Adam Driver on 50-Pound Weight Loss, 'Girls' Finale and the Next 'Star Wars'

Driver appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about his roles in 'Paterson' and Martin Scorsese's 'Silence.'
23:26 | 01/04/17

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Transcript for Adam Driver on 50-Pound Weight Loss, 'Girls' Finale and the Next 'Star Wars'
No terrorism. That really good BC need to have anything to send me Hays and Cameron. Future of the bus train and to. You name really Patterson or they just came in. You know my real name. Months went crazy break. Everybody I'm Peter Travers this is. Popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's two movies out right now they both happened Adam driver in the one of them ms. Paterson from Jim jar the other silence from markets group says it. I don't know this guy is working with some amazing people you walk yeah. What's that trek tell all those young actors out there now that can happen being around that's what you do you just assistant gadgets hanging outside their apartment to party come out eventually India. Pounce on some threats and bribes and and lot of luck actually have him very much in the luck is what's more than the bribes in the threats. Well let's start with Patterson. Because here. It's so strange when you described to me here this is the movie you have route a guy from Paterson, New Jersey. Who is named Patterson. Who drives a bus and is appalling them so when you hear that first what do you say of course. Albeit more because there was Jim Taylor of course not he was extra this describing it to me and my first meeting but already was like. I would do it you know if it was. A movie about poet who's a window washer news or just window washing her someone who makes jail and anything that he news. Is doing an interest of them it's okay yep media. He he you always makes his joke on such as what we really got to get the strikers dozens of people watch my movements. Has very aware of and it's not it will if math audience. But no it's not a Star Wars experience when the opportunity to cut their benefits are. People don't come up to you it restaurant. Capital are. Yeah William Carlos Williams. At a feat that's that's what's so fascinating to me because he could sound on the outside because. The reference to William Carlos Williams the home that he wrote of the epic foam that you Rhode Anderson. But it's not a movie of wood there's any kind of contentiousness that. It's a movie in which this guy is doing his job. Talking to his wife walking his dog and writing about that in a very kind of every day way. Yet he's he's it happens to be in the military to make a reference and at the very beginning but he's not defined by and he's a bus driver who just so happens to be used a poet in the same in reverse is a podiatrist or weapons have been. A bus driver who happens to live in Paterson he doesn't put any judgment or for any preconceived idea he likes to subvert the audience's expectations and doesn't dumb anything down from the audience. And it is very structured like a parliament's over the course of seven days you know. He's actually in emerge Europe about marriage necessarily but a relationship that works you know within give each other mutual space and respect them. The they are events that do gonna happen or so on dramatic that. That it's almost funny that. What speaks to his sense afire here. Doesn't it doesn't and moment and cynicism. Right right and that's heart I think an audience is sitting there saying well what's your story. It hurts or right to know what's bad but it it's just not there here it's like mutual support it asks more questions than it gives and I am yours which I think it is surprisingly rare thing advocate support. Well now you reading this poetry and voice over on the street who wrote that wrote those homes that. Ron Padgett this whole important. Who Jim knew for years and years rook of homes for the movie there's a scene with girl. Who. Reads a poem that was written by Jim but of the rest of the poems Earl revived by him. And that's basically. I didn't really have a knowledge of torture before going into it but did you know discovering. I think I've been to a lot of those like bad torture readings they go through the college you know we're. It's red kind of like from a mountaintop as opposed through like a conversation which a lot of those in this New York school poets. Yeah. Kind of it's almost written for one person that's more instruments which I really like him there's no. Think the election that we saw incumbent Jim and I about reading the poems is the third not. By cabinet tone of pretension where here you're here and you being shown that this is important because it's poetry you know there's no emotion and at this year's. Making it has clearest possible and hopefully that's it notes the audience's job have a emotional reaction to order not you know it's not really our job to tell an audience other should feel about poetry. And look what happens when you're dealing silence from Martin's says you are playing a jesuit priest right in. In Japan a Portuguese. Jesuit priests. In Japan via the seventeenth century. Converting people in a country doesn't wanna see it. And that it well now we know a lot of bad things happening and it's ethnic. And you lost the massive amount of weight they did via. What did you loop. 5051 pound packs I come up yet the what was left of the the O'Donnell. Just pure rage. You've written yeah with that that was all the edges dragging my knuckles are retirement walk if you have no popcorn and on your popcorn that's a bad day lot of calories so it's a good bit of it you have going to do that. But you are in Taiwan cutie Taiwan. So. What do you do that you just absolutely saturate yourself in this kind of life for the month that you're there one. Yeah we are injure and I went through like. A jesuit retreat and saint called into an archived in this fifty. He did you didn't know we're both losing that same if way to the same time and we would. Talk about food in oh bond. An awfully. You can talk about it but not eat yet Nadia and I also got really obsessed with cocaine where are somehow. To have record broken down and through America. Now what is it Omega three then suddenly it returned and not food but more of what this collection of chemicals that we you know. And I would kill someone for you know we're concerned they're street yams that in Taiwan that. Find Dalton take my firstborn you know. Yeah counts to us as we I'd like this three. Yeah but now did you treat yourself to that it collects if you. Yeah I had vet and a pizza like docked on which is what kind of like a local thing that they were so it's like it's just like popcorn collection title back it's just like Ching yeah its just if president. This is tough movies but it's a tough movie this day to people you're gonna see a movie about faith. About how hard it is hard to maintain if you happen in the first place right what do you do with your doubts about it. While you're doing it what kind of discussions. Were happening between you and Andrew and and score says about plane all. A lot of that obviously this is like a religious boundaries were you know and said in the seventeenth century so that's that's the boundaries that were working him but even and since we're talking about losing weight even something like that. Religion is almost substitute for any kind of faith if you have. Anything you kind of believe and it's not just as simple as you make the decision to do that thing and it's easy from there you. Just losing weight it's filled with doubts and second guessing or being an actor. You suddenly realized some of the things are called your job have really nothing to do what your job and makes you question what it is you're doing to begin work through losing weight to tell the story but. Is a really having an effect on. What will that story come across is even necessary you know what. Can I even do it can make it last that longer you're in a marriage you know. He made a commitment to be America's obviously not simply have to book invest time minutes you don't know if you wanna do it anymore you know. So it's obviously religion is almost for media I think. An analogy for for any kind of anything that you've to have decided to devote your life to that commitment movie event from the right of those of the kind of things that we talked about two than there was kind of a and with the of the world and died so I think we'll hope hopefully make a decision that. We're living this life now when we make these kind of a seemingly arbitrary choices of how we're gonna live our life but. Who can really say it the end of at all if it was worth that are you know. You re air. Among a lot of actors that are out there in that. You really jump around in the world's that you occupy when you do this people could see one girls young men have one opinion because that's. He notes that the first thing you've done it's the first thing that spike breakthrough. Where people are saying. East is Adam driver just like the Adam he's playing on the show what can I mean that would be the first time in your life where people recognizing. Yeah yeah what but again it like it that's where I've been lucky in getting parts that are I've got to do different things are obviously people. Donors may be don't understand there it's like you're an actor so it's your job to. Or hopefully get the opportunity to play different kind of people we are not defined by any one of them hopefully you know but I've also been lucky that the people of you know. Asked me to do things right get the kind of stretch to from mussels are to work with a different mediums. Play different characters that aren't all in their twenties you know living in Brooklyn and and even that for me like I'm not. There was in my twenties experience of my money's. That's not how light behavior it's not my story but my job to interpret you know leaders vision or. But accurate myself sailed his very factory things that. Administering his vision that there are I have no I had buckled do it better. I know are these packet Latin course he would quickly she went control collaborative. I can't control with people have that opinion you can't you know we know but I'm seeing a TV show people live with. Sure it's not like well you did this play he did this and now it's over now they go back to it yet to dock last season did you yet we just finished. Well that must have been sad moment it is yeah what was the goodbye daylight. What kind of felt like a normal day although we like you know went out to dinner and drinks afterwards and that we don't usually do that. But I I don't think it really hit me until the next summer when you know I'm not doing you know because Richard Summers for the past six years there are some experts and those. People left. You have council bittersweet now you'll call in and does say though. Sorry did it. You didn't take anything and Adams. Half with you forever do you keep little toad observed the yep there's like these sweat pants that I took button did they know that if you know that you area but also because I don't like have a lot closer to make them like thefts march story. It was more but let's have a sentimental more just like a practical news what have you on a grown man Paris let him. And I'm eighteen young rest of their barker you know but then you do something like that and you do. You Carlo ran in the forcibly in the Star Wars maybe nothing. He really. That there's another story with me and every one else can take them on route one via you know what if you're not in. I'm not a it's just not there at all you'll be in the next four but what happens with we need callais backed bill that. Dieter. Ask person as he should be that would create an audience that would come TU on this wooden thing they would say only on a touch the role aggressively infrastructure. Now we're like punch you. What you re actually not so much is mostly like little kids and their parents don't want you at all time you know. And there at certain height it's more dangerous. It if it would be the of their Rick and their very X of that and the kids part of it is what makes and it's really fun you know. And biker Halloween and Christmas time it's it's very and so it's very fun to be part of like I was that age not when Star Wars can operate. Remember discovering them at that time and like to be able to meet someone from the movie would seem like you're crazy. Think that like kids are building so it's like you know good morning Kyle ran low. How would you could easily shut out I in the morning and regulate running around upstairs. Over OK you know by Andrea but that part of it's fun it's there you know. People tracked you down there you know players size I mean that's still can become a fund that would have stolen something from that sat yeah sweat pants. Carlo is really wearing sweatpants sweatpants in the dark side yeah yes you can work out office that this is his favorite one if there really is it. What that that slight favorite cracked ice. You know I still just varies dropped. By a and admiring of you for what you've been able to pull off. That you this year to you're in a movie by director new director I admired tremendously got Jeff Nichols no you know midnight special to do that no yeah. You've worked with no bomb back the Coen Brothers. Some pretty good career there are Adam drive I know in US and yet that beginning when I was reading about you and doing this that. When you became a marine. When you were feeling not everything was acting you what can you just described that story it was after 9/11 that you decided to do this. Yeah it was posted December 11. Elect mark people my age at that time arm in the midwest you know about the midwest necessarily world wanted from the Indian India inventory was raised. Wanted to do something felt like we're of rage that coupled with that wasn't doing anything like telemarketing. You know let me back my parents house paying rent them. One familiar to value life to me people yes US and I wanted to be involved in an all my friends were like wanted to join but I was the only one that threw them. And sword sword that I would like by January or February the next year by what's on them who care. In the Marine Corps. And has to be a different life. I don't know what you're life growing up in Indiana with like I don't presume that no. It was different you know capital of Rangers and and you know machine guns but. Really glad that this has always been my image and do it if it's just what it's like. It was yeah it's different it's. Is screw obscure your around the lot of other. Necessarily like minded people watching that's what makes it unique hits from. It's diverse. It in age and race or more from a different world have different reasons for doing the military summer patriotic summer you know for a green cards. Because are following all like a family history in those kind of mixture of people suddenly you. The political reasons that you join injuries. You know agenda that you had kind of goes away and and it turns into these random strangers from a cross section the United States you normally would have nothing in common way this. A man's bonds were not often in the civilian world not off in the Samoan what are you put me like a life or death. Circumstances would like your closest friends that during that experience they rise to the occasion and kind of you know. Aren't stressed out about it and show you that there they are watch your back that there for you you know. After you gonna have that experience it's hard to kind of fines. The same thing in the civilian world you know which is difficult getting out suddenly you're looking for that structure of their camaraderie. You know that relationship with people but there's not a lot of places that one you could put the skills Leland in the military I was in the infantry looks like. And Lester elected if security order. You know a copy you know your your weapons knowledge really doesn't apply. Or you just picking up a lot of trash added that in the military. Or you blew the race relationships you have with these you know random strangers in its. Kinda hard to find that and and you're aware of how much things you can do when a day so. Suddenly you're around a bunch of civilians who elected seem like to waste all this time they're not discipline if there we're here to just ten. But for acting is good for you know it was a good thing that I found as you can apply all of those things you know the same thing as the military this group of people that are. Pretty much with strangers that your force to be intimate with and a short amount of time. To make the best version. You can and if. They're brushing against their thing yeah yeah so it's it is ready to be a matter of life and death you know it's just about that career. But what changes about you then as did you then after. The Marines decide this is announced determined. To act this is what I'm gonna do. Yeah I was interested in acting before but something about getting out of the military. And thinking that you know judging civilians. This is me and no vote anybody else but here. You don't one. You know what a waste of time you have very aware of that your mortality maybe at a younger age. And I'm like what I've had this experience this military experience surely being a civilian is not as complicated and you know like I can wait for milk you know our cut coupons like I could do you know. It doesn't work out and in New York a live in central pork you know I can do. To pitch a tent somewhere I was less scared of right. Of we just thought I'd ditch attempt just outside this the building right now with Kyle ran the hacker ethic and warnings in effect leveraging its yes. I could could survive I thought so did decide you've been I was lucky enough to do in the school here so that's what brought to New York. You're doing something now for military audience in terms of the year and explain what that is yet we've we bring contempt premier computer for a military audience we just read plays for monologues from plays that are two percentage in republika. A military audiences with actor friends of viewers did you bring in to do right we go to like Walter Reed medical center in Bethesda Maryland or you know camper of John in Kuwait her posts on in South Korea. Posts on here basin gold just perform no sets no costumes no lights were read to mature real one. Is not really directly related to the military and people. Really get it more after not a reaction do they can they ask questions oh sure we have a talkback afterwards and everyone's like thank god for adult for about bringing another agreement like. Kind of dumb down true partner and or operate like a handshake I mean like nothing against. People that want to support the military in whatever capacity but it's not we're not dumbing anything to go for military audience that they can't comprehend. Play because there in the military or veteran. Say that we have. But they won't get it just because of their farm. And they appreciate what we're doing and they understand the relationship it. Obviously in this country not acute monologue about a for a with 1% of you know country's serving in the military. Services civilian military divide is very fast so. Obviously acting as what I need it most passionate about them and would. The theater particularly I think is slick provides a good way a platform for people to express themselves and I was told a lot that do you military audience would get theater you know so we. Created a project mostly out of anger to propose people wrong and present character's rage again I know it Everett if it's constructed with groups instructive for a that it would create a present characters and hopefully that would resonate with them that wasn't specifically military or civilian and you know they would. Get what we were doing in the house. I just think that's admirable and people don't think it would happen in the right the idea of it. I think only came from the fact that you would there that you would. You with those guys yet begun and went to school were like oh it's Thursday when finding language to express yourself you know what I do less angry back to the Brazilian not angry now in this it's a good time year does it again as you through its food if there's there's often no anger yet it's the first time you've been on the show us that you don't know. That we always ended song. Oh there was saying let's say. Do with you if you want but yeah I'd much rather that it would be Europe musician right is known and welcome and very very well known and suddenly I have all these huge there. When I asked for a little that this and you. If they start to sweat and you have it sounds a nightmare but this is horrible I can't. I'm why are you acting I could listen to you saying now I'll only do it Wiki but it. You used for an I'm just gonna oh my without than anywhere but here goes people have thrown in yet I don't know what could be pleasant song it could be. You know back home again in Indian what we your pants. Seeking key when you would wake up and it's a good morning low rent and other Saturday morning peace. Your another money sock in this room house. I people who followed that. Happy birthday Erica Wright good morning money. What if there must be song in your head in the new heart and drive on those songs in my heart at the black part it's is that the black eyes open just ahead you're not even singing to the Marines. Now we didn't read in thing to reach. There a lot crook or. I've got a long and me I gotta get out. You just you do you think that you might annoying. And long viral drugs. No no I'm not contribute to just a piece that you almost neon atoms when they're Robert twinkle twinkle OK you can do that twinkle twinkle little I think I can and could. Point goals wing go live Eagles are. I wonder what you wore it up well above oh world so high. Why and I'm done I'm done done. Like. We all do do we ended death that's what I want ultimately good more than. I think refuted the idea that does end with it. I did you think very different have been happy Chanukah and we all about it's it's. It's so great yeah that we met and that is. Death became the subject yeah. Everything that they inmates. The outrage. So. If you typically for the last five now come on that was race won't have to admit our.

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