American Idol Champ Reveals Life After Idol

Lee Dewyze thrives on new label with new album "Frames."
6:42 | 08/21/13

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Transcript for American Idol Champ Reveals Life After Idol
He was the American Idol season nine champ who went on to see a successful post idol album now we devises a new label new album. And a sure hit on its hands at this new single silver lining we welcome. Made -- wise this is pretty great stuff congrats on the new. On the new album -- it's got a great vibe it's a pretty big departure from your first post -- album to tell us about what went into making the new. Well you know. A big difference for me making this record vs anything I've ever worked on -- passes. That in this -- it was it was much more damage from my house really able to make the -- and I've always wanted to make. You know for me it's. It was really just a matter like finding. Touting it might sound out the way I wanted to and I think that -- we were able to do their successes distract and I think. You know this vs anything else I've done I think this more. You know shows people what it is I'm really about musically -- when it is that I really wanted to do with my career. -- talk a little bit more about -- -- -- was called frame instant and you've talked a lot before about how this is the -- kind of allows you to do which you were able to do before. Why weren't you able to do what you wanted to do before gives a sense that -- one in every center kind of too many cooks in the kitchen. He had I guess if it's definitely little bit like that you know coming up the show it's definitely. I'm a rush of you know different things happening all at once unity of its -- amount -- time to make. You know acts kind of record. And -- I weren't much better when I'm you know given the space to be creative and to do to do it is that you know I like to do. And so on this one I think that I was. Really given more control is too you know how was going to sound. You know that's not to say that was my first you know -- anything events since I don't that it hasn't -- it was a great experience -- You know people weren't great but -- this record you know sending -- new label vanguard. Working -- -- -- and just you know the people around me really kind of just gave me this basis and -- -- -- wanna make and you know from the get -- was always about the music and that's what's important me. In the music so interest in -- I mean it's it's a departure from that for so it's very organic it's kind of folksy. And talk a little bit about that one of the things that struck me in listening to some this on again an album frames is the resiliency. Message of the lyrics how did you. Kind of come up with a portrait. I'm you know I have had times that was an that was first blog -- had a lot of time to really think about what it is -- wanted to write about. And into the day that things are wanted to write about -- -- came to me -- -- wasn't the you know and that's kind of beauty of this record for me. -- and it wasn't there was -- of predetermined sound I wanted to have our and this kind of -- that kind of dollars I just wanted to make. The album that I knew I could and and and one that I believed in that I was connected to was honest. And that one that the fans were like you know -- if it wasn't for them you know that's -- -- you know they they -- huge part of this and you know I was. I mean I emphasize I mean I was really given the space to be creative and where do you get inspiration for the lyrics to -- we're -- kind of deep down from Japanese I mean I definitely it was definitely there were times there was like one of those you know deep emotional things were slightly raining and you're spending so much -- song and then. That song sucks and it just turns out that the next day. That was the song you wanted to write you know and you write -- in the day was like really. Just unplanned it was it was. You know and once -- got stuck on a song I really focused on and I really became part of the song. And you know I've I'm an amazing wife my wife -- who was really just been you know. You know an Angel through this process about -- making this record and you know from locking myself in the studio for you know days at a time working on it writing it you know 4 in the morning and all these things. To finally come out you know and then have this. You know. This album it was just really a labor of love and you know when -- listen to -- member raining yet when I was feeling you know whoever ordered about was about me was about someone else. Now and with fans to motivate you and -- mean it's just it was everything really came together is it. You've gotten asked a lot of pal lot about comparisons to the Mumford and sons -- many years -- -- responded that -- -- Who came first here it's a great kind of -- and first. I think you know the banjo was first used. -- hundred years ago so for me. That's you came out the first and it's it's those. Those bluegrass artists those folk artists. You know from you know back in the day that really opened up the door for. Everyone. To to make this kind of music. And for me you know not -- mean being compared to some very successful artists -- isn't a bad thing. But you know I think that -- is really open now for artists seem to do that. And because of bands like mom for her you know whoever that that really can kick the door open and said hey you know. Making folk rock and and and Anthony you know stop -- music. Can be enjoyed by everybody and I think that for me that's. That's awesome I -- I love that that lane is open and I -- that people finally a chance to hear what I'm doing now -- mean. I was you know claim that kind of music long before -- -- know when it -- -- that music so. It's just it's really great opportunity for me -- -- to show people you know what it is and I'm about what I wanted to aren't real quick -- about to head out on tour what are you looking forward to there and give us a sense of what it's like what your life is like after idol I felt like. I mean. That's I mean lack of titles it's crazy when you go from. -- a regular job one -- to you know. Doing. You know. -- this press and media and everyone knows you are and it's just like this whirlwind of things but. I'm I learned a lot about the music industry. Especially on the business end of it learned that real quake. And you learn about. You know the process is making a record -- things but. I'm always grateful for that process -- offer for Iowa they were able to do for me and all the different things that -- learned coming off of the shown I think -- and we use that and it's really -- that. The stepping stone to -- to really making this record. And I think that you know life is up and down for everybody in any job you have -- matter who you are and and for me it's it's been that has been a roller coaster and it's been a fun ride -- -- -- got married since you know you know things like that so it's it's it's been incredible story and it's great stuff thanks so much for being -- room to rise the album is called frames it's artificially August 20. We think leads me to life for come back and -- what do you think at some places it's time.

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"Lee Dewyze thrives on new label with new album \"Frames.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"20019098","title":"American Idol Champ Reveals Life After Idol","url":"/Entertainment/video/american-idol-champ-reveals-life-idol-20019098"}