The Bachelor's Big Tease

Bachelor Sean Lowe spills secrets on his journey toward love.
3:23 | 01/11/13

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Transcript for The Bachelor's Big Tease
In the season premiere of the bachelor host Chris Harrison called Sean Lowe. One of the most genuine bachelor's they've ever had and the -- some businessman from Texas certainly lives up to that description after being dumped by Emily Maynard on the bachelorette. Sean said that he was going to this experience. Looking for his best friend and the woman he is sort of family -- And he's doing it on his own terms and John joins us now via satellite from Los Angeles to explain a little bit about the season -- thanks for -- with us today. And thanks for having me are so listen -- had a choice of 26 women this season. Sounds like a 28 year old guys dream come true but you said in fact it was actually a lot harder than what you thought right. Hit there was a lot suffer in my -- is back home think unlikeliest man in the world and I try my best to tell them. Dating 26 women is no easy task. That and yes and yet they don't buy the crocodile tears -- -- shedding for them. Resurrect high that we saw right -- the back that you can you sort of change the rules around a little bit you're handing out roses in fact before. The rose ceremony at a cocktail party in fact. One young lady got a rose just as she was getting out of the limo you continue got -- making your own rules -- -- going throughout the season. -- you're definitely gonna see that trend continue. I signed Donovan -- for one more reason I wanted to know if one of these 26 women could potentially be my wife and I just feel like in certain circumstances. I need to bend the rules to accomplish that. In goal and down. You know you saw that play on -- Monday and you're gonna see that continues the season progresses so we've seen in previous seasons and now we're sorry to see in this season people portraying themselves. As one way. Then being totally different when they're not around you did you did you talk to the girls about this I mean did you take their words of warning. Into consideration when when you are making their choices your making the choices essentially. You know that was a really difficult part of -- in the bachelor because you're right some people are really nice in and kind around me and and apparently when I'm not around they -- a different person and I think. I would hear the -- lanes of other women and I would try to take that into consideration but the the same time I would try to make my own judgments and and that's really difficult and you're gonna see how difficult that is for me as the season continues because. Frankly some women -- what has been the biggest surprise for going through this entire experience. The biggest surprise for me is. I didn't think I could really develop feelings for more than one person at a time I just I didn't think it was possible. I've always been a skeptic in that sense and now I'm a believer only on the bachelor. Do I believe that you can develop feelings the strong feelings for multiple women the same time but I certainly did and it makes things very difficult for me in in my heart is led and in different directions. And it becomes quite stressful at times ultimately though the show is about finding true love was it a success. Well I don't know I can say that -- found true love or not but I can't say that it was such a rewarding experience and it was. Exhaust and at times but I'm so glad I went through it and I'm a better man coming out on the other hand might he's. -- that T thank you so much the bachelor airs Monday nights on ABC's John -- Thank you -- continued success to you.

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{"id":18196137,"title":"The Bachelor's Big Tease","duration":"3:23","description":"Bachelor Sean Lowe spills secrets on his journey toward love.","url":"/Entertainment/video/bachelors-big-tease-18196137","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}