Anthony Anderson Talks Diet, Texting During Emmy Awards

The "Black-ish" star stopped by "The View" to talk about his Emmy nomination.
7:17 | 09/21/16

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Transcript for Anthony Anderson Talks Diet, Texting During Emmy Awards
Have passed. Happening is that the Emmys as a nominee on Sunday he's kicking up the third season of the hit sitcom blackness tonight. And he's here with us to have some fun so please welcome the amazing and tablet fight it. Anthony Anderson. Every day. All right I'm glad we're behind you what do you do you want just you know this apparent off. Are you know what I'm back on that stuff against. The yen but. He knows he can't you know he didn't object to speed up back on the median yes but I but I'm I'm just trying to stay healthy make healthier choices that's all blacks yeah. Friends took us banks don't. I can't make threats because my that was a big. I've got to let them make US banks to keep that in the believes demos of about quote yeah I doubt about it. He's still got a pick him up. We're talking about to harm black man. Killed by police and that you have a sixteen year old gets twenty year old daughter. Six year old son how. What are the conversations you pat. I want you come home in every night. You know I'm with you make it home whatever it is it should that you need to do make it home you know I just bought my son. A car for sixteenth birthday and had to sit down and have a conversation with him you don't give. You'll make excuses for them to pull you over and and and stop you or. What you do. There's no need to argue on the side of the road you know we we will argue later you know I just needed to make it home and so that's become. I'm listening listening to our conversation and and maybe you won't want to weigh in on when the lights on lights off for sex act. I eight would be like you I'm I'm with the one I wanna be with so it don't matter. I still holding firm that does not thinking whoa don't do you. And then matter to me. It didn't matter and Eliza hall lights oblong Zambian zone as. Pentagon and replied yeah. I. Congratulations. On your Emmy nomination mild thing is so great anyway. And your daughter yet and you guys are sitting in the front row but I eight noticed that Burnett when John Oliver wind. You Eric texting or hold your phone you are on mountain. Think Hollywood you know that was right after they didn't announce my name. So high interest level was all. I can't judge that was actually responded to a text that sense it made it and his tech started. This city and something that you not interest it and I'll. Ourselves with how they are Democrats like it better or from a cloak afraid Sam mud. But not W spot in the Sam tell me. To be happy and then and a live look via pay attention to what's going on anti. It's tragic denominated debt supposed to be good enough you it's not yet it is real and it had that look nobody cuts are that this shooter run a race to come in second place. You know. I'm unfortunate. To be one of eight or one of nine African American men. Nominated in leading acting any comedy series. Hey kid get on rarefied air will would win with those names there but. You know yeah I have my mother and my door with what of course was he there. It was my date last year amount that last year my dirt it was like daddy taken me so I I took her. And my mom and yeah son Nathan as a baby girl Kyra. And you don't get out what are the hoist a trophy up that night in and take my mother because. My mother had dreams of becoming an actress and you know she put her dreams of becoming an actor on hold to raise an active. And so she lives through me and in the work that I do so yet you know last night I hope not last night but that night. I had I won it would have all been dedicated to my mother has it always it. Amtrak. Ned Johnson family goes to Disney. At Disney world in your trying to trip went haven't yet he Xperia take him clinch but let's take a look at it would clear across the country to have the most special week of our lives. And if you think you gonna put us with. Not VIP people who I'm not the one coding I'm not the one Cody. Okay now what is the most popular ride here and think good enough. Before you answer. Frozen ever after OK take us the most shaded ripped me and he thinks we yeah. It's my hope people going come on thank you. When something to myself when Cameron. Mother good. That Malcolm for designer. After he admire yourself do you ever go to Disney indicated. Woods Disney lawyer in not at Disney World. And you know it's crazy my mother told me that Disney World is on her bucket list and our regrets that's interest because I've always wanted to go to Disney World as a kid you never let us know that. So I threw my mom down while we are down their for a week. You know Florida a first class Roberta sweet at a hotel I was there seven days I consult my mother forty. Five minutes at an event. Call her coat on mop we have will sit on the good fortune Albania many Tampa. Yeah I think I'm avid Tampa playing bingo with Denny's and soap not my other. Hundreds free trip to come to Florida to see behind the knees in Tampa play bingo. I don't like me Jimmy Disney you'll bucket list. You ought to on the matter how hard both know mountain Nevada Adam bimbo Coles is -- Disney World but he's intent we have big question won't rule. See you know she did not only in her blog that I don't think my mother stepped foot often while. It I'm over there. Mom next time you got the gold the road you've got to walk the narrow but you know whacked. You can come you can come here any time about new did you spot because my back. Tonight nine. Right here and Amy.

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{"duration":"7:17","description":"The \"Black-ish\" star stopped by \"The View\" to talk about his Emmy nomination. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42254087","title":"Anthony Anderson Talks Diet, Texting During Emmy Awards","url":"/Entertainment/video/anthony-anderson-talks-diet-texting-emmy-awards-42254087"}