April 5, 2012: Kerry Washington discusses 'Scandal'

Washington talks about her role as Olivia Pope and how that character is loosely based off Judy Smith, a real-life crisis management expert.
2:48 | 01/17/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for April 5, 2012: Kerry Washington discusses 'Scandal'
And we are back now with Kerry Washington the star of ABC's newest guilty pleasures scandal that comes from the creator Grey's Anatomy and private practice. Takes us inside the beltway were crisis manager Olivia Pope. Handles all of DC's security seem particularly wise meticulous here Tribune what I I had no idea. Someone who leaves the White House gets to go on and save kidnapped baby Mason get people out of jail you. You've -- out of people you adapt the handle all kinds of crises that English I was actually inspired -- real life woman named Judy Smith he is a crisis management expert in Washington DC she had some high profile case he had worked in the bush White House she's I -- with Monica Lewinsky have everybody from Monica Lewinsky that Michael Vic she is really covered it all and those are the kinds of crisis that walk into our office on scandal you know and you never know who's gonna walk in the dark you never know that now you say it's based on Judy Smith and -- she she helped inspire -- this goes way all day long yeah I really like to make the distinction that it's inspired by -- work but not based on her because my character like Judy and her professional life she's Smart and powerful patent. I'm really empowered but in her personal life she is vulnerable and and that she Joshi is busy week. Not as put together her personal I don't know how much to reveal Alan and I watched the show last night in a different -- and and we had a great time though personal life from your character really is a mess of the apps to the highest level it be that it's really confident I mean I think that's one of the fun things about the show is that when you watch the first episode you kind of get introduced to all of these characters -- Pope & Associates and all these characters at the White House where my character Olivia Pope used to work. But by the end of this season. No one is who you think they are in the first episode everybody's got secret and we went and things we DC is that you're always in crisis management mode whether it's a professional. Job or someone's personal acoustical. She wouldn't guess. I'm talking about George Mac. Because I was remembering today but not solely even its population to immorality and things we. They treat you love her she loves you don't people get married you won't even days. We do learn that the one of the things we also learn isn't it is is kind of your signature line. Bolivia Pope trusts her gut. That's rain that's right me she works in a very high stakes world so. She has to trust her instincts and usually that leads her in the right direction but we find that some times. Wends her heart is caught up in it it can lead to seven confusing situations as well that is to say look a little bit familiar to you that you actually went to college once I play and I went to George Washington university and now on the board of trustees there gas. Crew of the show is fantastic it's caused scandal looking forward for every to see it. Mikhail question Thanksgiving Akio.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Washington talks about her role as Olivia Pope and how that character is loosely based off Judy Smith, a real-life crisis management expert.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"52415023","title":"April 5, 2012: Kerry Washington discusses 'Scandal'","url":"/Entertainment/video/april-2012-kerry-washington-discusses-scandal-52415023"}