Amanda Bynes: No Bong Found in Drug Arrest

NYPD say the actress threw drug paraphernalia out of her apartment window.
1:31 | 05/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amanda Bynes: No Bong Found in Drug Arrest
Amanda finds appeared disheveled in court this morning wearing the -- platinum week she wore overnight when she was arrested. But her court appearance only lasted a matter of minutes after what might now be called the case of the missing bombs. Cops were called to find -- apartment building here on west 47 street last night after she was reportedly smoking hot in her building's lobby. When they arrived she was back upstairs prosecutors and police saying that when cops came up to our apartment. Binds then hurled the bombed out her 36 floor window. Today prosecutors were forced to tell the judge no bomb was ever recovered on the street. Not even ten minutes later vines was out the door with a warning from the judge that if she gets in trouble again there will be -- This after a prior DUI arrest recent sell -- posted on the Internet that are troubling to say the least and the former Nickelodeon star who also appeared in films such as hairspray. On an apparent downward spiral -- at the very least giving out a cry for help. And so two things really going on this morning -- his defense saying this was -- -- not a bomb but also prosecutors and cops now confirming that no bond was recovered. Outside her apartment last night -- is charged with reckless endangerment and tampering with evidence and her next court appearance. -- July ninth.

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{"id":19250043,"title":"Amanda Bynes: No Bong Found in Drug Arrest","duration":"1:31","description":"NYPD say the actress threw drug paraphernalia out of her apartment window.","url":"/Entertainment/video/amanda-bynes-no-bong-found-in-drug-arrest-19250043","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}