Artist Joshua Radin Talks Songwriting, New Album and Performs 'Beautiful Day'

ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews singer and songwriter Joshua Radin before he performs his song, 'Beautiful Day' live.
7:14 | 10/06/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Artist Joshua Radin Talks Songwriting, New Album and Performs 'Beautiful Day'
What's up everybody I'm not lined up at times ski but that. Live from caps. For relief witness. Dockery they are being here thanks for me is rapidly and congratulation. You're in studio album so much. No it's January when he says January the single currency area it's called fall to keep. Our. Call which correctly well. Clue. And coming up the that. You can incredibly. Distinctive. And they note that you still let you would get. Nothing cruel to. Many. Markets are songs I write on the couch. Sitting there by myself that night. It. You let the previous six. Felt you let this. Your profits predominately it is so your practice it keep you rooted in the writing spray that you're lyrics are so important to what you know. What what is your profits life. You well. It's actually united because they've. Are the music first and leaders come second. I don't know I started coming summer insulated life. And really know how to do it it costs us sixty minutes episode Q2 alzheimer's. When my favorite songwriters. That theaters. So I grew up with that voice in those lyrics you know my house it's tough kid and he mistakes that he he writes the music first. Uses currently plays around Tyler's courts. And then. Figures pilot or progression. Melody starts to come users morality and the nice kind of phonies you know like not growers that gibberish. Sounds that. I know its owners have soundly. Speaking in tongues we have. But. But yet you that you know sitting on the couch myself usually at night. When I can't sleep and and that's I have the morality all kind of craft. An and I just can't wait until. Once. To say to somebody usually it's to someone. To myself conflict with in the beard separate letters myself. Or something you know. Most of its opposite problem it. Love letters nothing Telesis that we. Relationship with it was in the relationship with. I guess most the stuff I think about. Interpersonal. Communication between people. Because I'm not an unsavory political person. We. That's that's generally what I find most interest in how people get along. You recognize him yeah well I read about how I acted along with people so you know that's that's that's what I'm. Getting it tastes great. Yep if you songs purchased one would with a song from the last record. Do. Cheryl crow's it's a beautiful day. But I'm just here to do so that on the witness that. And we thank you for. It when it element to this country. Going six. Com baton. Oh. News polyps and payday. They'll. Time. It's not. Me. It happens. It. Me and. And we. Qwest crowd. Song. News. And in. The. That's nothing. Me.

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{"duration":"7:14","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews singer and songwriter Joshua Radin before he performs his song, 'Beautiful Day' live.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42615725","title":"Artist Joshua Radin Talks Songwriting, New Album and Performs 'Beautiful Day'","url":"/Entertainment/video/artist-joshua-radin-talks-songwriting-album-performs-beautiful-42615725"}