Andy Grammer talks about his new daughter, new album and more

The "Keep Your Head Up" singer talks about his new album, "The Good Parts," and his songwriting process.
10:07 | 11/06/17

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Transcript for Andy Grammer talks about his new daughter, new album and more
I. Latin in every year there I've actually do so Richard. A hair and are going to be here you must be exhausted so I saw you on the morning shows fighters in the morning. I'm singular third interview about him a. You've exhausted prisoner. You can't. Get water new DB used to be federal system you do now. Honestly. Hours are only worth it if you feel like as inspired that you. Netflix elegant she has but I promise I'm so site select I'll get up at 4 AM to go play new songs that I think are so just for fun. Well yeah. Like on Sunday and you lay off to do it is not the reason anymore and out like man I rates are resolved now I have the ones I think are really get so excited to shares I was up this morning management like a on site Saturday night day. So let's talk about an new album yes out soon Nazi not December 1 pre order available now hanging out the good parts of Kim love. Yes tell me about what's new what's different what's gone on in the this is what was the last single. Groceries I mean can do we know any barriers it sounds as if what we have got the whole pitch was I didn't find it saying he'd love so the Mets are. Right. Else do we not need it more love's face off at love and it for the love of god go. So this is all inspired I think teaching going on around you just don't you wanted to positivity out short so that city is called his outspoken parts. And it's the most. So what all fair we are having. Religious conversation yeah rent and I think that. That's part of the good like that's part of your story. The very interest in part of your story yeah sometimes the Little League students are about yeah that's certainly ought to go there well is keep it you don't yet know whether whether or yes we like talk about it I don't know something else happened that came to work and good hearts. If I was gonna buy your book of who you are Ludwick skip to the part the public interest. Okay candidate in I think we should bar these are all that really is is is vulnerability yes and so this part of this this album from his all the Muslim we'll things I can think of to talk about. And here's the good parts of the eclipse those of where I am that there Israel guy. There's song about my daughter on here. The song that it the first the single right now smoke clears is about me like. Passing out from exhaustion gap after you know during times of my career. There's is that all all as many as they look like it fine that we're like kind of vulnerable to but then. That are the most interesting parts. Share those yeah. It is an exhausting process it is definitely have to go through. All the bad stuff that's nothing that's how exhausting that and then you pull out the good stuff and that's what you wanna hold up that's what you want to highlight yet yeah. I bring you little its critics for us to get those from doing of course but I as far as we conversation was that the most and things like gophers. It is it is in his city and I'm meeting new people consist let all the law again. And so if you if you just go with the normal. You can have a very public kind of surface life. Because it's like some I don't get this. See these same people every Wednesday for like bowling league whoever goes deeper like me for the first time bride Margaret counsel for the first time. Any changes that are actually and oh yeah we went pretty for an end. We dead we got identity and history especially English and a history religion getting hit your kids yeah what you originally dad yet where the only guy. That's that's my favorite stuff all this and more coming up like that that's what yeah. It's so like. That's the good the good parts is is that an and a name loaded its effect as you mentioned you're dot. Yes can I ask you that he'd just become a new parent three months ago yeah we'll all thrash all through Israeli community and into doing it I think doing for all of us is so Indonesians. It's so many think so many feelings. It's not butter above the honorees are you exhausted or you exuberantly that like a healthy may Sierra. Pretty exhausted Meehan Oracle fired just like you don't see much. And but it doesn't matter to do it a billion times she's so cute and her name is here and in Louisiana tell me about that would have. So everywhere I go. People are better at certain things. Right and animus I'd like to study the things that they're good at like different parts of the country yeah. And the world for that matter you go to the replaces go to New York like this piece is literally better than growth it's not a question. We you people better that's gonna spark huge content issued its. It's just that Chicago's gonna be angry you're dealing they had feeling it's that everything that's cool. Yet he go to Nashville and you're like oh man you get to country music that really get here it's like extra specially that the there's like a priority. On that here yeah go to Seattle's like that go over the top on coffee. Louisiana it's a me. Is the most joy way. In a city yeah. Like everywhere you go there's a premium elect but I have a good time though is that fellow and are smiling. Freedom parade for no reason I think about you in this direction. Having felt cities in a budget ways that. That that tent that whole state city as they come and you guys do joy there than it matters is that your parenting value in part joy what am I so I. I don't want my daughter to be joyful and it seemed like a really cool thing plus my wife her family's from there wouldn't and so it was like a cool mixture. But yet what are as a happy guy thinking violated in news in New Orleans or Louisiana and houses like whoa. But people. Are here these are people I don't think so at all. But the way you guys do joy is better than than most so this is paying your wife at the singer as well train rattles so you believe the and it is growing up surrounded by news yeah and gas in the North Pole this song whatever together people ask if this thing is what are were former that we are strong. Sorted Louisiana and then we pretty much ultimately through. That is like her way through that it's her act. To set to happy it got that you somehow you all. And and Ely said anybody tired that I need a little moment to myself that deadly. Their true yes he just goes quiet what is yeah awful quiet. You Leland come walking over red the that's not the low people who are happy after registering I understand. But you about the merely a tune you like to put positive the out in the world that you said it's actually harder. To write happy lyrics that don't sound like they're trying too hard to behalf. All right so hard and it is very hard in yeah yeah like and it's. Equally part of our lives right it's equally we all are happy and then we're all depressed and were all. Many things but when you try to read the happy ones it's like it falls apart so quickly. Industries falls apart and cheese and that try to put together and that it is always vote. And it did you get one that passes through that is still. Held together with true but time is done people love it. So pinot. Select Stevie wonders like my musical grandfather. Yes because he's eating what assures they and sold it. They feel happy but I want to believe. Right you know eighty got to Korea got a quick paint has to be in there mixed in in the correct way. The Medicare your balance there do you feel pressure in early did you feel pressure at all coming up such a huge success you're right but the last album was there any of like okay. I have to hit at this time it's gotta be as good if not better. Yes there's Eli evidence pressured out success but there's also this pressure to you. Buying the life proofs. Indeed. Used the analogy of Newton I think in zero gravity Lewis. And he whatever maybe an apple followers that he rode out what it wasn't put in a journal. And that everybody read it and they're all like oh my god you nailed it I'm going to gravity all day long literally feel it every day all day. That you wrote it out in the that's history and the way that that has been written yet he found proof of life. And you -- them yes and all great songs to me are that they connect on some level of like what we eat what it is to be alive. Proof of it and it so many graduates that's a great pop song. So to find those it is really hard and and ray and rated right. And so. I feel it on this album. I know I have those. And that's all I care that the death. What is your writing process I'm curious is it like late and I eight. Lake caffeinated and it or is it lake and need to go my kind of water and yeah. Cling. Like blue collar songwriter like a wake up go for run and then get the studio at eleven go to work eleven to six is usually. Chase in there seems that you comes. And then by the time I've done about a hundred of 10215. PM let me pick that thirteen and a hundred and those are usually laying on that I love. So now that's where we are aware the others this time they might do you some of them because I think there's still don't really good ones who a lot of times you just. You almost have bulletproof put is that they'll elect through again or that free is alleged proof but the hood isn't. So to get the whole thing that feel like that's a great song is is really really time consuming. Your Torrington tale yeah we're going out on tour with all these new songs from the good parts. In next wearing the next year and had an all over and over any Erica bogus tickets were given government New York. Can get some pizza in Chicago make nice with out luck there you know men do that. Com and bigger you are such a joy hey that's a pleasure and I can't believe your still so stoked after being up since 4 AM more trustee account really true they.

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{"duration":"10:07","description":"The \"Keep Your Head Up\" singer talks about his new album, \"The Good Parts,\" and his songwriting process.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50973270","title":"Andy Grammer talks about his new daughter, new album and more","url":"/Entertainment/video/andy-grammer-talks-daughter-album-50973270"}