Andy Serkis on Playing Gollum in 'The Hobbit'

Actor returns as the popular Gollum in Lord of the Rings prequel.
9:27 | 12/17/12

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Transcript for Andy Serkis on Playing Gollum in 'The Hobbit'
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Schools. -- its precious. -- and pulled it from the shot. We welcome counsels counsels and -- -- apparently doesn't throw her muscles more horror. We'll start. All changed now the -- Showing the way to get out of here I don't vehemently. Acts. Yes and I want to get -- must. This in this case won't hurt. Ourselves and extra patrols sold its -- -- -- hurt she. And Satan or presidential hopeful. Hello everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn -- tell you what's happening at the movies and that can't be a bigger happening right now then hop -- And we're gonna talk about all things topic but our guest knows everything about it because it's Andy -- -- you've just seen. Sort of seen. Playing -- But this the real and these are well -- -- well -- Good to see if -- There is there's that direct behind -- might kill again and looked -- him. It's ugly isn't he looks nothing like years or less for -- leaving -- city that had to say in motion capture. They capture everything let's they'll actually in his if you look closely -- -- -- -- his facial muscle structure that is if you actually is exactly mind that was that was the whole purpose of designing -- -- ways -- so that the financial -- really translate sold them expressions -- very fluently. But I want to ask right away about it because it's not just the -- That Peter Jackson decided to go back and he's making three hot. Read so we gonna have like a total of almost nine hours of this again. Me you're going to be working your bottle that the fact that we have been we've been shooting for. Well principal photography was 200 Serbs who days and is that still -- little left says that's no reason -- -- the principle that we support ago but. Yet I -- we shall we shall enormous amount of material. Like that we shall those directions and that we shall second unit -- for 200 sellers like. The brigade prepared to do right. -- three giant. I -- ask you that but first one thing I want to get into this you getting back. In two -- legal mauled by. Because -- done other things you've been doing you've been acting as you you've been doing rise of the planet of the apes and then suddenly. Peter Jackson and company -- -- We're back. -- that does that do you go. Oh or are you excited well normally I don't really like -- back. You know but actually for that parents the I mean he's of that being that far away he did say it was an -- -- the beautifully written role in particular regionally -- -- that it was. With Fran Wilson for the performance of rights is -- and pizza. Back in nineteen Arlington on when we start to -- on it but of course. Yes most of it was with an and I actually that hollow course there was no room kind of method of of of the way of creating -- in the way he ended up being. I mean when I first heard about it at that point visual effects were. The way they were created with actors on set was obviously they had to act against the tenants who were -- I don't want reacts as -- -- was sent -- -- -- actors playing salmon -- until act against the -- policy. -- with the Golan seized as he's driving most of policy you know it's very he he he pulls those guys around such. He won an actor to play the role you can finally manifested as -- CG character so but it was during the process of of of of Shi Ting and weeping on Centre acting out the -- -- -- that -- old Whitney's performance capture motion capture -- And and that evolved and so coming -- -- so guess what I'm saying is twelve years later coming back and playing him. Again I didn't have to have any of those issues to worry about what creating a method of making the character we just concentrate -- -- -- -- -- which was right. You wearing like -- green. It's it's it's basically a very skin tolerates series which is covered in reflective markers and these markers. Picked up by. 360 degree cameras. Which showed that basically act like -- for late in late speak particularly GPS is each one of them so that. So that if five move more fingers like this one on one hand went you know like this concealing a -- -- -- -- goal of moving at exactly the same time. Then that's motion capture. Then if you add to that that the same thing for the face they have Tony Marcus or -- place that you -- -- you move only to make the facial expression of driving digital puppet. Then becomes facial capture and if you combined the tune with -- would be you're getting an entire practice performance which is why -- -- now forms cuts. Does it take to get used college on call -- isn't. I don't know that I could move my faith in a regular way. If I had all that. Well you -- and eat just eat you know. Acting is all about the using your imagination and you just have to obliterate -- -- -- so I have a head mounted camera you know wearing a helmet -- -- head mounted camera. You just have to forget what's there and actually when you're looking into the cause of the other actively playing opposite do you -- -- and in fact they do today -- Martin Freeman The Who. Who oversee -- the -- in this you know and a ilbo these build -- -- is the hope -- and I think he worried about -- about two seconds you know looking into my eyes on and I believe -- -- if he was once we started acting with each -- And it was very interesting because -- fat though that the big goal of seeing the -- -- is seen in this in the in the peace was the very first thing that was so on principal Tokyo investment. Because -- who -- -- to get back into the world with a with a character that he -- for the crew and everyone but. But for marks and it was really important for him to to to to find -- boat just we've -- -- character. Rather than being faced with thirteen tools and and it was. I don't know I mean vaccine. Which comes later in the media don't wanna give -- too much but the thing is it's indeed whole game of riddles. I think my head would come off at the heart that -- project trying to see those lines it to get it let alone with all of that year that's. Going on. There are many ways having this intimacy in it lends itself to a packed like all of -- because he's you know he's in the he's pretty tremendous -- So have that's not read too much -- worry if you're playing character of that for instance. To 1010 girls playing captain had a contingent. The new place he capped -- with a united go to Jack in the he still wearing -- it's easier to imagine what that -- United says that is. Think of the saving on wardrobes. Well you're just imagining it and then they'll -- until you and that will have its digital costume and makeup that's that news. How long do you have to work to do this well. I mean during the original Lord of the Rings it was his peak period of recession the character working. How he sounded than how he would move from. -- was placed based on -- different things not least. Of course -- source material -- and there are millions of descriptions of ultimately he's he's for other tokens very very in love with that character in the sense that he totally empathize with him. And and gave him such pitching rifles and but described in -- different ways has been you know electric Ross Perot -- or or -- or even consider all of those things through from and then. And then I'm very inspired by paintings and like Francis Bacon's paintings -- -- -- it's please go so perfectly told shouldn't enter. Of the way that that -- by complaints. Da Vinci paintings as a character there's a painting of the death of censure run which was very influential in the way kind of the physical its -- -- A -- -- and then really as a matter of practicing with the digital avatar -- And be able to see -- and -- -- on a monitor and and didn't calibrate or movements to his and then and then the voice was very much drawn from. Finding out well with his -- and carries pain in his tension and it's for him he's -- -- because of the way he sounds. And so it was in his in his. Front -- I figured where he where he's really. It sees the apple must from the guilt of killing as Constance the rings and -- -- -- -- -- when one of cats days coughing up of purple. It's because food from me that seem to be that that sort of involuntary action that they have when when their whole bodies but doesn't mean to try and it's a children's show yet he's working so I guess is that we -- And of them became and it and it in and that was that was those analysts who came to -- -- -- cat is owed everything. Everything from Heathrow and -- -- -- -- For a network can't.

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{"id":17999385,"title":"Andy Serkis on Playing Gollum in 'The Hobbit'","duration":"9:27","description":"Actor returns as the popular Gollum in Lord of the Rings prequel.","url":"/Entertainment/video/andy-serkis-playing-gollum-hobbit-17999385","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}