Aides to Nigella Lawson Say TV Chef Lied on Stand

Former assistant to Lawson claims she used cocaine, allowed children to smoke pot.
3:00 | 12/13/13

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Transcript for Aides to Nigella Lawson Say TV Chef Lied on Stand
This is a special room. I'm Dan Cutler New York where this ABC news digital special report. Bombshell testimony today in the trial involving celebrity chef. -- Joseph Lawson accusing the star of line on the stand last week. The allegations against the glamorous cooking queen once the star of the popular show and I -- -- And cookbook author -- fighting now for her name and to rebuild her empire today though one of the two sisters former assistants. Claiming Lawson did cocaine regularly and even let her kids smoke pot. The -- sisters are accused of scamming more than a million dollars from Lawson and her husband and all of this is unfolding in London at the courthouse and ABC's process following it all as these developments seem to grow more intense every day Lama. What are your right to elicit better grill -- on the stand today asking about buying cigarettes from Boston's children. When she dropped a bombshell. Yeah one of many bombshells I think it's quite safe to say but you know. Think about it this is a four -- this really time to test soap opera but yes he said yes today there was one bomb shell left off to -- When and is -- -- sent reload and this is the first time that we've heard from her since this column began. And she was also about a particular amount that -- she spent in June 2010. The amount to seventy pounds us about a 114 dollars she said that she spent it on buying cigarettes for -- -- jealous children. And she acknowledged that they want to age but she said that night Jenna allowed her allowed her children rather. To smoke weed and I think the point that she was trying to make is that you know she had access to money that she could take out money to spend on the house. To spend on the children. -- because she's being with the family. Since 1999 -- she was trying to make the point that she's audit found I think that's what she was trying to do today. Is that backed -- of -- connection met the same time that details of the relationship though just how close they words to those children. But also the test well what I wanted to ask you about -- going against what. Ms. Lawson admitted last week that she only tried cocaine a few times during a -- time -- her life making it appear. That she was lie on the stand almost. What she was off exactly -- was not done little some lying she was all stops today in course. And and is about to -- said yes she was also lost whether or not. Mr. tall sought she was lying and she also replied yes who -- cool. The loss week when -- -- was taking the stand and she she was giving evidence she said that yes she had tried cocaine. A total of seven times in her life. And quote smoke the only joint but now what is the -- as saying. Is not that was not true. Her testimony wasn't words or law -- she sold. More evidence -- relying around the house although acknowledging that she never actually -- my -- take drugs. There was more evidence lying around the house a -- like. And she also said that it happened quite often. Quotes like every three days -- so. Point damning evidence today in the courtroom and again like you said yes accusing on July of lying and not telling the truth. -- -- In a courtroom what are the other agencies aspects of the testimony was that there were some specifics. That she had testified about. Fighting specific traces finding the actual cocaine and -- House. Yes she she said -- spoke openly about and she said that she found evidence -- around the house for example she found an envelope that she picked up with. A packet of white powder in it she also claimed that there was a hole without book that wet by -- and they had to be kept. -- stash of cocaine in there she found banknotes including American dollars with white powder on -- and -- he's lying around the house as well. So that was the kind of evidence that she was giving today that there was evidence although she never actually witnessed by Della taking these drugs. Aside from that subject which has certainly gained a lot of attention to what else though -- the grill sisters talk about. When they were discussing the possibility of going around to book stores to buy books. Yeah I mean at this and this is what I mean when I say this is reading timed in ten soap opera which she was saying today is that -- -- -- -- she woods and allow. Her as well as other assistants to -- between 30400. Dollars four times a week. To go around to bookstores. The go on Amazon as well to buy his book. For the -- -- reason and getting it to the top of the books you know the top of the list of you had just sent us if you like. So that's what's she coming today and again. I think the point that she was making matter is that she had access to this money and that she was given specific instructions to used up money. Here in the states obviously there's an obsession with. Very high profile case like this and of course it gets played out in the court of public opinion. Yesterday though a top official in the UK. Weighed in it and it didn't sit so well with the judge presiding over this case. Well that's one way of describing him yes he is the price compared -- David Cameron. Yes he gave an -- to -- to the spectator magazine. Where he was false whether or not he was on T nine jealous so -- the -- -- that he actually wasn't also about the quick case itself. So you know all read you the quotes and at that he said he said yes -- a massive fan I am Monte not done up. -- had the great pleasure of beating her a couple of times and she always strikes me it's a very funny. And warm person but I'm also an amateur cook and I like -- recipes so of course the judge speaking to the jury said -- that he took he instructed them. To ignore the prime minister's comments. And and actually apologize for wasting so much time to cool looking. About the prime minister and his comments they actually apologized to the jury the -- back to and the court of public opinion that was a really interesting. Article in the Sunday Times the London Sunday Times and lost weekend. Wet -- Jenna came -- on tall a lot of people sympathize with their even though we have to remember. This is not her on -- it's not told sought -- trawl. It's her two assistants and is about San Francisco grin who are accused of Ford of course both are competing not guilty. And it institute also add in -- these topics of discussion. Oprah Winfrey. Cut brought up. Yes I have to read one Nortel has about -- she wasn't offs about it was another age another assistant who was lost about thought she was -- -- U you know don't you -- missiles and has signed an exclusive agreement with Oprah Winfrey in January. And the assistant replied and said that is not correct that wouldn't really elaborate about which part is not correct so it's a bit murky. So read into it what you will mean bloody -- tacked on gets won't weigh in January if she pops off on Oprah and is interviewed by. -- and then of course over the way in which she is able to get. More information out than probably we might ever be able to hear from this game -- Exactly from right from from judge or jury so let me ask you this a model what's going on -- with this case and how when where what's next for proceed. Well it depends on what happens next and who they want to question. In the witness box if you like. Elizabeth who was still question today -- still giving evidence today so it all depends on what happens next week but we do you expect the -- and but sometime midweek next week and it depends on how long the jury takes but no longer than the twentieth of December so well. Before Christmas -- we should get a verdict next week at some point. And of course we all will be very closely watching for that ABC's -- -- and in London -- thank you so much we appreciate it. Of course have a complete write up right here on -- -- Cutler New York with the CBC news digital special report.

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{"id":21211307,"title":"Aides to Nigella Lawson Say TV Chef Lied on Stand","duration":"3:00","description":"Former assistant to Lawson claims she used cocaine, allowed children to smoke pot.","url":"/Entertainment/video/aides-nigella-lawson-tv-chef-lied-stand-21211307","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}