Academy Awards Boycott Debated by 'The View' Co-Hosts

Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith say they will boycott the Oscars over lack diversity in nominations.
7:36 | 01/19/16

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Transcript for Academy Awards Boycott Debated by 'The View' Co-Hosts
If there isn't called Smart Oscar boycott been getting louder and louder all of the lack of diversity among nominees. But here's my question why does is a conversation that we only have once a year. It has every every year we didn't get all fired up. And then. The rest of the year nobody says anything these movies have in common now women going to see them I'm so people notice wonders and lack of diversity it won't be so why we've street not a black Christmas. Generally talk about it once a year because there it is if faces the same thing and now here it is again what isn't your friends all the time when you go to the movie but I systems so lightning rod I think that just reminds people -- whites and how white people are awarded an and I think you know we always think it's gonna get better. Because last year there was that has checked Oscars so white and we had this conversation last here. Finally two years and years ago and I really thought it was going to get better this year and I'm actually surprised it is a better because when you look at the stats. 46%. The one point two billion in movie tickets sold in the US and 2014. Were purchased by African Americans insure 46 like I'm not many have people's. Seeing the movies are nominating people in the movies and the real problem is there aren't a lot of movies that feature African Americans and increase this year. Where Stallone was the only thing after nominated the irony about not lost it straight out of Compton the only people nominated for that would see white writers. So there are issues NN. You know there's real purchasing power and that's my point I'm I'm sort of surprised at that. Mean if you look at right along to which came out this weekend it bump Star Wars out of the number once. But Taylor went along snarl or nominated any knotted the but it can't get any hope to show you the power of the African American dollar and and that's why I think but what data biggest myth than others must wait I chaos and mostly about qualities as those being about money riots left. I agree if they can play a lot of these are licences that's an over what equipment or even a bomb drop clues performer. And so you wanna say it wasn't as good as it is that's how you have to look at this and the other thing is. Get out Chris Rock. Is the host of the Academy Awards and so too white hot him. Seems just his bed is what everybody sang out sick because to me I'm right I'm happy I'm glad this iMac. Because we haven't station every year and it doesn't mean job and it pisses me off because there are people. Now there's not a lot of support him. For a little companies who make movies that may be what diverse and everything else in what you can't dance about it just on the time you have to look into and I am Matt so don't. We surprised. And keeping emails and and text yeah he Pawlenty isn't about a. There got really out. Question though what they have been bigger. I'm and groups of people at that they have to narrowed down to the top five. More in the larger than did they have done worsening what were at MIT where they are not everybody who. Feels. Cool it is possible to nominate anybody who was in a movie you can nominate them okay you. As an actor I can nominate anybody who was in a movie. The same with the best movies I can nominate any movie I want that's on the list. And every movie is on the list including ride along and might along sent a letter but they're all that it got beyond what I do in the nominating a two Y and then 94% of them are quiet and if you admit the president cherub not came out when not what I don't know yes I'm may miss an Olympic let me tell you what the problem is it's not that the people nominating until like did not look at the movie and say it all went very white I'm not -- -- that black movement that's a lot that's what's the problem as the people who can be helping to make movies and that have blacks or Latinos and right women and all that. That money doesn't come to you because the idea is that there's no place for black moves that they want him to people. Two black people in a movie I'm telling you look at several mentally I don't I understand that let you let you know phenomenon and I just knew let me just say let me read this terrible and I. Six right she became academy's first African American presidents when he thirteen she's been making these strikes to shift demographics. But she has made a statement saying that there needs to be more diversity she's working on more diversity and why are so frustrated. And writing at a dinner can ever you know issue can bring something I did. Not listen let me explain something to you there has never ban. And the history of movies. This has not been a plethora a black movies made because people believe why. We don't want to see movies about with black people Linux so until you start making movies like the adventures where you see more and then. Seventy why apple Saban are and I am mad about this you know why because I would like to be one of those people say they are but they're not planning committee. We asked what that is the point with all of these and Carol in the in the day. And it sure I like people. If Carol starred live -- I would've seen it. Canada also absent because sailor suit white crowds like and addict if that candidate and handed the actress Janet Hubert with ended when first friends she made a big statement she read an article for the Huffington Post. Criticizing Jada Pinkett Smith who obviously she worked with Wilson had long fresh prince. And it was going to think Jada has she is boycotting the Oscars and editing statement about it and wet eye color and vans because you now that's going on her that she is Saddam. I find it ironic that somebody who has made their living has made millions of dollars from the very people you're talking now boycotting just exiting get a nomination and that they have. Up production company. That Kim actually made movie this is my Big Ten czar I want blackout doesn't know why I have my nickname doesn't studio head this happy green eyed no really need African American stakeholders you know and now we usually people whom think that you need production companies that warning them immediately pulled back at power and you know lot. I talk about god that talk about it and move us but I upcoming I'm about the move that issue is a look at. This is this happens every year until there are more. Movies aimed at. With people of color but how about you neck. How do you get the people who have the production companies to hire you made this day all year not just once a year but all your you need artist whose. You know why don't we got eight point white got a boycotting doesn't want and it's also a slap in the craze of course the last triple rock Chris rock and I didn't mind that I find that. Also wrong so. I'm not gonna boycott but I'm gonna continue to bids as I have all year round because I'm tired of seeing movies where no one is represented except. A bit of the popular I don't not all of I don't but it can underestimate the power of the boycott I think the signing. All would admit that I'm not mad and it will not find it ironic that you would use of Montgomery bus boycott let me explain she about the bus boycott knows what. Asses in seats getting up getting off the bus you want to boycott something don't go see the movies that don't have good records I hate I am I angry war had not gotten. And I cannot name yeah us anything else is on us as those Abbas who can make more news. Who do make bullies or not saying hey how come on a bus are in these little guys I will send you would just accepted. Back and maybe we need to stop already running those movie tickets I'm well said that we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"7:36","description":"Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith say they will boycott the Oscars over lack diversity in nominations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"36380518","title":"Academy Awards Boycott Debated by 'The View' Co-Hosts","url":"/Entertainment/video/academy-awards-boycott-debated-view-hosts-36380518"}