litigating here in stratus a little bit. Bigger. Severity of the opening nine yeah. Were. We're trying to adding they're trying to be civil arrests and not take too much but I will take a huge fight and embarrass myself on camera. Getting all of them here. What you thank. That's good in my favor I will love racecars BAC batters he really it is really really good. And burger and really close on national I've prepared. That is amazing and it's actually. It's sweet but if not to sweep. Like you would assume that a via a little much but I can keep going I won't because I'm not mean like that. Such. The golf ball partner. A. The truck the two. If I had a little opening yeah. I know I seventy Cindy Argo to promote him. I didn't go light side of bogus and all of the lights that look risk espy's so what's the what Ford accident what. I think it's five to one and a question for nick accounting might well. I go the light side all the way that is evenings you turn yet but I I just know how jealous. Are you Nickie that you have not tried this yet the Adler incredibly jealous and. We have a deal rotates in the eyes carrying this isn't listening a camera. They don't do anything apart sign. You guys want to eat in and. Incessantly at the same time. No don't look at through a friendship right now so you guys agree it's okay. As you need. I'm. Mary thank you. Krispy like rice crispy treat it early it's good that I thought it would be that you like chocolate. And I don't exactly but this is pretty good running it make a good news Booth swap. An alloy are deciding. But they're letting so far. The latest attacks and the it's far far ahead right now they'll let them don't let that it lead you. Figured out a. As the imminent the with the likes aka. I think I'm. Let's bring Brian for a question also. What was in for I know we talked about the flee her and the inspiration behind it. What are your and we asked polishing earlier what are your memories of first seeing these movies I know everyone's got its got a place and in. Fans parts of we have someone here. Our own executive her stance Silber who. Has a piece of the sidewalk that he waded in for each of removing that's how close this artist what are your recollection's. Seeing either. I was seven when the first movie came and it was you know that was their game changer that was the thing that made me want to. Make movies right movies. Eventually you know I got to do that for a small time in my life but. It was stunning and I grew up in South Florida Aaron member of the theater that I saw that and poker town has since been torn down. Have their ups and asked because I'm the South Florida from Booker T honor Coral Springs area some I'm wondering what theater. You're agreeing. Fifth Avenue shops. A federal highway and between your motto and on madam Fifth Avenue shops twentieth street I think it was an accident that countertop to be a McDonald's there. Seafaring theme it was but when when McDonald's had a lot of franchisees and they could decorate them they want and in this guy had. Fish even of it himself there's some McDonald's and was sitting next to this movie theater. And that's where saw meant. Long long ago torn down but I have Star Wars sheets you know that I slept in for the better part of six or seven years in as a kid. So it was it was definitely a significant part my some room we got this. Opportunity. A Rose Bird you know our voice came down to make these terrorist letters that was definitely the combination of two of my favorite things in line so. So. My beloved questions O'Brien when in the second. As a kid. Were you more drawn and and I think you meet evolve over time you more drawn to loot or was as dark too cool to kinda the and not via. I was definitely. You know drawn Deluca and probably more Han Solo I mean you know he he was. Not really on the light you know the light side of the force but the you know he was on the good guys you know. Probably. I aspired to be as cool as he was never never got there may be starting to a little bit in middle if it. I think Nikki has a question for for Brian. Michael Bryant for all those all of our. Viewers dollars star or fans all eyes can lovers how much does it cost and Hopkins everyone by the ice. Okay that's a great question so we I've seen different different dates and and and prices on line everyone's obviously raving about this and is very excited. Where we get how how we get I know is probably and at the cream Marie or on line and how much the cost. Yeah actually it's not available anywhere except for on line so we have we have a number of brick and mortar shops. But you can't buy editors story and yes it's a very limited edition. Thing that we license with Lucas film. Where were only shipping them on line pick up customers and the United States and so. You can get it in California you give it New Jersey in South Florida. He can give them shipped two pints of it are excited and two points though Whiteside. Just off of our website ample those that come so. It's you know there at their nine dollars a pint. And then unfortunately shipping and shipping is it's it's still Lee a big luxury item these four pints because. There's no easy way to ship ice cream around the country you know trial basis of cooler it's a costly thing but. We figured it was it was worth doing and offering to people because of you need the opportunity was nobody was doing this. They start shipping yet again song can we started they went on sale on December 1 in an effort ship Davis actually. This last Wednesday so and then would be shipping three days three days a week. Through. The next couple of months. I think we should get a couple more taste testers then and I know we can tally of the votes. Vanessa Wilkins your. As if we catch her off guard. Yeah. We. Really don't you kind of hits like Israeli and actually they have brownie. It's good movement. And you can grab and his students ride the rich America. Than there were deaths yes. It. Coca. Who. And I can taste that's also very. Artists as the and I think that way that's what more. And it is like. And frowning at coffee later William. I like them but. And I am not surprised the dark side is running away with that ABC news Nicole Pelletier a I think you wanted to try it. And then we'll see if Nikki has any more questions. Aside from can I at last night's game. Tucker. Collateral to shop yeah we're Fukuda the though it. They are taking very tiny scoops groups aren't that. Get it reminded me and the like hands over it now join like this one. What are your thoughts. And I can't very rich at. And I know that's not flavor earnest this question. What about that start planning the dark when it is chocolate with late cronies let us expensive. Trustees. Mark and rate. Here's. My specific which I like yes you and I notice is very high absolutely. I'm have to say the light equipment and I. Very. If you if you. Focus in on the is you can even see the light side it stays creamy and soft and fluffy. And the dark is like peoples that more rich and dance and yes because it has. In these containers to be collectibles with their plastic it agencies seeking ransom and keep them and that was the whole idea are art director did. The the illustrations of the characters and our talent. Chasing up to try to catch up to two Ian deviate non here and on the other when kind of rend but. The idea was to really. Design something that people that hang onto it saved us collectible item. So most of our clients are done and you know traditional paper board that these funds we did in this plastics of the people could reuse them. And another light last well you're you're Kremer is you're your your wife is on. Good Morning America this morning I was demonstrating one of the cooler things that you guys doing it we were talking about this earlier. You have such as special. Almost a bent for birthdays and things. She was riding a bike and churning I think her own custom it's less ice can tell us all about that and how people can do that at year. They're shop our own ice cream spinning class it's the custom. Bill stationary ice cream bicycle to we had bill. To do birthday parties so. We have Tony thirty kids at a birthday party and the birthday employer bureau gets to decide what's layer of ice cream economy can we do him a lesson in how to make it it's it's basically an old fashioned hand crank ice cream maker of the old times he would use rocks are all nice. They work phenomenally well same technology under 250 years after it was invented and they still work and so we have one retrofitted to a stationary bicycle. Duke kids can use pedal power in sort of hand power. And they get to all take turns peddling we take pictures of them and then they get date you know the instant gratification of getting beat eat the ice cream that they've just made him. It's really. I scan is one of those foods. That we don't have we haven't really peeled back the layer on on the process by which he gets made so most people don't going to ice cream shops and get to see. The narrative of how their ice cream is made we see how pizzas made it a pizza shop for burgers animated there's a lot of foods that we get that process and there and so that's what we built out of our shops as we have these. Kitchens that are on displays of people can see us making the united screaming big there's a more immediate personal connection we carried it through with the birthing artists. I so I just got some breaking news you wouldn't know it by looking at this. Very quiet newsroom. But the winner is the dark side six to four. Niki vote it also I don't know that really counts could she hasn't tried it yet. But I'll let it slide but 66 to four and I think that that does it ABC news is. Is a Sith lord. Michael I I hope there's some left from an excuse curious is bright seem forced awakens his busy giving a thumbs up as he's seen. We were talking earlier. Have you seen the movie that you're the city going to a screening. Shortly on the on the eighteenth not enough before they've been I I tried it but you couldn't get a couple of the you know enough ice cream wasn't quite. A business. It's our hope but it wasn't quite on to get into the screening of for the rest of the world's. Now rivals view other bills on Friday me team. What what are you it especially excited about I know there's this whole new host of characters and then need at least we saw Carlo ran who's on. The carton for the dark side it's very there's so much going and. What a youth excited. To see what on earth as and those looks I mean it's. To the most brilliant marketing tool to not have them in any of the trailers or any of the the imagery anywhere. I just I'm terrified that he's gone over to the dark side I think that that could somehow put to seek. My seven year old self of the court so I think that's the thing I'm most excited to see is just what is that story and JJ Abrams has talked about. That was the one thing he wanted to tell us who is Luke's are what's the story so that just that scares me. Well we don't know if Luke has gone the dark side but ABC news definitely has. Clinton so with that we've did you do and from dark frothy and would we deciding and Jenna Cramer. We are gonna wave goodbye and check out this ice came as soon as fox. ABC news on a tax a big thank you Brian Smith thank you Michael and think you'd ankles greenery. Star Wars episode set in the force awakens opens on Thursday December 17 star or has produced by Disney the parent company of ABC news. For ABC news digital I Nickie Batiste may the force be with you.

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