Alessia Cara Tells the Story Behind 'Scars To Your Beautiful'

"The View" co-hosts discuss the powerful message in Cara's new video and what it's like to tour with Coldplay.
3:16 | 08/08/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alessia Cara Tells the Story Behind 'Scars To Your Beautiful'
So it's how may I let up. It's a few weeks ago when you turn twenty years old you released new video your latest wine and the song has scars to your beautiful. When you're going to be Foreman for us later can tell us about what it means let the song is about yak arms so I think you know there are so many ex. Vacations. Placed on women in the song is about for so much about self acceptance mean for. And women in general. Com and there's so many expectations that are placed on us at went on a daily basis whether it's. The way we look the way we dress what size we need to be what color we should be all these expectation that all these molds that we have to fit into. We're that we think we need to fit into your and often times because of this. We feel like we need to go through all the extremes to love ourselves you know whether that's altering our bodies are doing things to ourselves and scarring the beautiful valley RD have. I'm in order to feel beautiful and and I think that's so false and so twisted and I wanted to make a song to remind everybody that. The world needs to change their minds about you but you never need to change for the world because. That I adore and respect about you it is your comfort ability with yourself and the fact that you don't need. A whole bunch of makeup and glitz and glamour to perform on stage however. That also due to backlash on the social media is that because girl I wish I could come out a statement to make a you don't need that no peace. And so maddening to I don't but my eyebrows so. Tell me how you deal with it I'm yeah it hard. Because I'm I'm still I mean I just turned twenty but I'm still really young in in with with young age sometimes comes. I'm self esteem issues and I'm still I'm still dealing with of course you know I still go through these things and when I see things online it does sometimes get to me because I am coming to the industry stuff but. I just. Try to remind myself that I'm here to sing my songs on here to beef lamb and I'm not here to you know impress anybody unsuited to be much. Eighteen herself great model black. Tell a little bit about the video because it's so powerful how did you come up with the concept. Hmmm yeah so what I really I knew when we need the song that I really wanted to be eaten. Just about all kinds of different people I wanted people to be able to tell their stories so I didn't want to just be like. He's a bunch of pictures over myself I want people to be able to tell this story so if you see the video I don't think CNET but if you see it yet cool it just about little anecdotes and people. That had whether it's internal scars or external scars visible things at you know they they struggle and just basically just describe how they overcame. Those struggles and how they. Got to the place that they are that the comfortable place that this that there now he wearing now pointer with one of the biggest Willis fate as the meeting began and how did that come about. I'm Maginnis normally play by the Cole. Trade the end there my favorite band to like Chris Martin's. My favorite writers of all time so. I'd freaked out it actually we have the same agent and so apparently. I'm the band asked our agent I was available. To launch around like OK yeah.

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{"id":41211266,"title":"Alessia Cara Tells the Story Behind 'Scars To Your Beautiful'","duration":"3:16","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the powerful message in Cara's new video and what it's like to tour with Coldplay.","url":"/Entertainment/video/alessia-cara-tells-story-scars-beautiful-41211266","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}