'American Assassin' star on his big screen comeback

O'Brien appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' and opens up about his accident on 'The Maze Runner' set and road to recovery.
3:00 | 09/15/17

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Transcript for 'American Assassin' star on his big screen comeback
What is it you think we do here right. People kill people need to be killed. And trust took followers. Known people worse when this should pistol from his privileges and its. Blasts happened in my life really bad. She figures and here's an outlet for your self pity. Anger going to kill. Him. Patriotism incidents. With people like you people like me need iron. Something bigger. Susan sort of feel good things hopping back. And work. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now called American. And if you read any of the Mitch -- books and you should but you don't have to concede. My guest today don't know Brian is this part of this really you can have all well over so they unwelcome. You know this is it any restarted we started. It is still Spanish jobless. People. As regular conversation I guess when you're shooting the movie they're saying yeah ready I'd say you're on an island neighbors. Now we hope it doesn't matter thanks for having me we can do it and we want OK great great group but let it you I mean you're very young. Yeah and you already have three things with teen wolf and with miss runner and now with Americans Aston where. You playing characters. You and people know who they often hit it is that's why don't you become a thing is your head just exploded I don't know land anymore bill that's true just gonna lose sense of. Do you have the third person Dylan you know again. And then you can just hang out with the friends I only I only disguised himself the present at. This so thick it I'm so sorry I and the by product. A but anyway one would think in watching this movie that you did a lot of your own stunts. Yes I did a definite date yet. You know all everything that I could use from Cologne do glass and things like that yeah. That I'm happy to pass through them stunt double can do that yet to you would be the cry about it Michael Keaton. He had I don't think I ever been to happen when you try he gets in the year ago right you cannot stand. And it gives me yet. Which is lower. You get caught in that movie that if you go to night for the throat has been basically it. Yeah I can't be. We learn lots of things you know what to do it again but how to kill people haven't yet it's and it's important. You know getting you know. Pocket if it's. And but tell people that are just so lost that they haven't read any of the book yet that this character you're playing the rapist who was in his eyes and it meets rap. Ada and thank you feed my fish rat backed. Up. With these major it's yet for those who don't know it's there about fifteen these novels. It is 61516 ones come Aaron. Which evidence you're going to be it is. Oh yeah and all of the of the nine. Advocates is. It's yeah that'll work. Thought a lot about that audiences than mountain salute or to you. When you sign on to do it yet we'll get back to mixes. The yet who they say you know we have the option for you to play him in perpetuity. Yeah it works it works I mean it's it's and I signed on. I signed on for three. I hope that's nuts of it would not supposed to reveal. But eight. Notre and it's mostly as a happens gay as they say well we're gonna do all fifteen of these right and we that you hit them up parts don't much mind. What you did yeah I'm glad that he lot we have consistently showed it Wednesday on Basilan. Going to be two 27. They get the same Greta he hit it now and then dead wrong yet. Oh wait tell us who he has enough data so this guy is yet would you please I blame them and he's an exit. He's these are really seeing characters. I was really taken for summer read the script that was my first introduction to him for me and it was unaware of books offers. He's he's somebody who experience is in life personal tragedy as a result. Terrorist attack and it completely changed and its. He becomes driven into. Seek its revenge in a way. The book she's a very cold hearted brutal brutal and mean. Character. You don't exactly that you have a pussycat. Yeah and oases. I mean I tried really didn't try to humanize our economic policy and yet yet yet because I think that that thing for me was it was a few things about the care to this cold blooded thing you know it's really it's a surface thing anyway meaning. Two things have been changed in him and he's been stance. The sensitized and weighs. A little bit. That is certain things but it's all from this pain these guys that you know that's where things that gets them from I've. I just feel like that was the supreme thinking from you explored you know. It's got underneath the surface of this guy you know and what's happened to him in how he's doing with their traumas you know. We feel angry with you yet I'm trying not to throw it material lack usually those people that read the book that you hadn't read it first though was all. News to you yet left the script and this was happening one. Because you happen to be you know bad news. Yeah I mean Barack good deal of this room yet yet yeah its interest in. And it's funny man because I wasn't. I was. You know insisting the coincidentally enough Iowa is. In. Place a difficult place in the time before this this movie in and during this you'd in this film. In my life Q so was that the accident that he had always it's I was going through a tough time in my own version. Something and I experienced you know and was trying to deal with myself so. Will be happy now but when you're dealing with that. And it's here physical things that absent work on in your brain reacts heads at the end of the physical hearings these park to your brain is designed to react to things like you know protects this vessel is. It's winning experience is absurd trauma. It's if it reaction you don't have much control over you know and it's about kind of I'd that a find that in. Really. And doing work to understand it too and and and accept it and learn how to deal with it you know this will not only learn and do with it but you go back to work he had finished base runner yet did and it that you're going to this movie which is not exactly a drawing room com right nodded and don't know no matter on come up my mom went the wrong outcome. Yet this was the first what they did after the after. It was really good and really important for me to do that too you know news who gun for a lot of reasons. Gimme back my feet. Be a challenge for me that was really healthy for me it's you know. Also play this guy that it felt like it really understood this plan and in relief. Couldn't have felt more passion about her train you know. And yeah its you know creating new experience and is going to have an agreed one after settling. The. Well Mitch is motivated guy yet you don't even though he thinks beat it's what the penalties if it's it's it's it's. And yet and I come in happy accidents CIA trained Michael Keaton is playing the guidance training yeah yeah and it's. I'm with you that you and I'm little fearful that affected Hugh law. You have wishes it won't just be thrown in the pump coincidence it's in it's it's that the oil kind hearted raid. It don't want late view to play all the care. What was it it what went wrong in your childhood. Where you decided I know I'm going to be an actor but. Cook. You know what that's a really interesting thing is I didn't. I'd it was that this was something I love my whole life something and my loved movies and love. Use coroner enemy in the movies music is my favorite thing to do you know assent of baseball basically. And all means a lot he's the that it briefed and it. I noticed somebody just said don't mention the wrong thing fell just wouldn't do of how well I couldn't do it but the team is yet at the Mets was brought up. Follow me dances it's okay from being and that's that never fear of it. I don't Coker eight I. And covered up covered up to rip the anger but you love this so much you wanna be sports broadcasting right that was it yeah. No I'm about to depart completely if the average in three minutes we have before. Zahn it really wiggling in my India and they say sports Burgess that your your account acknowledged that there is nothing here it's been put in by boat and be held that we re you the real picnic. Yet Malia ahead. There's a lot of things as in. In before I realized that I really love this and could try this isn't this is a minute always it is. Really out of respect for it to and so much love for it that way I'd I never thought I Q do you actually knows I was summoned for fun lovemaking was shorts and move eases some love to do you tell them together AA has and that their dignity I just love cotton shirts again. Gentlemen you teach him in a well I was just director coming I would that's that's that's that's look to the that you want to hold the end idea yeah that's really what it's about these control at. They have no interest in filmmaking he. But it I was in autism is it don't you know others. I love music and I loved baseball I mean I wanted to be like Gian of the Mets. At some point that was a realistic thing annoyed chasers caller's that the and then also I have my music magic new Buick Berry College you know it's you know the best and so. I had a lot of rage seeing you're an outages failure now. Because like you. And went votes. Q and is that he'll realize it yet it was is. I can't do I it's funny now when would affect that decision in not go to. The university that I exit to it for sports broadcasting in that decision and it changed my life you know and I wouldn't be here today were am right now and doing the thing that I know I love them and known. You know connected I understand and one continue to learn about a get back to you know regret any. That's all it's all good no it was all right element you like eleven years old when they sign you for he'd walk. What's the or. You are two I hope it's been on for MR. It's been around for a while I'm at the I was fresh out of high school because I was at yesterday. And I just turn 26 last week it. So yeah it was a rates is bay here's my life you know. I think the show's been on third elected him money years that there concerns has been. That a part of my life a little longer but but in the end it now it will be ending in Z the hundred. Yet. And I right now it's hundred really Felix. Now it's in my hand again why is coming to a and then and you know it's it's it's it's. Nothing agreed to go look back and think about you know how how. Far that show when you know. None of service would still be doing it today that we just be fit nation. Tour mid twenty's I mean it's. It's unbelievable man it couldn't be happy news success of the show it could mean more to me. I really love that cared hero always will always isn't you know always was ever worked with on the show. As my first job. Did you keep anything styles that you. I may keep that she. Actually address its Jeep across its how do you know this stuff because I've seen if you're really the elves that. I'm telling you how you parts of this in the pre window the response. Earlier this what would it let him examine me it's nothing attached to the alleged this is all about what to believe this is on Protsko yeah. I to keep them. I and working on that rain. So there's got to money has the Kapler. Yet and it just give me. The fact that after all that time out of his drive marked this nine apparently is opening. Negotiating terms that are due and again it. So is it is now when you do the last May's rent which is January which comes engine. Just come to me when you need your schedule. FF at that you can I borrow my advice it's going to be Janet Taylor. Is that the goodbye to that character that is. Well yet again bidding farewell to. Like the two most prominent planes. So it's yeah it's it's it's it's grazed the book Tenet after the New Orleans on him. But let me. UPI number of the it is a day grocers are or if idea. I mean isn't still with you know that you got prices and dying I don't know who Dylan is anymore. Whoever left that he wears a negative in its. I did not act of history yet if we review and to the world that it. And said there is no hard to play. What would happen. That. UB and his the scissors all parts of me yes feel those guys in the twenty minutes a year when you're not working. What do you think what you actually do that is I try to take those claimants and really the you know. Be home and you know spend time with my family and then my girlfriend and Smart drugs and try to had a girlfriend in this season's she is yen. It's complicated it is thought to be complicated now we're pretty it. It would want to work within one of you wins the first Oscar that it struggle and yet just keep of yours which is that it. That immediately that's the void any of this when you met Rick when you would dealing. First time here believe it was that Sunday you're going. It's great it was at sand and snow this information just it's just. Isn't it I did this witness act and that his. It's a good why didn't go there would be no way to use this in from after her anger and fear that is at trinity Cresson. You're out on the street Wednesday he has area cup here in an apartment but I don't know about you remember everything what you should happen. And yeah that was actually one of the first. Projects ever worked on and yeah and Medford and those like 7 NEWS six. 76 avenues and that's one of the longest relationships in Hollywood history. Our top five and Hollywood years that you've been together nine. It's kinda agree. It's really created but what makes you could spend time with her if you do the job we have planes the what is well no not exactly right now released and that is total life risking places but. We like to you know just an average annual go to dinner we we've mainly spend time and or homebody as you know we lake. She lets the you know I'll do it sometimes. Before we make eating what's your did. What's mine is that one when you're always fighting racism monsters you know. College student this farming goes to. It's that was that was my fair women are does that have to me I was doing eleven on it it's is that can't ban. Question. We'll ranks of broccoli. Caught with O'Brien toughness but I can't take if it can be sir did so many if that is why but this shows the first time here on it. Yet having you here figure ravaged parts of many pleasure but. And song oh it does it is slowly no matter who's here. They sing a little bit of something that's in please hear me not I. There's everybody does because everybody desk. If I look you did it this is the only we're going asking. Now. We're stone felt that you don't watch it on a regular basis it's without revealing the words he. I got an LC it yeah idea and you would see that everybody does it that's why certain people say it like on the board. That you've signed later Elizabeth Morse on this. You really know it's too valuable a felon on eBay the whole board. We're in a dear Peter your. Nightmare visited. Well I usually put on this what I ask that the song rock. It's like what what they do. That is now you're a musician. What are we seven O'Bryant what do you drummer. Yeah I would you can drown while singing I'll pick up what every you're doing. Whatever I get accused us on Q what do you think it's me asking you to do sing a song and always like. Now. Then. And well I just admitted it was good jobs you found out when you freeze them out with half finished GQ GQ he wanted to do. Have been. And in heaven and my heart beats so. Excuse arteries BA. And she don't know it seems that the happy dance politics is that we get thank you for lend weight or finish. When weird and seen our guide might. All of that started us on Saturday and now now this is the first when I went ahead. And that it would be Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers on the you would let punish me I'm really bad leaders always always had unlike you know what I don't know if you run something on this team. You could do it. Yeah I could finger Joseph little. This is the ways I love attack. No one's done that before being a German yet you can pop and nephew one I loved. Only accuse him in the 11 little piece. I would take a bush wants yes. I've done I did it this well I don't want this guy ever back here. Equities and sports that you're gonna think that everybody and you team. Should range.

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{"id":49871936,"title":"'American Assassin' star on his big screen comeback","duration":"3:00","description":"O'Brien appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' and opens up about his accident on 'The Maze Runner' set and road to recovery.","url":"/Entertainment/video/american-assassin-star-dylan-obrien-big-screen-comeback-49871936","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}