Barbara Walters: 'How Do You Say Goodbye?'

The retiring co-host and creator of "The View" reflects on her decades-long career in journalism.
4:20 | 05/16/14

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Transcript for Barbara Walters: 'How Do You Say Goodbye?'
Goodbye to something like fifteen years in television. The good news is that I will have time not a get Botox. I'm not -- on no longer going to be on the air I don't need -- Astonishing and -- may be available for super market -- nation charity auctions attract ten dog then you can have luncheon. -- twenty dollar bid you don't have. They'll also -- time now -- For me to not have to rise at 4 AM as I did. Eighteen years should do -- morning -- no need and you order. To -- -- news magazine like 20/20 is that it has something like a quarter of essentially makes -- -- and no need to think I'm covering -- I had. When interviewing such majesty's as to king of Saudi Arabia. No need to be apprehensive about interviewing -- -- majesty the president of Syria. But also no feeling of the peace that -- me when -- met with the Dali Lama. This sense of accomplishment trying to navigate between the competing heads of Egypt and -- you know. What an honor to have questioned every US president and First Lady from rich shouldn't pack to Barak -- mission now. So how do you walk away from glamorous specialist with the Toms Hanks and -- -- with Clint Eastwood maybe it's my time for him. And pay homage to one of -- women. Like Betty Davis and Angelina Jolie and how do you create a television -- Called the view that puts together these wonderful women all of them over the years and especially this group. Who had shed their contrasting opinions. On last eighteen years. And I will remain executive producer on the view along with -- how do you with a 25 years with a partner. Like they'll get to the special guy who has produced something like 4000 episodes of the view. And -- -- hundred primetime specials with me not to mention of -- is shifting over a thousand -- -- -- But has -- And -- hot think you'd think part of that cutting edge -- department for 38. Years. Not that it was all sunshine and Valentine's true I was -- -- car heist of a network news has. But it's also true. That I was a flop as you -- my -- -- highest didn't want to -- And neither did the audience I was drowning I was gasping for air. And then someone threw me that life is that can't specialist for the biggest -- in years in show business. An -- had listened again. And finally how proud punishing all the young women who are making in reporting the news. I did anything to help that happen. That's my legacy. -- -- not having had this amazing career how can I just walk away and say goodbye. This way from the bottom up my hot -- all of your bathroom I have worked -- to all of you who have. Watched and being at my side for so many years I can't say. And cute. Cute but then who knows with the future -- Instead of goodbye I should say I have been turned out we change change means to you -- sound. Been tough but -- as I can never -- and. -- and the plug. Yeah. I have -- I'm not stop -- they want me sob from my next special ten night. I know I'd tell you honestly didn't think I'd tell -- especially -- -- -- from nine to 11 PM that's a look at my -- snow. I'm professional life it's tradition I don't get -- I haven't -- -- I -- I haven't but I -- it's terrific. -- -- has done. I can take a deep breath. And enjoying -- him.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"The retiring co-host and creator of \"The View\" reflects on her decades-long career in journalism.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"23749067","title":"Barbara Walters: 'How Do You Say Goodbye?'","url":"/Entertainment/video/barbara-walters-goodbye-23749067"}