Kreskin to Chris Brown: 'Hire Someone to Kick Your A**'

TV and entertainment icon calls out the troubled singer, and offers advice to turn things around.
3:00 | 04/04/14

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Transcript for Kreskin to Chris Brown: 'Hire Someone to Kick Your A**'
Can you imagine reading minds possibly predicting the future weather a lot of obviously doubters out there that -- simply can't be done. One man has proven otherwise the amazing -- can seem to pull off the impossible he talks about the incredible experiences from around the world. In his book conversations with crest and we are delighted that he stopped by today. Clearly -- this is an honor it is an absolute honor. You know you are. Jerome York the gentle man but a gentle man and I meant it that way I've only -- -- -- for a few minutes. And I honestly have to say this I feel like I knew you I don't Communists and I'm reading you but -- a report. There's a word in that the language called empathy sympathy means understand always right and right empathy. Was coined by psychologists. Sixty years ago described the person I told you about -- productive but they -- And if he means to. I appreciate that isn't this a compliment Imus I mean that Redmond that that's that's incredibly sincere I very much appreciate that might -- in my career has been such an adventures I've traveled the world and you talk about reading -- and this week and limitless as Cisco tomorrow -- Cisco collagen and in. Texas and and also Saturday in every show around the world right 6000 times now. I will tomorrow night get a commitment from the audience without going to details in the Mike check. I will leave the building under guard if it's a state fair this summer -- in. In Toronto for two weeks two and 39 shows with thousands of people who will be in a truck with the doors close and -- me. They'll hide my check tomorrow and visit your threatened by about whether they're playing with a committee while I'm out of a -- billion Cisco will -- my check anywhere near term like. And return the state when I come back and there's no conversation no questions. Not a magic act I don't these don't see anything they must think of what they've done. If I don't find my check. I forfeited. Return -- the -- to the people who put me. -- by the way I have failed. Nine times you can say it's not many -- a 6000. Are you serious Hollywood loves you popular culture everyone -- -- first apology even realize that you had this kind of talent as a mental list -- -- at home mother shopping plaza work. Let's go to grandma and Grandpa's house -- Italian they built this house it's still in New Jersey. As to -- -- depending upstairs and -- nine years old. They rented the downstairs with the way many foreigners -- ends meet. He calls me and come back and walk up these -- -- have my grandma didn't speak much English thinks it's going on hectic I meandered Michael's bedroom. I'm a portable shear is I'm -- -- behind the curtain on. And felt the -- now being Italian my grandmother thought. He's got the evil line because I forgot to tell member of the talks -- never so we're just that there and I found I -- -- -- your thoughts because you have obviously. Pulled a lot of amazing tests. It's -- -- associate effective today that in mind blowing I think is what I issues that this is a very sick description you've called the Super Bowl correctly. I want to get your thoughts to celebrity predictions OK right now Chris Brown. In jail and probation hearing coming up on the 23. I -- and now he's turning his life around Chris I don't. Know you but if anyone gets a -- I know you're in prison right now good to see if you should show you this. I studied you I know you've had a bad violent past you have -- low threshold. Listen to me. He had trouble handling your money your challenges for your money and so forth. Dammit the average person has problems and when they hear you talk about this and when they -- -- celebrities talk about this. That they're worrying about how they can handle these millions of dollars. 15. Of the NFL -- looked losing everything within five years and ending the NFL. The average person. And they sympathize with this stop playing games. If you were working in the area would Paramount RKO. And all the famous film colonies handled things they wouldn't it should behave like this hire somebody that you respect. -- you signed the contract with them given permission to kick you in the past. Once it even though it sounds crazy I mean kick you in the -- has. You've got more talented driver has yet human you've been in -- in and that certain areas which are answering your -- your composure. And if you have to go to prison for awhile you'll learn from it. What you are going to become extremely successful more -- than ever if you use the right. Tough talk and direction from the amazing but I made it positively in the end and I I know that I really did I know that you do wish success and I think are popular hoping as well it is an -- it is a pleasure you need to come back and I'm getting in shape right now you argue are cutting back -- -- post of knowledge suggested zigzag violated any value in the spirit of broadcasting I'm not gonna say goodbye to you. This is sure to be -- OK I like that very much conversation with -- in basic relevant I don't think you'll Celia I really appreciated.

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{"id":23194874,"title":"Kreskin to Chris Brown: 'Hire Someone to Kick Your A**'","duration":"3:00","description":"TV and entertainment icon calls out the troubled singer, and offers advice to turn things around.","url":"/Entertainment/video/amazing-kreskin-2014-predictions-icon-tells-chris-brown-23194874","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}