'Bachelorette' forecast: The final 3 men meet Rachel Lindsay's parents

ABC News' 'Bachelorette' forecast team discusses who is close to getting the final rose.
27:33 | 07/25/17

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Transcript for 'Bachelorette' forecast: The final 3 men meet Rachel Lindsay's parents
Hello and welcome to the bachelor forecast that it will we will break down each week's at present and tell you what to look ahead to. In your fantasy league wherever that might be how well I'm Brett milky. This is now Griffith. This week want to Rioja the place where adorable children it's crawling all I'm serious get the trample over that detail on where and mental this week. We do you know I really bite it because the last time we met the parents of the bachelor or bachelorette. Not the and I'm resident bachelor's story. And yet this is not usual. Usual but you know usually the order the last couple and at this it's is. Yet hometown with a four after master at that are left over at and you have. Gates with the last three. And then you have men tell all and they knew Abbott I don't feel you meet Rachel's parents or whoever the actor Patrick meet their parent in the finale so I. Nothing sacred and they deal all right what Chris Erickson completely and that's all that's what. And an advocate. I. Her. Or high regional at all but. Now. Two out of a three fat. It what you eat it. At on the art of war but it's because. I. Got a marvelous. Of course we met each you know it is the Stanley met each of these factors and I guess we get this dive right into Al. We started with Peter and is we see Peter you know meeting the Stanley holding his own telling this family he you know I really like Rachel. And like falling for her yes but. And indeed tonight not necessarily be in the picture yet. All. Basically. I. Rachel you know I I would like he's right that it is an asterisk ceremony Al. How her I once thought I was going well. Thickly. That at her table and all. I need an eight this pops out. It's extremely open on as simple as Barry here we talk about how intense it is going from. But you're going at it. You know that your family of lawyers the supreme you're arguing your case before Supreme Court exactly when it's like it leave it at all. Right. Now that had there are like. I think about it that it did a pretty good job that I think I think he really. Really show how open and honest he is and but really he wasn't. What's pushing it to make it seem like it wasn't like any other. Anything you get the impression that rate is getting frustrated with and the like little reserve bright eyes down doesn't wanna get outside its own starting to get frustrated but in The King. And I think he's the he's taking it clean which it at an intricately it makes me think it. Now we're talking about a guy who keeps his eyes down. It's a serious doesn't want to get too far ahead of himself. Eric. Well Harry again. We eat and that the recently they seemed to get eight. Better hair stronger Robert Koppel at each week progresses and this is obviously another huge where. And you seem to BC he seemed to want Eric exploring himself. Is like a much you know he's he says I've never been in love really until this moment and this week he decided like. This is it like Kenya really feeling this for racial and to tell her first yet Demeter fans aren't. It meter antley I think he again and other one that impressed. And really really well this here is what I think bear the militants. And I feel like a bell apple Peter and Eric will be completely eyes completely this year. And that it really gable happy with Rachel cell. Collectively I think they're impressed with Eric's honesty but I don't know if I think they think he's honestly it would I don't let it let's take a look at this Clinton and watch it happen. Don't look for guys came along yeah. You have at the surprise at into the bachelor one that's what I thought. I love AG. I can't let out a good first impression yeah. Eric Stoltz look bit about your family a brother sister had so long I have three sisters and a little brother. It's contained. But I didn't grow up and you know structure family lines very complex you know ordinance my mom and dad to get maximum allowed unhealthy relationships gone up. And Baltimore's kind of know where it's allowed a single homes single mothers and I thought Amanda fanning what the streets and in your mommy there are your dad you know really see this weekend in this. So you know get a look at as a young kids are seeing right there dysfunctional engines to unhealthy relationships you know family's important. You know in a slide that's wiring and laugh myself to spend. And the love and bond insists that's what I Spartan you know kids two so how to fake pill last week when you bat. But it won't embrace fairly loud and for any big city cannot first time in my life and in her home. It's a lose your last relationships and she said she never brought anyone home. It's 8015. These days but yeah I've had dated a girl for like the ones eight months but she prepared me you know and animate original. I'm listening today airy talk is we need him I'm watching Rachel's react. And yeah. I have my idol love Eric aunt and I've obviously get a cup. A couple of weeks. But yeah I mean Harry and you can see it you really want apparently he really he. Says he wants it in but it is. First time bawling like I know her and we have to be skeptical and like this Stanley who is like as he says sewed together. I'm Eric seem sometimes to them a little like. Naive or a little bit kind of like from a different world a little bit and and even though they have lots of things in common they build on these things each week. I don't know but necessarily sought to fail in buying it. And and Rachel and really push back as we will find out I think with Brian she something she does pushed back. Bryant eighty. Up at her. Associate bride and her or atlas. Interesting and then apartment. I kept trying to tell Rachel. You guys are together to that. Don't really know who really like unit. And athlete locket there grind it hurt you are having a black they were all out Rachel and Bryant. What about racial Brian poster and play. Yup but Bryant we've all talked about how the more you get to watch Bryant is something's ends up running rubbing you the wrong way because he comes off as arrogant. Comes off as cocky and of course that is how he showed up. That's to me a stranger imagine this girl's parents and that's exactly serve howling that coming. Exactly so I mean it was very you know he's this good talker. He's the one that was so quick to say all fall in love with her only get married all we're gonna have this whole magical dream happily ever after. But is that realistic her family is obviously very skeptical about it and it will. And that did not sit well with critics who either I think that's a thought about it we can we have a clip right here of of Brian gets up. What he leaves the table and and Rachel wants to have it out with her family Y energy treating my god well enough here's she was extremely upset taking an ethical. What qualities to seek situated he. Can you elaborate a little bit yeah. I think. To develop what it was to get to know you know what the specifics are about that in the relationship and what you've done residents. He doesn't see me for a second quarter. I was very excited to introduce Bryant's my family but. I felt like my excitement wasn't reciprocated by my family you know all these questions are being fired at Brian. I'm frustrated and irritated at this point. You know Brian is fine but I am. Frustrated because the energy is totally different than it was the other two days Peter Maer. I'm like really loves you know it but I've gotten and a felony and but you know lots and your family it's not that he answered back fashionable and it. That's your opinion and we need to get to a comfort level you have to understand you are in a bubble. We are out sat then Koppel and sold the way we see things we have to get. Clarity lot more dancing to now. No other questions relevant news he has little pushing it from an emotional you are known activists are no on my old. Your your reaction to your mother. I don't understand so she's Don takes player right now and I don't understand Unita. Well you can only every its. Debt and over what's wrong giving up the tape please oh OK yeah they got there. Is mindful of Allah. Bachelor restarts and not in in they eat at last eight. Without down there want an act that hatch act I got a pop and the way he shot it looks like. He is getting up to avoid arrest it looks like he's like you know what I've had enough and now really. Getting mad that the magic it need trek that that it is getting at a there isn't uncle but we went we said. I just want it LL camera right now obviously. All three when. I got. Brian. At least you saw some of those tweets right there and this these moments with Brian and these moments with Peter especially are some of what have been popping up on a social media's let's go to our social media. Correspondent Emily Shapiro. She's somewhere with a bunch of roses following. There yeah. I'm what I you are talking about a four to talk all about Peter verse Brian on his home and it's. I gotta say there's really nothing about Eric people were really convinced it's getting beat Peter Ers brine in the but that I wanna start with knife a Brit tweet from last night it is at bank so you guys remember tanner Tolbert Fran. Canner Angie actually compared eyes. Teaching it out so the lawyer actually rat likes this smooth talking guy from the south east. Over the dude from Wisconsin feels theme is on before. Honestly is outgrowing initiated from Indy endorsement fees and when she picks Josh. From Atlanta and over nick also from Wisconsin so I think that's handers way of also predicting Brian is in India Peter in the end I'm in the nick bile and ambient light things work out the right out. Yeah I meet his cousin Allen is essentially Pierre Josh it is Bentley Bryant as we talk air heater at an interval from Wisconsin don't like it. And England a lawyer and it's the same issue we got really hot and now I thought Alan I think that. Athlete and matinee game thrown sort of connection with lots of lewd Twitter bare legs I shut a lot of spare check back that Hamlet that the local debt we are taking. You guys and our how it's about an eye on how well there. Now what you're saying about Peter you know about the real as M. That's exactly look people are saying. I mean Alley at a Toski our former bachelorette sad I appreciate it when people in the short realistic about it I like that Peter is it totally wrapped up in everything. Which obviously was the case with lots tonight. But most of the tweets are all about Brian. And now let you know I gotta tell you my theory is. Brian needing her friends. And that to me sells it that my prediction is right that Brian is gonna win is remembered back on and Higgins actually scenes and he did an Indiana home candy to members page outline. Lauren hush sound that ends. Diocese of deep cuts and that at its Holy See what you mean about Rachel. Saying you know if I'm and introduce one got to my friends it's it is in the eye and then did you see the body language which leads Eric they give each other and finally looks after what OK this is done. Bryant believes and she is just swooning. It is does not surprise me at all that Bryant is right now sort of the front runner there. Ray I mean I I I really think you and now heads they're gambling with friends and eat. Why would she show her friends are like how her friends be involved it is what that I. That's you want it this way it sell it with it that they it's it's almost like. It has but doesn't it she lot. Right thing is no viewers I think scale are not liking in as much as Peter. I think they still think he's you know being to. Two charming with his words. I mean even Rachel's sister called on it in treating about how Rachel's sister called Bryant now offered he'll always having an answer for everything and when lawyers call you about format like that's a problem he lawyers are upset with you for having too many good chances. That's always knew exactly what to say. And self naked without standout is being battered like he is gonna. Me I mean you where is it all yeah I got my older is that this two that he was putting on a Shalit. He's on his eight game that whole home he didn't seem just relax at all and B in south. All funded tweets to about Rachel's sister you guys people want her have her own show you want her to be getting dating and I silent. Ott I heard this is great at mom with three Q I like this one and let him or her otter I mean. Peter really ugly out there you know how he is that the situation what he sees the future and rate bonds seems a lot and we have act clip that has helped. Us. I'm and. Got underway and it's essentially Peter saying listen. You know this will happen when it happens and and I want you to. I want you to support us not right about to ask for your permission for something I don't know. Right exactly eight we got it now taken out. You want to. Propose to Rachel. What is it about her that would make you want to propose to her. Again to speak exactly on feeling. I I really do care about your daughter. A very strong feelings for her. And I want to pursue a relationship with her and at the end of this will be given the opportunity to do that but it is through a ring and proposal. And I don't necessarily know that in two weeks I could feel that certainty. So I actually came in today wondering should I ask for. You and your husband's blessing and I don't want to do that today. Because I want to wait until I know for certain that your daughter's the first form. Which like because if this connect speaking for her father uncomfortable with Beck. But in dating. I would hope I would hope that the dating is this serious as marriage. Because I would be in saying I agree that I'm giving you my permission to date my daughter. You playing with. Her heart her and her field and I would hope that she would hold it dear. Here's hair growing wider by the second is not. Three to Bob but. Again significantly ended up seem like well he's being honest. Exactly and I think they're coming really appreciate that fact out of all. I think Peter really. Think they. The most likely to like her I think they think of Peter's work here and then like that. That was heavily Shapiro thank you so much and now let's go under the deal let's go to joy Marie McKenzie our correspondent and pocket what. Bachelor nation people watching this series some of them for the first time through delivery money here. Viewers should. I for the birth and I feel like. Rachel is not what I want me. Yeah that recently. Brian and I am very disappointed in her because I want hurts. It makes them seem like he he'd get a the most serious. I'm a little behind him reach yet rank definitely hit the I mean. They carried on in the room and he's not at least I'm man is nothing. We made countless like any eyewitness. Every woman won the game I went through last night because you are first time. You know getting. I have some questions including mountain brands. Everybody gets and is. Every one had even. So let's let Eric. Not bound to create conflicts nearly not like him apparently beach. She really brings out a lot of planning him again not ready we'll hurts but nothing you know what apartment right now I but I think the next woman that area. Isn't it culinary her yet. And I'm not beautiful Italy England right now. Region OK and Alan it's Peter who had an amazingly her usual again yet and I love you hope he. And I like the fact that he's not trying to. Comments are looking down on Monday that it happened. See. I'm finally understand why recently. You can't rush and I think she wants so that I know last week after that he deserves to propose at. Let he pilot you know anything listen I linked. Not in the time for him. You know again we can't think that you know you have to respect their. And forget that you aren't they isn't happening ammo if not you can just see vicinity. As the B. I'm very angry and that's why am mom play I understand that Maine yes OK that can talk about Bryant going. To meet regional. Reached illegally entering when we all were being. I don't I don't mind and unfortunately I mean I think he. In a way I think that he please. It hit for the president. And make them in the but I cannot only be like console. In the back. Control. Next Constance and we do when you need on the show. Out of the continent as they the F and I aren't there and now I want continents. My life and a CD yet it programs. Even her husband and her husband you think that evening you know that feeling that way and he is everything. Overprotective yes and listen to its way through reality in the house and the have to wrap up but. Yeah. I love everything you got say at every year quest about that they eat meat and it. I hit it here it. The final three and hurt and it. I'll get act if they would like to meet with the acted after after you. Asked if they would like that Britain which issued the embassy in the case it's evident that they're not it that I but the evil. This guy if you want to offer than me. That or go there individuals to me and delicate at me. Now you know I think what happens there as Lyra and copy the next rank and ally at all about what analysts are all well oh. They use it leads but it's actually. Or go it hired me because we're not want her otter and that he and angels. Oh at halftime and at it adds up to that accurate passer at how dateline thing out. That answers your class. On how. Ari we always lock your earth. Great. On that yes that QB continue. How it all up one SE sweet because it and it it wouldn't. That we and we don't know how this thing and how he knew that the one mistake Peter has made by the way camouflage. Pocket. Polo shirts I mean her. Involvement at any but we still have yet to see exactly. What's gonna happen with him and then of course with prize which I just should take us to know wheat rose. Exactly felony we've been talking Peter Bryant Peter Bryant no earlier Thursday we senate last week with eighty. Eric. I. And how awful because he's going to get L. Crashed by me like at first I'm on a lot he's so happy excited you know he thinks this is it this is it's finally happening. And a leading on time or am in the leading all time for this girl and she's finally here and hot air ripped away. Up and end when we look ahead to that next episode by the way before we get into promo power but just show you this clip O'Brien. Talking to Rachel Stanley. About his mom and this might give us a hint to sort of where where we might know where we might go. Check it out. Much of my mom's only child's. Which she got to meet her last week and that's how. I love my mother dearly she is. The number one on my life always unconditional love is always going to be there. You know I see it where my dad is with her she's his rock and that's when I'm ready for what I want all love the same woman. Over and over again for the rest of my life and you know start a family go the legacy. I have tremendous amount allow for this one right next to me and I know you know this whole process. You know you guys probably are a little bit skeptical on it. But especially sigma. Willingness to say love yes I totally understand that but I don't want any of the distractions that make it think it's not real you know we come together. We shall follow its ourselves and we forget about everything. You mentioned you close to you mother which I love you. In a marriage when your wife and your mother Bob pay it where is an whose loyalty and hey if this. Whereas Malloy on. My I love my mother but at the same time she would be my wife and that's something that that's were among those who rely. If they do bump heads it's a situation where I don't want that to be. A strained relationship or want and then the work things out but if you can't where's the priority. He said loves the priority is we. Flat at bright yellow it is eyewitness with a life and obviously that's that's that's when word words should be but the white this time absolutely. Yeah this. We're making passes its feet straight out of does that that's more like that Blake. I. Like knowing today late you know I want it they know they are. I want it play it right that they didn't. Think only a thousand miles away in Dallas Texas can get a whiff of just how this fan at how Bryant's public. It is going to color everything about their relations and repeatedly that's all you need to know. It's it's it's bad so like I want to get I know era Zeta Bryant I feel like it's going to be air yet he's going to be Erica. It has to do with acting age and personality is kind of like those Dell which eyes that he's Kerry I think that she loves it right now but it's not. From my husband matier ST you're its future. She doesn't Bryant airs I mean. How are because that problem last night I mean at the last episode and it she continued on it and it would Rachel breaking that here's basically saying what Peter is there are. It absolutely devastate the fact that he doesn't know what he's gonna. Many. Of Utley and it needs to completely different they are Rachel of the. That appears basically like I will not want to get engaged when if you look at ready to get married which I don't not that I. It expects its amino Rachel believes that you get engaged when you finish a television show called bachelor. That that's how she views engagement at this point. And I don't out that's how she's always felt. Earth that's you know you're in this close bubble like apparently talked about but. One point he's like I mean I want to compromise but now not on nests like I wanna get again I would want to get engaged and is now. Well that's why I'm. At RY which each year. And I agree I actually it's your glee. And girls allowed him and camouflaged pocket at all but when I probably brought. That we all. Out all LI that he. How. I L and the good that's what historian known Griffin. You'll like it. After. The select it. Fast and hero video magic do you think Bruce ceremony and then all of us understand the two guys in his criminal I don't. L 8888. Aaron Aaron all that's light up to three got an Alley I think at. Eight. Brian an easy gait and Aaron. The show was all about getting down on one knee and proposing to this woman we know two guys are down we don't know what the other guys. And that is what we will end up seeing of course after a week in which we seem to back. We tell me edit it and on and on Accra it out at a prop up our last night that exciting and now law even you. What they really apathy about Rachel. Is buried. Jam packed we will be that way there with you every step of the way I'm Brad that's now. Fact.

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