Acclaimed floral artist shares DIY flower tips

Maurice Harris, founder and owner of "Bloom and Plume" and star of Quibi's "Centerpiece," discussed how his work empowers Black culture.
5:38 | 07/14/20

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Transcript for Acclaimed floral artist shares DIY flower tips
Nothing brightens up a room and spirits like a fresh floral arrangement and our next guest takes it to an entirely new level with his over the top installations. Joining us now is founder and owner of bloom & plume, Maurice Harris. Thank you so much for being with us. This is a time for a lot of businesses to pivot and you're once in fashion, dressing windows for juicy couture. At what point did you realize this was your calling? You know, it was one of those funny things, you kind of fall into it. It found me. I've always been interested in creating and flowers, and the joy that they bring to people's lives. People really responded to the way I put flowers together and it was the validation that one needs to keep going. I just kept doing it. You kept doing it and you were doing it with a purpose, because you used your work as a tool not just to talk about flowers but to speak about race and equality, celebrate black culture, what do you hope people take away when they see your creations? I really love that question. It's something that innately I am an act of activism just being alive, just being a black person in the world, being a black gay man, anything I do is a form of activism, so I try to be a little bit more intentional with that -- with using my creativity and using beauty and using flowers, something that's so universal in terms of the joy that it brings to people by just slanting that I a little built and putting a black lens on it so that people can see that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and colors. Yeah, that's beautiful. Your hit show "Centerpiece" is beautiful as well, it's a fun, uplifting celebration of your art. And so I just want to say congratulations on all of that. Because that's amazing. You opened bloom & plume coffee in addition to all of this, so what gave you what you needed to expand your floral brand into a coffee shop? Absolutely, so, you know, it's insane, anybody having a business, anybody opening anything, anybody having a show, that's like a miracle beyond belief, because everything is so freaking hard. Nobody understands what it's like really until you get in there. My own naivete allowed me to keep trying new things. In spite in how difficult it is. I have an amazing team around me. I own the coffee shop with my little brother. I thought that having a coffee shop was a way for this luxurious experience that my flower shop was a way for more people to have access to it. A huge amount of support. It really turned our business totally around in a way that we're finally starting to thrive. That's amazing news. Flowers as you know, they're uplifting when you're going through dark times like these, and we can all use a little extra sunshine these days. You're going to say some quick and easy ways to make our flowers last. Which is always a bit of a problem sometimes. Tell us what we're going to do. So, here's the thing. What I love about this little project that we're going to do is often, roses are pretty easy to find, rose bushes are pretty easy to find, kind of tricky to maintain and you have these beautiful blooms that bloom all around us. Or in my home, if you will. But what you can easily do, if you take and you're cutting five stems back, five petals back -- you count one, two, three, four, five -- and you cut it at a 45-degree angle, you'll start to have -- you'll be creating space so that your rose bush can bloom even further. When we put this in an arrangement we want to get rid of all of those leaves. We don't want any leaves in our water. All right. And you always want to keep a nice fresh cut -- that's so beautiful. Then you want to measure your little vase and like take the rim and pull it down. Pull it down. Pull it down. Yes -- beautiful. You can see at the bottom of your vase -- Where I need to cut. At a 45-degree angle. Boom-boom. Stick that in. That should look pretty nice. Wow, you get to enjoy the flowers in your home and then outside your home, wherever your shrub is it will continue to re-bloom, a beautiful win-win in this, right? Exactly, so that's what I love about a rose bush. Me, too. Thank you so much for those tips by the way. I'll be putting these to good use when I get home as soon as the show finished. Thank you so much, Maurice, for joining us and helping me and the rest of us spruce up our flower skills. Check out Maurice on quibi's "Centerpiece." Again, thank you for your time today and bringing some joy to us, Maurice. Thank you for having me.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"Maurice Harris, founder and owner of \"Bloom and Plume\" and star of Quibi's \"Centerpiece,\" discussed how his work empowers Black culture.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"71782243","title":"Acclaimed floral artist shares DIY flower tips","url":"/Entertainment/video/acclaimed-floral-artist-shares-diy-flower-tips-71782243"}